The Joker is a new hero in the Arena of Valor moba

One of the most popular mobile MOBAs continues to delight. As far as I understand, they, with DC's permission, have introduced a new super-hero into the game, in addition to Batman - the Joker, the clown prince of crime. So, I had a few coins saved up, and the Joker himself is one of my favorite characters among the villains, so I quickly bought him. Tried him out in a few battles, what can I say - he's a beauty. But the details are below.

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The Joker is a new hero in the Arena of Valor moba

Information about the hero Joker

Class - shooter

Role - intimidation

Survivability is almost non-existent

Damage - at 80% from maximum

Skill damage - 50%

Difficulty - difficult

The hero's skills and abilities

Passive skill


Cool thing, after some time, as the system thought that the Joker left the game, it reloads with a super bullet. The helm does extra damage and stuns (slows down) the foe. So you have to be very clever with it, in fact, it's an extra awesome ability to vanshoot the enemy.

Active Skills

A Killing Joke

The Joker ignites a cannon and fires a missile at the enemy. The missile flies through the enemies and damages everyone along the line of flight. This is very good, but it's a little off-putting that it doesn't stop at the first enemy. Each subsequent hit to an enemy reduces the damage by 10% and so on to 40%, which is pretty good.

The Magic of Deception

This is our defense and support. The skill removes the effect of slowing down and increases the speed by 30%, as well as immunity to physical damage for 2 seconds. It's a great thing, it saves you.

Lethal laughing gas

Mega skill, Joker rushes to the enemy, hangs a canister of laughing gas on him and bounces back to the same place where he was (here I have not always been able to do so). During this action, the Joker can't be targeted, + stun the enemy for a while and actually the canister makes a boom.

Joker game tactics

Tactics for playing with the Joker

Pretty quickly I found the right approach to the Joker.

  1. We do not go under the bullets, we move in the second line behind the fighters and tanks.
  2. The attack starts with "Laughing Gas" and on returning to the place we launch "Killing Joke", in 80% it is a vanshot.
  3. If "Gas" is on rollback, use "Joke", it has pretty fast recovery time. Use it in any mix, remember that the missile flies through.
  4. We take care of the Magic of Deception until the moment it gets worse, squeeze and flee.
  5. Critical for us mages, as there is no defense against magic damage at all.
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