Dungeon Hunter Champions: description of the heroes, who to cast

Dungeon Hunter Champions was released just a few weeks ago, but has already gained huge popularity among players from around the world. Yes, the game is very similar to Summoners War, in its logic, swinging champions, nevertheless found its player. DHC is full of bugs and glitches, but all because the game has one world, and too much hype. I managed to play a little game, create my own guild Apps4Life - join in, as well as deal with the characters. Below is a guide on who's worth pumping up their heroes and who should be allowed to eat, who is strong in PVE and who in PVP in 5 on 5 battles. Let's go.

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Dungeon Hunter Champions: description of the heroes, who to cast

Dungeon Hunter Champions: Which Heroes are Worth Pumping

  • S - must download, can be used everywhere
  • A - rock, the hero is functional
  • B - can be used in most battles and locations
  • C - is used ad hoc
  • D - rarely used
  • E - Don't waste your resources on this crap

Tiki Warrior

  • E - Fire - Tanks, which does not give anything other than the battery Crete and acceleration, as an aura around the hero.
  • D - Water - Water looks better than fire. The tank brings the same buffs as the previous tank + Immoblize. So if you choose between these two, the water one is the priority.

Ranger, Pathfinder

  • C - Fire - Not a bad DPS for a fire team, and the last slot.
  • B - Water - You can take on the Widow (spider) if there is no one else with the immunity skin.
  • B - Forest - Definitely take for 5v5 PVP. There is a skil that ignores defense, escape and OAE slowdown and even auto-crunch with the fourth skil. But overall, very mediocre damage. good only for control.
  • C - Light - Pretty low damage. Decent Neutral DPS for Arena. There is a block, a blind (blindness) and escape.
  • B - Dark - Average DPS, with temporary damage and 2 AOE attacks. Can be used on bosses with a lot of life.

Basilisk - Basilisk

  • D - Fire - Good, but not as good as Water. Not worth the investment.
  • B - Water - The best tank on the Steel Widow 10. Immunity, Defense Reset, Disorientation and damage based on Defense. Dressed in defense and give out bats.
  • C - Dark - Not a bad neutral tank with Shield and Stans, can be used in OVO at the beginning of the game, as the first tank.

Boon Sister - All-Blessed Sister

  • B - Fire - Baffles attack with healing, AOE (mass damage) with living defense. Very good in PVP. Compared to Water - more damage, less healing and control.
  • A - Water - Heals, Slows, Stuns. Used on the widow, dragon, in PVP and 100500 other places. Granted at the start, pumped to the end. 
  • C - Forest - damage mage is based on the number of his life. HP based damage Mage. Stuns and removes defense from a single target. Pretty weak mage. For food.
  • S - Light - Ultra Healer. Rock it. 
  • C - Dark - Better than the Green Mage, but loses to the other elements. Good for food.

Bounty Hunter - Adventurer

  • E - Fire - Shit. It is given at the beginning.
  • E - Water - Shit. Feed it to the light.
  • E - Forest - Food. Feed in the light.
  • C - Light - More or less. Crit buff on itself and as well as all Seekers - the buff of the crit on itself. But don't even bother with it.
  • E - Dark - Food. Feed in the light.

Candy Munchkin

  • B - Forest - An interesting character. His attack is based on the amount of x-health of the boss, so it makes sense to take on the fat bosses. Accordingly revealed by the end of the game. Good for farm Brawl at level 10.
  • C - Dark - The dark hero does not have his own crit buff on himself, so it is inferior to the green one. Can be used until green appears.

Spearman - Spearman

  • B - Water - You get this hero by completing quests. I recommend raising it to 5 stars, or even to the end + be sure to awaken it. A great Farmer who will help grow food.
  • E - Forest - Food.
  • E - Dark - Food.

Crow Hag - Karga

  • C - Fire - Good hero. True, the other 4 are even more awesome in PvE. Unless you have 4 slots in the fire team. As an option.
  • B - Water - Great hero for farming Steel Widow, 10th floor.
  • B - Forest - Great hero on the farm Dragon, 10th floor.
  • S - Light - The best DPSer for PvE.
  • A - Dark - Great light hero. Can be taken everywhere you need his debuffs, that's what makes him unique.  

Dragon Guard

  • C - Fire - Fire tank with the ability to reduce the attack.
  • B - Forest - Buffs his own defense, slows, AOE stan. Suitable for the game 5v5.
  • B - Dark - Good tank. Reduces the attack of enemies, slows attack speed and steal.

Dryad - Dryad

  • E - Nature - Treats characters direct, i.e., individually. On the whole, not bad, but not always enough.
  • D - Light - A better healer than green, but still not cool. All because he can reach not all allies if they suddenly move away from him.
  • C - Darkness - The best among the Dryads. Can be used situationally with Mortal Wounds. But in general it sits on the substitute.


  • D - Fire - A mediocre PVP Assassin. That's it. Food
  • D - Water - A mediocre PVP Assassin. That's it. Food
  • C - Light - If you want to use the Fairies, the Light Fairy is the only one worthy of any development. If worthy...

Fox Assassin - The Fox Killer

  • A - Fire - Cool in 5v5, so-so in PvP. More of a PvP character. Suitable for the Widow. 
  • C - Water - Average, but no better than fiery.
  • D - Forest - Such.
  • C - Light - An unremarkable character.
  • B - Dark - Not a bad kit and a good raid killer.


  • C - Forest - Not a bad green tank. Decent Forest Tank. A channeling skill for Disorient leaves him vulnerable to attacks.
  • C - Light - Slightly better than the nature tank because of the steal buff.
  • C - Dark - Such.


  • E - Forest - Not worth your effort.
  • C - Light - Not bad, all the attack AOE skills, ignore defense and stan. But all this is better to use in PVP.


  • B - Fire - The fire tank is very good for 5 on 5. 
  • C - Water - Not bad defense, based on Fighter, but still weak. Good at ignoring defense, but (attention) damage is not based on attack, so use is questionable.
  • D - Nature - The Green Dragon Defender will be stronger, so this tank is weaker.
  • C - Light - Just like a water tank, weak.
  • B - Darkness - The best dark tank. Has provocation and damage reflection. 

Valkyrie (Valka)

  • C - Fire - Great equipment, but rather weak protection, so it dies quickly.
  • B - Water - Good to pair with Water Boon. Not bad on the bench for Widow.
  • B - Forest - One of the best damaguer on the Dragon Floor 10. Attack strongly depends on the attack speed (is it clear immediately what to wear?), removing the defense and increasing the attack speed for the team makes the hero indispensable.
  • C - Light - The attack depends on the speed again. But still a bit worse than the water or forest Valka.
  • D - Darkness - The other Walkies are much better. Not worth the effort. For food.

Derby Girl - Jockey Girl

  • C - Fire - A stun machine with a cricket buff on itself. That's it.
  • C - Water - Can be used as support, but no more. =
  • E - Nature - Food.
  • C - Light - Not a bad healer, but loses to Light Boon Sister.
  • A - Darkness - A stunner with a self-critter buff, attack speed, and a defense buff. Definitely worth using in PVP 5 on 5.

Sentinel - Sentinel

  • D - Fire - A tank with good damage is not bad. But the defense is a problem.
  • C - Water - Good water tank for 5v5. Temporal damage, cast shield on yourself and slow down opponents.
  • D - Light - Such a set of skills, except for damage over time and there is nothing to mention.


  • B - Water - Good mobile killer for 5 on 5. Nowhere else to use it.
  • B - Light - If you want to prevent the enemy from heeling, that would be the best option.
  • D - Darkness - The water shark is better in PVP, the light shark in PvE, but its use is questionable. Unless only for fans.

Skand Berserker - Skand Berserker

  • B - Fire - Cool damage per unit time at 5 on 5. Fire Fox would be better, but Berserker can take more damage and not fall immediately.
  • A - Water - One of the best pharmacists. Help raise and produce food - that's for him. Put some vampire armor on him, and presto! AOE attacks, life take away in Skill + vampire armor, attack buff, near immortality and speed. All this makes him the best farmer in the game at the moment.
  • C - Forest - Not bad, but loses out to its brethren above. Outshined by whole family, but nonetheless, still has a great kit.
  • B - Light - Good at the Arena,
  • B - Darkness - Good farmer, but loses to the blue one.

Time Keeper

  • A - Water - Definitely take on the farm Widow on the 10th floor.
  • C - Nature - It's not bad either.


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