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FlipTheTrip is an app for finding fellow travelers who speak the same language as you.

FlipTheTrip is an app for finding fellow travelers who speak the same language as you. It was released on the App Store on February 11 and FlipTheTrip is quickly gaining popularity, because it has one very important difference from many other hitchhiker apps - you can choose your companion's language and communicate with him in your native language!FlipTheTripFlipTheTrip was created so that travelers can quickly find like-minded people. The app will select like-minded people based on the specified time of arrival in the selected city or country, spoken language, age and other parameters, and will show who is traveling nearby in real time.FlipTheTrip allows you to write to all people without restrictions - all potential travel companions and new friends are displayed in a list. You can also mark on the map in advance for locals to write themselves and share tips.Desktop16Going on a long-awaited trip? About to move to another country? Wherever you are, you'll have the opportunity to meet people who speak your language.1. Choose a city and dates of your stay2. Select the language of communication3. Click on "Search".Desktop17In addition to the time of stay in a certain place, the program also takes into account age, purpose of visiting the country, tourist routes and other specified parameters. The application interface is simple and intuitive, so even an unsure iPhone user can get started with the application in a couple of minutes.Use FlipTheTrip both in everyday life and for planned travels. Let every day bring you pleasant communication, give you a smile and new impressions.FlipTheTrip - travel, communicate, be kind!Download from the App Store

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