FRAG Pro Shooter - fast card shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter is the kind of Overwatch from mobile gaming that was implemented in the location from Clash Royale.

Global release FRAG Pro Shooter on iOS took place on March 7, 2019, and the product might well have passed us by, but thanks to the selections on the App Store (it became Game of the Day) we found out about it. And fortunately - literally recently we played it with the whole editorial team and are ready to share our feelings. Positive, of course.

I'll start with the fact that FRAG "hit" exactly the audience - it's a drawing with a clear shade of Fortnite, but the fighting dynamics resemble Overwatch. Therefore, the game has several audiences that could become potential users. At the same time Oleg had a great comparison with Brawl Starswhich both our portal and several other leading gaming publications managed to dub "Overwatch with a view from above". And in general it's been a long time since we had a good shooter, all the time some impossible games or three-in-a-row, and this is one of the undoubted pluses of the game itself. More precisely, the developers - thank you, that not another freewheeling paycheck / scholarship / savings from school lunches.

To begin with, perhaps, that here we will participate in an active 5x5 firefights, and the location of different levels, which allows you to use different combinations of fighters:

  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • Playing in the center
  • Kemper (sniper)
  • Wild

Each side has a point scale with which both teams start the game, and which are taken away if a character from your team gets killed. Also on the map there are 3 points on each side, which can also be attacked, for which points are taken away. Our task is to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the allotted time, so that at the end of the game we have more points than the opponent. You've already seen such modes in Overwatch, League of Legends, and a lot of other competitive multiplayer games.

True, the peculiarity of FRAG Pro Shooter is that you play with your opponent 1x1, despite the fact that there are 10 characters running on the map. It's just that the other 8 characters are controlled by the AI. You can switch between characters - the so-called "transfer" is available here after the death of the character you are currently controlling. And you know the composition of the team from the beginning, in fact, it's your deck - you recruit the strongest (according to the shooting list, about it soon) and combinable fighters, and then you go into battle. That's basically the whole game - you defeat enemies, get chests, get new characters and level up your current ones, and upgrade your rank.

How to get characters in FRAG Pro Shooter

The options, as you understand, are few - the game implements a system of "chests", which was completely copied from Clash Royale. That is, there are several different types of chests - regular, golden, epic, legendary. These contain gold and hero cards, you have to wait some time to unlock them (3-8-12-24 hours). Sometimes you can participate in certain events, similar to the "arena" from Hearthstone, only you need to win not 12, but 9 (you can lose 3 times). Well, for completing the quests given medals, which fill the scale of the special chests - where along with the characters and gold often fall out diamonds - in-game currency. And you can also join a clan and ask for help - such requests are active every 8 hours, but do not rely on them - most clans are "half-dead", and therefore the activity of donates there appropriate.

characters in frag pro shooter

Types of characters in FRAG Pro Shooter

For those who are not ready to wait so long, there are a huge number of promotions - "only today", "offer of the week" and so on. To be honest, the developers got a little greedy here - not so many cards fall out, and the offers, of course, are expensive, so you have to grind.

[UPDATE]: Another option - a chest for a series of victories, and the more victories, the better. But in practice it turned out "traditionally" - Oleg made a win-streak of 7 victories and got an epic character, I got a rare hero for a win-streak of 15 victories. We checked it out in practice - the randomizer works so poorly. (ed. Oleg - the randomizer works fine :). By the way, what's interesting is that any level character can fall out. For me, in this case, a level 3 card fell out - Jack El Padre, а...

Jack El Padre

...and from a regular box - an epic level 6 card - Bot Mama). This card is amazingly good. It has an ulta release of robots that protect the base. It is extremely difficult to get past these robots if the enemy team has them. 

Bot Mama

In a couple or three days of active play I racked up ~1,500 cubes, but then it gets harder, because the opponents get strong and rare cards (or the same as you, but at a higher level), so you have to linger in this arena and build up strength to storm a higher target. Since the control here is designed so that you only run and aim (and use skill, shooting here is automatic), you need to spend a lot of time on aime and stance. Although, to be honest, FRAG Pro Shooter is not about tactics, because you can dial up a team of tanks, run to the bunker and just saw it out through the attack. Then repeat the same thing on the second bunker - players don't bother at all. Here, for example, is the FRAG Pro Shooter championship final:

Recording the finals

But at the beginning, the skill decides more than the level of cards, especially if the difference in that level does not exceed 2-3 units. In that case, you need to choose a tactic - either to stand on your base in defense and repel the opponent's attacks, or to fluff yourself. You can activate this option by clicking on the crown icon on your or the enemy's bunker, and then part of your team will either run to attack or defend. (ed. Oleg - I should add that we agreed with Sergei that there is no headshot in the game. Following the old habit from the KC, you aim at the head, but the damage is the same as if you shoot at the torso. So my advice is to shoot at the torso or the legs, the damage is the same).

[UPDATE]: The headshots are there, here are the prufs:


frag pro shooter headshot

By the way, the format of the map is very similar to the location from Clash Royale - there are 2 bunkers and a tower on each side, which you can attack only after the destruction of one of the bunkers. The location is divided in half by the river (it is also on the sides) - you can not fall there, because you will be killed instantly. The location has several floors and 3 passages to the other side - two at the edges and one in the center, and the ones at the edges are made in the form of tunnels with the possibility to get to the second floor. The tunnel to your left is "your" tunnel, that is, the exit to the top is on your side, the right one is "alien".


Tactics in Frag pro shooter

Left "passageway" with the ascent to the second floor

strategy in frag pro shooter

Right pass - the lift faces the opponent's base

map in frag pro shooter

You can get to the center through the tunnel

Depending on the main tactic, you need to understand which characters you will be recruiting for your team, as they all differ in range, attack speed, shooting characteristics, and so on. Let's look at some of the options that beg to differ (for low levels, of course):

Quick Push

You assemble a deck with tanked characters and try to "break in head-on". If you have some Prisoner-99 (or better yet, Lucha Muerta), then you need to pick up some Sappor characters and help him cut the enemy's bunker as much as possible. The second option for a quick fluff is mobile damagers like Jet and Freeze Bee, who can quickly traverse the location and start doing damage.

Protective option

It is preferable when you have stronger cards against you - in this case you order your team to defend one bunker, and you move to the other (and you must always defend the right bunker, because the right passage is "alien" passage). It is necessary to try to fight off the enemy's attack and counterattack. The best option is Desperados, but at first J.B. and Bot Mama will do.


As a "fun" but effective strategy, you can try to send your teammates to the left enemy bunker through the attack, and stay in the center with a slight shift to the right. Or (ideally) be on the tower and spot kill your opponent's soppers, dealing a lot of damage at long range. To do that we take (oddly enough) PokaHunter, less often MechaKnight, then swap them for Longshot.

To summarize: FRAG Pro Shooter is a kind of Overwatch from mobile games, which was implemented in the location from Clash Royale. Very interesting game, the most dynamic, but with short game sessions - to the genre of "toilet" may not suit (still need to focus aiit and not distracted), but as a "distraction for 5-10 minutes" fits just perfect.

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How to use a character if played 1 game in the champions series, asks me to heal characters, I can not do it (does not click) just an OPS icon? The main characters are lost and don't know what to do