FIFA Mobile Football: unusual and cheap players

Everyone would like to have Ibrahimovich or Messi or others on their team players who know how to make a rainbowBut not everyone has the financial capabilities of ManU and Barcelona. So we decided to collect a few players who will definitely help your team succeed. For example, it could be a fairly ordinary defender who is super at shooting free kicks. The cost of a player may also be unremarkable, if he has great skills and could be on the level of Azar in the future.

The Outstanding Players of FIFA Mobile Football

Yannick Bolasie, golden LP from Everton.

Yannick Bolasie (profile link), a golden LP from Everton.


  1. Speed and acceleration are excellent
  2. Good power
  3. Not bad pitches (sometimes great ones)
  4. The "Rainbow" feint.
  5. The cost (and this is a major plus) is up to 30k.

In general, if you, like me, did not have enough money to close this position by someone like Azar or hero Young, but do not want to play garbage - welcome, as they say, the player is really great.

Zlatko Junuzovic Werder Bremen

Zlatko Junuzovic (profile), Werder Bremen

A CP with seemingly average stats, but

  1. Penalties 90. Better, only a few players like Pirlo and Pjanic.
  2. Pretty balanced stats.
  3. Small price.

Yura Movsisyan (profile), 70, Pdf, Real Salt Lake

  1. Price 1500-1800
  2. Great speed
  3. Excellent punching and finishing power of the attack.
  4. Not a bad head game.

Due to the fact that he has a rating of 70, but indicators such as short passes 35 - he has excellent characteristics as a striker - completing the attack for his price.

Breel Embolo (profile), Golden Inform, SC, Schalke 04


  1. Cheap
  2. Fast: acceleration 88, sprint 92, easily outruns defenders
  3. Strong: strength 88, defenders can't push back
  4. Shots: typical goal - from the corner of the penalty area into the top nine
  5. Head Control: Stats 69 true - but I don't play crosshairs, but from corners he puts in consistently
  6. Passes: short 74, long 74 - 90% accuracy in the game


  1. Average dribbling
  2. No feint
  3. Gold will spoil your red team 🙂

Caner Erkin (profile), Golden LZ/LFZ, Inter

If you play a 4-2-2-2 or other scheme with 4 defenders, often the attack will start with him.Pros

  1. Very Cheap
  2. More or less fast: 83 acceleration and sprint - easily gets to the penalty area from the flank, bypassing defenders
  3. Balanced: 70+ almost all attack and defense stats
  4. Great free kicks and corners: great serves, 50%+ free kicks


  1. A little snaggy hitting, but still in 75% hitting from the game was a goal.

Dominic Oduro, (profile), SC, Montreal Impact

Another cheap and good - unusual player.He doesn't run, he flies. He hits like a god. And most importantly the price: about 10k.

Kebba Ceesay, (profile), Djurgårdens IF

speed 90Acceleration 86Not bad def characteristics are addedFrom disadvantages - not enough force and composure

Héctor Bellerín (profile), PZ, Arsenal

77 total score (acceleration 96!!!)

Cristian Ansaldi (profile), Inter, LZ

77 total score

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