Elle: how to look cool with the Apple Watch

The April issue of fashion magazine Elle will not only talk about the Apple Watch, but also give tips on how to look 100 percent with a smartwatch

The Apple Watch has yet to go on sale, which doesn't stop fashion magazines from releasing fashion tips and advice to buyers on how to integrate their "small" financial investment into their personal style.The smartwatch was the "highlight" of the shoot with the fashion editor Elle Sarah Smith, presenting a variety of styles, including workplace fashion. As Sara herself recommends:

Wear a sexy silk shirt from Equipment, buttoned up just below, over a black silk top and add a fitted jacket with masculine pants. Add a business touch with a Saint Laurent bag and iconic narrow ballet shoes from Céliné. A touch of glamour - a delicate pair of silver earrings from Tiffany & Co. and a delicate diamond "tennis" bracelet will complete the meeting bow and draw everyone's attention.

applewatch elleAre you planning an evening out in a tuxedo or a lavish dress, Apple Watch appears to be a unique accessory, something that most smartwatches and other gadgets have not yet been able to achieve.Apple Watch will go on sale April 24, with presales starting April 10. Three models are available: Sport, Watch and Edition, with prices starting at $349, $549 and $10000, respectively.

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