Epic Seven - Change of Character Specialization: What it is and what benefits it brings

Epic Seven - Change of Character Specialization: What it is and what benefits it brings

Epic Seven is a cool gacha game, but "taste and color" as we know, different colorants. Well, that's enough of a joke. I think everyone has already noticed that the character 5★ to pull in the game is quite difficult. And, the fact that you got Hurado will not be a revelation to anyone, there are more than 100% of such lucky people. Let's talk about the current topic about changing character specialization.

Epic Seven - Change of Character Specialization: What it is and what benefits it brings

Here's a little statistic that's freely available to every player: the probability of getting a character out of a gacha is approximately 46.75%. In this case, the character is drawn:

  • 5★ will be -1.25%,
  • 4 ★ - 4.5%
  • 3★ the whole 41%.

Sure, you might be lucky enough to catch a 4★ or 5★ hero, but that's more likely to be the exception. This is where a change of specialization comes in handy.

Character Specialization: Why are characters 3★ introduced specialization?

The creators of gachi claim that the change of specialization for 3★ characters is introduced into the game for the new direction of content to entertain players. After analyzing some points, came to this conclusion: because of the difficulty of getting 4★-5★, accumulate characters 3★ the elements of light and darkness, fire, earth and ice. And here the player can be disappointed in the game. Of course, entering the excitement, there is a risk of snapping and spending a lot of money to get what you want. Obviously, the developers are no less interested in expanding the audience and for this added mechanics of changing specialization for characters.

Changes in the character after a change of specialization

You will have to reach level 50 in order to start the specialization change. As a bonus you will receive a unique animation for the third skill. There will also be a transformation of the character. You will see a visual change of the character mastering the new combat skills. And also at the bottom of the screen there is a button called "Skill Tree", this will help you switch from Zodiac Awakening mode to the Skill Tree.


Epic Seven - Change of Character Specialization: What it is and what benefits it brings

The screen will display 10 runes, each can be improved a maximum of three times. Subsequent improvement will cost more. Here are the names of the runes and the functions they perform:  

  • Mineral Rune - More Defence on 5%;
  • Wealth Rune - Clouri, at 2 of the move will get a barrier with force 5%
  • Achievement Rune - increase the Light Step skill damage by 30% from the Defence parameter;
  • Life Rune - in case of opposing magic, resumes 2% of health in all fellow soldiers;
  • Speed Rune - after using the Light Step skill Cluri will get Combat Readiness by 5% more;
  • Language Rune - the ability to remove positive statuses from the target when using the skill "Fluri, Attack!" on 25%;
  • Prosperity Rune - Cluri's Speed is 4 more;
  • Trust Rune - 15% to receive another move;
  • Mercy Rune - using the Light Step skill Cluri will increase one partner's Combat Readiness by 10%;
  • Fruition Rune - increase Clouri's Speed by 5.

Particularly noteworthy are Language Rune, Mercy Rune, Trust Rune.

 A little bit about Lorina's runes:

  •  Unity Rune - the Dual Attack Chance parameter is greater by 2%;
  • Courage Rune - the Attack parameter is greater by 2%;
  • Speed Rune - using Lorina's Light Step skill increases Combat Readiness by 5%;
  • Guard Rune - for each activation of the Spiritual Armament passive skill Lorina will increase her Defence parameter by 1%;
  • Sun Rune - more damage dealt by Sharp Blow skill on 2%;
  • Hail Rune - Lorina's Critical Hit Damage is 2% higher;
  • Hardship Rune - the amount of Combat Readiness cut off the target is 5% more when using the Spiral Breakthrough skill;
  • Thorn Rune - 20% to reset Spiral Breakthrough skill kuldown if enemy is killed;
  • Obscurity Rune - After using the Sharp Blow skill, Lorina has 7% to increase her Combat Readiness by 20%;
  • Glory Rune - increases the amount of Combat Readiness cut off the target by 15% when applying the Spiral Breakthrough skill. 

The Hardship Rune and Glory Rune will knock the enemy back. Here is a description of the effects in the Chaos Sect Axe skill tree:       

  • Increase the value of the Health parameter on 10%;
  •  damage increment to Vigorous Strike skill increased by 5%;
  • more possibility of triggering a negative Bleeding overlay on a target when using the Disconnect skill up to 50%;
  • 15% chance to reduce Attack Chain skill "kuldown" for one turn if the opponent was killed;
  •  negative status decrease Attack on target when using the "Attack Chain" skill will increase to 50%;
  •  the Critical Hit Chance parameter is greater by 5%;
  • If the Chaos Sect Axe has dropped below 50% health, once per turn it will trigger a 10% health restoration;
  • 30% chance to get positive increase Attack status for one turn in case Chaos Sect Axe attacked, there is 30% chance to get positive increase Attack status one turn;

A character must be at least level 50 to change specialization. And it will be one of the three Kluri, Lorina or Church of Ilryos Axe. Then press the "Hero" button, a menu will appear. "Specialty Change" - shows the available specialty changes. The bright icon indicates that the conditions are met, and gray indicates that there is no desired character or level.

Immediately select a character do a change of specialization, because then we do not do it again.   

The "achievements" you already have will be available only after the start of the quest. Accordingly, as soon as possible to achieve for Lorina level 50, as she will have to kill 10 thousand monsters in Adventure mode, and if now you already have all three characters, think carefully in what order you want to perform a change of specialization.

I will say this, the time to finish the quest to change the specialization of a certain no. It all depends on your abilities, willingness to spend time and the selected hero. Here, for example, the quest Clouri the easiest. So you're a week of active games, will pass it without any problems.

Lorin's character will be a pain in the ass. In addition to the impressive number of monsters, the problem with the catalysts, which in the game hit rarely.

Maybe I still haven't convinced you that changing specialization for 3★ characters will replace character 5★. And there are only three characters who can change specialization. But the result that you get in the end, I think all the same will not leave anyone indifferent, and maybe add incentive to play further. I also want to note that in the near future, the developers plan to add a change of specialization for several more characters Hazel and Roozid.

Who is next after Hazel and Roosid? Unknown. Could it be Jurado? Time will tell.

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