Gacha Life WiKi

Gacha Life WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Gacha Life is a popular android game, released on Play Market in 2019. To ensure that the novice player did not make mistakes, and was aware of the lore and features of gameplay, consider the tricks when passing the game.

Sit back, it's going to be interesting.

Beginner's Guide

Without help, you'll spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out the casual user interface. So let's break down the details of the game here and now.

Gacha Life WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

The first thing you see after starting the game is the home screen. This is where the player will set off on his journey. On the left you choose one of the standard characters you plan to play as, and on the right there are tools for customizing the persona. Let's talk more about this.


Every player wants to create a unique character to conquer the game universe for him. To do this, the developers of Gacha Life personalization elements:

  1. Set - you can choose one of the already created character sets for a character.
  2. Body - select the skin color, sex, pose of the virtual Persian.
  3. Head - find the right hairstyle.
  4. Face - the player sets the expression of the face, the shape of the mouth, head, eyes, lips and pupils, eyebrows, you can add jewelry.
  5. Clothing - choose an outfit to your liking.
  6. Another is that the uniqueness of the Persian is perfectly enhanced by headgear, glasses, scarves, or wings behind his back.
  7. Props - you can set a standard object, which will be held in the hands of a virtual Persian.
  8. Profile - write the name of the created character.

At this stage, it is desirable to work out the character as accurately and qualitatively as possible, so it was pleasant to spend hours with a virtual friend.

Once the Persian has been created, you can move on to selecting one of the game modes. Download Gacha Life for Android hereTo create a unique character with your own hands, which you will want to play.

Gacha Life game modes

The right choice of game rules and "room" depends on how well and how positively you spend your time in the game. The developers have added the following game modes to the application:

  1. Studio is the most interesting mode, where you can create your own animated clips in anime style. The player has a lot of tools to simulate different scenes.
  2. Gacha - in this mode you need to give gifts to NPCs in Life mode. You can buy 1 or more items.
  3. Mini-games - they are needed to pass the time or to accumulate crystals to buy gifts, which are needed for the mode above.
  4. Math Ichi - in the allotted time you have to solve math examples.
  5. Festival Bex - a character must collect as many chicken nuggets as possible to get a worthy reward in the form of crystals (virtual currency).
  6. Ducks and Dodges - here the player must not catch objects, but deftly dodge them.
  7. Phantom Remix - the character creates a melody by precise and timely touches of the player's fingers.
  8. Narwhal Sky - a girl riding a narwhal sails across the sky and collects stars, which can then be converted into crystals. To get more, you should dodge crescents as often as possible.
  9. Orcas fountain - the player must not let the balls fall into the sea. His helper in this case is a real whale.
  10. Rhythm Peak Party - you have to hit the notes that are displayed at the bottom of the user window to play an endless tune.
  11. Rabbits - in order to get the crystals, you need to "snap" curious rabbits on their faces when they come out of their burrows.

The main advice we can give to new Gacha Life players is to personalize your character and customize the game mode. If you're a creative person, Studio is just the place for you to express yourself. Fans of a more intellectual pastime will enjoy solving math problems, and fidgeters will be fine catching chicken nuggets or star balls.

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