Endless Frontier Saga 2 - the most detailed guide to the game Endless Frontier

Endless Frontier Saga 2 - detailed guide to heroes and tribe selection

Playing the game Infinite Frontier - correctly. The Most Correct Guide.

Endless Frontier Saga 2 is a game for those who like to play endless. A game with no ending. Whether you sleep, eat, look at your phone or not, whether your phone is off or on - the game plays. Efficiency varies of course, but somehow your heroes or heroes accomplish something - feats or loot. Endless Frontier Saga 2 is one of these games. The main objective is to gather an army of heroes, warriors and pay off the Tartars. That is, if briefly. But if it's long, I'll tell you everything. The game only at first glance seems simple, but it has a million nuances and interesting secrets. I'll tell you all the secrets and mysteries and give you all the tips. This guide is for those players who already have an idea of how to work the quests, how to improve the warriors for gold, how to resurrect and earn medals.

Endless Frontier - the most detailed guide to the game 2018

Endless Frontier - the most detailed guide to the game

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The main thing to remember is that all advice is only advice and not a panacea. You can have a different opinion, play in a different style and the way you want and are closer to it. Seriously. No need to criticize, but if you have some great tips - happy to read them in the comments and add to the guide.

The very first secret is almost the most important secret in the game 🙂

Open the store menu. Go to the Premium tab. And spend all gems on "Secret Elf Skill" (max. Ur.5) and "Medal Buff" (max. Ur.30).

A secret elf skill gives 301% a chance to skip a level after clearing the previous one. Medals Buff will increase the number of medals gained through Rebirth by 300%. Both talents help you develop as quickly as possible, ignoring them is stupid.

Also make sure you have the Time Store unlocked. This is a store for heroes and treasures that you don't use. It's important to know that the Time Store is dimensionless, you can store any number of units and treasures there, so you can buy heroes in the store for medals, but worry that there's no room for them. The exchange between the Time Store and the current collection of heroes you're clearing the border with is free. Because when you return a hero to the store, you get its value back even without the minimum commission in medals.

Useful things from the Premium Store

  • The human secret skill and the orc secret skill are important, but less so than the ones I mentioned.
  • The Renaissance team is extremely important, but not at this stage of the game.
  • Tickets for the dungeon are not very important, as they appear every 10 minutes.
  • The marching potion is not needed in principle, because the game is offline.
  • Secret skill zombie (to some extent) slows down your passage, because if you get to a level that warriors can not pass, you have to wait until they all die to try to skip it for example buff Fairy. If you have already bought, then return no way, just do not develop further.

Composition of the team of heroes

What the numbers on the heroes mean

Endless Frontier Saga 2 - detailed guide to heroes and tribe selection


Medal Levels (ML, MLvl): Reinforce a unit for medals, which are earned for Rebirth. The level is infinite. There is no limit.

Gold Levels (GL): Reinforcing the hero for gold. You get gold from quests, chests and so on. Gold levels have a maximum level, which is increased by 100 when you add a trans level to a unit. The maximum level also increases by 1 for every peth point you get, which you can find out in the peth tab (located in the top right corner of the screen).

Transcend Levels (T1, T2, T3): Superiority levels, they increase a unit's gold level by 100 for each improvement. T3 are the maximum trans level of a unit. They also give a slight increase in attack, health and defense.

Inner Passion (IP): These are special levels given to you for special warriors in your collection, up to a maximum of 100 levels for all warriors. These warriors are Stim Punk, Sylphid, Medusa and Naga. You gain this level even if these warriors are not on your team.

Tribe Fortification: Works the same way as Inner Passion. Only warriors of the same tribe get the Tribe Force Buff, and only when the units are in your main team. Maximum of 150 levels can be reached with this stat.


  • Elves
  • People
  • Zombies
  • Orcs

For the most correct team you should use units belonging to the same tribe, preferably elves or humans. Warrior-sappers give the most boost to their tribe, so it is advantageous to use this approach to team building. I will talk about the basic team setup, using readily available units for new players of all four tribes.

It is important to note that experienced players do not always use this tactic. It is possible, they achieve the strengthening of the main team by other methods, for example, through the pets.

The main mistakes of beginners in the game

Team composition is extremely important for early development in Endless Frontier. These are the major mistakes players make.

  • Collecting units from different tribes.
  • Adding trans levels to all warriors on a team.
  • Spending medals on all warriors evenly.
  • Evolving random units in your team.
  • Buying units in the warriors store for gems.

If you do any of these things, stop immediately! You're wasting precious gems that could be spent making your team faster and stronger. That doesn't mean all hope is lost. You can still make a great team that moves fast and enjoys the game. Developers very often give away superiority tickets for various events, so don't worry about it so much, but you don't want to spend them mindlessly either.

Main team

The ideal team is:

  • Core
  • Support
  • Priests

The core allows you to advance farther and farther after each of your revivals, and the sappors speed things up. Priests (the only exception) make your hikes much faster no matter which tribe you use, and should be part of your team in any case.


Your core is two fighters (yes, yes, just 2 heroes!), your damage, your bread and butter, the core of your team. You spend most of your medals on the core. By strengthening just the core, you can advance much further than if you divided your medals among all the warriors.

The core consists of a single warrior who attacks physical damage and the second one, which deals magical damage. You need warriors with different attacks to get through stages with bosses (stages that end at xx50 or xx00) that are immune to physical or magical types of damage. Otherwise, you'll be stuck much lower than you could have gone through. The perfect unit for the core must hit multiple warriors when attacking. And if he also has various control effects (stan, rolls), that's awesome.

Below are tables with suggested kernels for elf and human, as well as for orcs and zombies. There are the warriors considered best for the core in order of priority from top to bottom. If you don't have any of these warriors, don't worry! Any two units can work as a core, as long as they have physical and magical attack. They don't even need to be in the same tribe while you're not quite experienced yet. Later, of course, you'll have to replace them with the recommended ones from the table once you get them.

Endless Frontier Saga 2 - detailed guide to heroes and tribe selection

The best heroes for the core

Number 1 is the best choice. At the beginning of the game you can use heroes from different tribes, but at the same time with a higher level. For example, if you have a Valkyrie but no Fire Spirit, you can use the Windwalker from the Elves or the Dark Spirit from the Orcs. That is, until you have the right hero to pair with a Valkyrie.

Heroes for the People faction core

Physical damage
  1. Valkyrie
  2. Pilot
  3. Griffon Rider
Magic Damage
  1. Fire Spirit
  2. Cleric
  3. Steampunk

Heroes for the core of the Elves faction

Physical damage
  1. Hippogriff
  2. The Elementalist
  3. Sylphid
Magic Damage
  1. Walking on the wind
  2. Druid
  3. The Alchemist

Heroes for the Orcish faction core

Physical damage
  1. Frost Demon
  2. Master of the Sword
  3. Naga
Magic Damage
  1. The Ice Spirit
  2. Rider on the Vivierna
  3. The Ice Wizard

Heroes for the Undead (Zombie) Faction Core

Physical damage
  1. Dark Elf
  2. Dark Admiral
  3. Medusa
Magic Damage
  1. Dark Spirit
  2. Incubus
  3. Leach

Which tribe to choose for the core

I would recommend starting with a tribe of elves. First of all, 3 hippografs will give a nice boost in buffs. Secondly, up to the middle and beyond is the top tribe. And after that, you decide who you want to play. There you can already choose the same orcs. You can take the people, they are also not bad, especially the appearance of the Winged Knights, but there is a nuance - with them you can not get treasures from the chests of 5000 coins. That's why I recommend taking the elves. And importantly, still find the top heroes for the core and do not exchange for those who are on the 2-3 line. Bottom line, for elves you need: Hippographer and Windwalker. And these are the ones you need to invest superiority tickets in. Develop your core to the third range.

Don't waste gems on the evolution of other units to make the core superior with them. Trans-Ticket cards are given for free during events and serve only one purpose: to make superiority 6* units. You will need all of your hems for another purpose, not for your core. Do not confuse the evolution for 2800 gems, with the superiority for the trans tickets, the evolution you have to do in any case for gems, there is no other way.

Sappers (assistants)

The backbone of your core is the soppers. They actually buff (give useful skills) your core: speed up, boost, heal, damage, attack distance, and more. They do this with their skills (which are activated after reaching the required level) and special abilities on the unit's details tab, which are permanent (Example: 5% the chance to increase the speed of the game 5 times from the priest). You see who's almost the coolest sopporte?

Note: Warrior skill and special abilities increase when you do evolution, not superiority (tran-tickets). It is for this reason that you should do evolution (for 2800 gems) of your support, but NOT superiority! It's a waste of resources, and you'll regret it later, when you need those very trans tickets. Don't make superiority your support!

But at the same time, your support can (and should) be similar to your core. Below are the recommended spporters for humans, elves, orcs, and undead. Those above are the best saport.


  1. Hypogriff
  2. The Elementalist
  3. The Alchemist or the Sylphid
  4. Dancer, Druid, Swarliv. Centipede


  1. Winged Knight
  2. Cleric
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Pilot, Hot Monk, Griffon Rider


  1. Frost Demon
  2. The Ice Spirit
  3. Master of the Sword

Undead (Zombies)

  1. Dark Elf
  2. Dark Spirit
  3. Incubus

These units are the best support because they give very important stats:

  • Speed of movement of the entire tribe
  • The power of the tribe's critical hit
  • Tribal attack distance
  • Tribal attack speed

Why did I mention Hippos so much, and why did I say it's better to have more than three? Hippo has one advantage over all other support units in that it gives you a chance to skip a level (The Elf's Secret Skill) and the chance to skip two levels at once (A legend in an ancient forest). The fairy also gives a chance to skip a level.

Temporary Supporters

You can use for a limited time until you find normal support. Normal support should be 5 units:

  1. Aladdin
  2. Combat Drummer
  3. Dark Archer
  4. Fairy

You must evolve his support after of your nucleus and priests. Don't make superiority (T1, T2, T3) your support!

Medals for Sappers

After you have improved your core with medals, you should find useful stats on your support skill menu. For example, the Elementalist gives bonuses with tribal speed increases at levels 200 and 500, so once you have accumulated medals to increase your Elementalist level from 200 to 500 at a time, do so. Don't stop in the middle (e.g. 400 level or 499 level) because it's not as beneficial. Look for those useful stats and improve your support units as if you were climbing a ladder, from one useful stat to the next. If a support unit's usable stat level is too high to get to in one sitting, it's better to leave the support level as it is (increase it later, when it won't hit your pocket as hard with medals) and use the medals for the core.


The only exception is the priests. They are the most important early game unit, and you need to find 5 of them as soon as possible to strengthen your team. They can be found in chests for honor coins, for medals and gems in the warrior store, and from the 5-star vouchers sent out by the developers during events. If you see a priest for gems in the warrior store and you have less than 4 priests on your team, I recommend buying one. Especially if you don't have any at all.

Priests don't just hit, they give you the only The best speed bump in the game. God's blessing has a 2% - chance (5% - chance when evolving) to give you a x5 game acceleration of 2 minutes for every 10 floors you pass. This chance also adds up from the other priests on your team, so with 5 higher priests on your team you will have a 25% chance to get 5 times the speed on every 10th floor.

The priest skill is fine, and five priests in your team is optimal to maintain a 5x speed in 100% cases. Note that if the buff is activated again during its duration, it does not add up in time, just the timer starts again from 2 minutes.

Anyway, you need five of them. Look for them. If you can't find them, you can thank the developers and buy VIP1 for $0.99 with the Priest package. This will be a justifiable purchase if you plan to play long and hard.

Make evolution your priests after the core and add them to your team immediately if you have less than 5, since the chance of acceleration is pretty important. Do not make superiority (T1, T2, T3) to your priests!

Distribution of medals to your priests: improve them to level 300 and that's it. Priest has no useful stats above level 300.

A quick note about the warrior store

Buy all warriors with medals and send them to the time store. You will need them later.

Ideal team composition


  • Be sure to add all of your priests (up to 5) to your team. Give them 300 levels with medals. Evolve them as soon as possible.
  • Decide on your core, one warrior should be magical and the other physical. Give them most of your medals (80% or more). Give them an advantage when you reach maximum Gold level.
  • Choose support warriors, look at important support skills. Give them medals equal to 55% from your core level. Evolve them after your core. If you don't have enough support units, Aladdin, Combat Drummer, Dark Archer and Fairy work quite well as second level support.

Prefabricated human and elf assemblies

These builds are made up of the best warriors for the core, first range support, and the optimal number of priests (5) for a good team. These are ideal teams, and you should strive for them.

The elf team is the best choice

  • Core Elves T3 Walking on the Wind and T3 Hippogriff
  • Sappers 5 High Hippogriffs
  • 5 High Priests

A team of people

  • Core people T3 Valkyrie and T3 Fire Spirit
  • Sappers 5 Superior Winged Knights
  • 5 High Priests

Congratulations! Now you have a higher dash team, now that's where your development begins. Once you reach a level that your units cannot pass, you need to do three simple things:

  1. Rebirth
  2. Strengthen the core with the obtained medals
  3. Repeat
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