Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

You can count the smart mobile card games on the fingers of 1 hand: Hearthstone, Gwen (only released on mobile), The Elder Scrolls: Legends (closed), Legendary: Game of Heroes, Deck Heroes And finally Dragon Chronicles, which I still haven't watched properly. Moreover, I had a go half a year ago, but something did not work, and now I decided to play again. Re-playing - led to the entry into a cool guild, meet some good people and wrote this guide. By the way, you can add to our TG Channel and ask questions.

Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

First of all, I'll tell you why the first time didn't work out, and what mistakes I made that you shouldn't make.

Mistakes that beginners make

  1. Rush to pump all the cards in a row - about all normal playable cards next
  2. Trying to figure out painstakingly all the connections of the characters, that's later
  3. To think that there is not enough content and players in the game
  4. Buying for blue gems or even worse for red card packs
  5. Painstakingly go through each mission

Now I'll tell you how to start Dragon Chronicles. And there will be tips not only for the start, but also for the middle of the game, for the endgame.

Tips for starting the game and beyond

  1. It is necessary to pass the first stage of the missions, Reddil, as soon as possible. The main meat is in Heavnival. But it is clear that we are still small and not by the teeth, we look further tips.
    1. Difficulties may arise only in the last missions: Dragon's Nest and Heavenly Temple. To pass them, look for mercenaries with these heroes: Dante (5), Scurrles (from 3 stars), Gillin, Kali or Demetri. Clearly, the higher the star level, the stronger the map and the better the chances.
  2. And their maps of course swing through the passage of smaller missions. And here it is interestingly arranged, that the card, which is less than another level by 5 or more, almost does no damage. So you have to pass with cards that are + - in the same range as the enemies. This doesn't apply if you're playing with a level 80 card, it will get you there.
  3. Through the invitation of friends - invite only 80 levels. They are hired where you can not pass alone, and pass to the end of the whole map. Do not worry about getting all the stars on the mission, when you swing your card - pereproyte.
  4. About maps. Only SSS and SSS+ cards are considered playable, i.e. cards that are used in the game, the rest are junk. But at first you won't have these cards, so play what you can. And save up your resources.
  5. These are the kind of SSS maps you get in Reddil for completing missions:
    1. In the Sand Shelter - Piora.
    2. in the West Castle of the Tower - Tear Priestess.
    3. In the Forgotten Land, the Priestess of the Flame.
    4. Haven't passed it yet, I'll finish it.
    5. I'll finish.
  6. With friends, it's like this. You can only add 50. But to remove in 1 day no more than 10. So every day we add 80 levels, until you score the entire stack. Then filter out the living to send hearts)
  7. Every day we pass all the special dungeons, and again, do not spend anything, we are saving up when there is SSS and SSS +, to swing these characters. On the characters will tell you below, the information will be updated.
  8. One of the main currencies in the game is gold. It is always in short supply, save up. You can buy for blue gems.
  9. The attack portal is the raids. From there, the goodness will fall. At low levels, you're bound to run into the fact that there's no one to raid with. A raid usually has 1 card per person, and a total of 4 people. So getting 4 people together is tough. Telling hint. You create a raid, switch it to "private" and use mercenaries to get as many as you need, so you go to the maximum possible raid. Also, without skipping. True, all this for gold. It's also possible to invite friends and sororities. Speaking of which.
  10. Join the guild as early as possible.
    1. First, it's communication, if it comes across like mine.
    2. Secondly, the benefits for the game character.
    3. Third, remember the mercenaries in the paragraph above. Here you can leave your cards to be hired (passive income) and you drop gold. Until level 40 you can put 1 card, after - 2 cards. The trouble is that you can not put the card and it same play. That is, here are put cards not from the basics. And of course, all players at level 80, from your clan, also invite your friends.
    4. Pass the raid - against the Dreadnought. We'll be killed there anyway, it's important to hold out as long as possible - fall very nice bonuses, for example, weapons of purple glow or blue.
  11. The arena is an important thing, but there's nothing to do at the lower ranks.
  12. Store - Every 3 hours there is an opportunity to pick up 1 free card. Usually this is a trash. But at the expense of them accumulate strip "Miles", when you accumulate up to 3 points - that's 1000 points, you can be guaranteed to get a card class SSS. Pulling less than that is not recommended, a great chance to pull SS or S, which is certainly not necessary. And one more thing, if the card falls SS and above, the points are not added to the miles.
  13. During events (events, activities), there is an additional tab in the store, there you can catch very good trimmings. One of the best is the SSS card for 500 blue gems. Almost always in the event give event items, some of them can be spent later, they do not burn, and some can be used only during the event. be careful, friend.
  14. Blue gems are spent on gold and items to upgrade weapons.
  15. Any card is made up of soul stones. The higher its level, the more stones it decays into. No two cards can be the same for 1 player, but you can hire the same card in mercenaries. If you get a card that you already have, it is automatically broken down into soulstones. From the soulstones you can synthesize cards randomly. The chain looks like this: gather a better card from the gray-green, pulverize it, again gather a card - pulverize and so on until you gather an SSS+ card. Selling shards for gold is not.
    15 SS = 250A = 1 SSS.
  16. We go through the shower tower every day. Twice. For one passage lay down 5 minutes, and over time even more. The main reason to pass the Tower of Souls is to get instant tickets to campaign missions (already passed) + drop hero shards.
  17. Go through and get daily rewards.
  18. To keep the player in the game there is such a thing as gifts on certain days. So, on day 20 in the game you can get a free SSS card, and on day 150 you can get an SSS+ card if you are still playing 🙂
  19. 5 times a day you can get 2-3 red crystals for viewing ads - this currency is bought for money. In the long run - will be useful.
  20. I almost forgot about the Guild. Of course, join as early as possible. What kind of perks do we get from the Guild?

The best cards and card tips

  1. First, you have to choose a "leader card" by selecting the red banner on the main screen, to the right of the avatar. You choose a card that will give passive skills. At first it's not very important, although it helps, but you need these skills later in the game, for a specific deck.
  2. You can always see other players' comments and ratings of the map by clicking on the map, then on the orange exclamation mark button in the lower right corner. Get an average rating of the map and comments on it from the players.

Best SSS cards - better not to spray

As you read this, you need to remember that "never" is very categorical. And I've just gathered tips from the old-timers and will continue to add characters and facts about the game. So if you know something useful about the game, feel free to write directly in the comments or personally to me.

The following is worth saying here. There are quite a few cards in the game. Some cards are good, others are the best, but the symbiosis of these cards still wins. Below, a very relative tip on the best SSS cards in the game. Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere, so focus on these cards, and then it's up to you.

The Ascended Master's Guide

Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players


Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players


Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players


Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players


Dragon Chronicles - Guide and Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

Best maps for the arena (SSS)

  1. Skull Collector (or Dramadam)
  2. Valark
  3. The Witch of the Cobalt Moon
  4. Ignis

Well, while there are no, these maps, then the third free map from the missions will be - Priestess of the Flame. It's also a great first card in the arena deck and for the campaign in general.

Best SSS+ cards

Try to knock out such SSS+ cards: Sylphines - I can't go anywhere without it, Dante, Maya, Lyris, Gracia, and Scarless.

And Vidion and Gillian for the arena.

What is the best starter deck to assemble?

I got this one - Dramadam, so I'm going to build around her for now. Plus I need to knock Ignis out of fusion. And then we'll have the following:

"Dramadam (given for quests) will hang coats of arms, jam, knock down the attack speed. Priestess of the Flame (given for quests) - resurrection + the speed of the skill after death, Ignis (dragging from synthesis) - all to kill from crests, and Calucifer/Anid. (both of the initial quests) a distraction. And I think it's possible that some heal might come in here instead of Calucifer or Pior, too.

But Ignis needs to be knocked out in Synthesis. About that next.

How to beat out cards in synthesis

Sometimes, you really need to knock out a certain card. Of course, it is better when there is 100% probability and it is SSS+, but developers do not give us such caffa. But there is a method. Remember the soul stones? And that from gray and green we "brew" B and A, from blue we brew higher, and so on. So, those cards that we synthesize - they are strictly defined. To see what cards can be synthesized enter "Soul Stone" and then click "Synthesis List". In the list is a list of heroes that you can now get by fusion.

So, if any card is missing but has enough shards for synthesis, don't go and mindlessly press "synthesis", but match the card to the deck. Plus, you can break an SSS card into shards to get shards, and try to draw the card you want for them.

That's how I want to get Ignis out of fusion.

You can update the list for 20 blue gems. Or it will update itself over time.

It is better to collect some unnecessary SSS cards, atomize them, so that there is enough for at least 10 synthesis. The cost of fusion is 60 SSS heroes. 1 SSS hero - 50 pieces. Yellow, which SSS + random can fall out with a low chance, so at the beginning of the game, still try to pull the necessary SSS cards.

I was chasing one of those yellow cards, Scarless, and I wasted all my attempts and never got it. And the ones that were pulled by SSS were so-so.

How do I get a free SSS+ card?

You must be in the game for 150 days. On the 150th day the developers will give you a random SSS+ card.

Clothes and Stuff

Do not dare to take all things up to red out of the slots for gold. Always dress to the top.

A little walk through the cards and how to put them on.

  1. Flame Priestess - axe with green, armor with blue and earrings with blue.

Tactics and composition on the Spatial Rift

1. boss

First the side shoots, bringing them to IMPACT (just under 10%), then Two Mikey, Sylphines, and Lilith. Maika hits the boss with a normal hit, doing double damage.


2. boss

2 Scarless, Lilith, and Sylphines.

Strategy at the beginning of the battle (when there are still three opponents):

Sylphinis at once in invulnerability, dragons single skin on the boss, Lilith gain acceleration, then dragon mass, it freezes all, Sylphinis mass strike, freezes the last dragon and pfft, ulta boss, everything, then you hit and everything, I really invulnerability then hanging on Lilith, and sylph in the block.

[On silence on Sylphines, block her, everything else the same, only she is likely to die, pick her up and beat her as usual.] 

Then the left one dies (it always does, it dies faster).

After he dies, it is better to put (2 Mikey, Lilith, Sylphines) and beat the center. The right one should hit only before the boss's ulta. 

3. boss

2 Heaszillis, Sylphines, Guide (the woman with the book), or Lilith. 

Strategy (important)

Before the boss's ulta, you have to hit the small ones so that they blow up the crosses - so much less damage than if the boss blows up the crosses.


Hydra Ruin

Needed - Jillian - 3

You can - Jillian, Sylphines, Lyris

The main problems during combat are the Hydra's mass strike and its shield. The first 2 Hydra's attacks are massive, dealing 10 - 12k damage and inflicting horrible bleeding. To avoid  If it is not enough to die, just put a block before Hydra's strike. Every third turn Hydra applies an invulnerable shield that restores 15k life and ignores any damage for 5 seconds. If Hydra has time to use the shield, her chances of winning are minimal. Her left guardian applies a healing skill that restores 10k, and her right guardian applies a buff that increases counterattack - they must be stunned.  

Best Squad - Jillian - 3, Sylphines

Gillian, HeasCilis, and Sylphine's are mostly used


Necessary - Grazia - 1

We can do Grazia, Dante, Lyris

Hits in masses of 8-10k hits, which are impossible to avoid. On the counterattack restores itself 10k life. The left guard hits with the same masses as the boss, but he can be put to sleep. The right guard turns on taunt, thus provoking him to attack. In this case, you need to remove the taunt (debuff). When dying sideguards all get 15k damage, and when the boss dies they get a shield for 100%, so you have to kill the boss in the beginning.

Best squad - Dante - 2, Grazia, Lilith

Mostly used are Grazia, Minuel, Dante, Lilith


Necessary - Lyris - 2

You can - Scurrles, Cali, Dante, Lyris

The main danger is the destruction crests of the boss, which cause 5k damage when exploded. In the first turn he gives chaos geese to everyone, then explodes them, imposing silence, and gives crests of destruction, and at the end already explodes them. The left guardian hits in masses of 5-8k, and the right provokes and creates a shield on himself at 50%.

Best Squad - Dante, Lilith - 3

Scarles, Cali, Dante, and Lilith are mostly used

The Immortal Knight

Necessary - Lyris - 1

You can - Dante, Lyris, Minuel

The guards constantly stun on the  0.1 seconds and give exhaustion. Danger is a boss that deals an extra 10k damage when hitting, on exhausted targets. And also the boss gets dodge when it comes to his turn, if before it was debuffed.

Best squad - Dante, Minuel, Lilith - 2

Mostly used are Dante, Lilith, Minuel


Needed - Jerome - 1, Ignis - 1

Jerome, Ignis, HeasCilis, Brisilde, Lyris

Guardians are not a threat - they hit 1-3k and give crests of destruction and also heal everyone, sometimes. The problem is that if the sideguards are alive, the damage is divided between all of them. After the sidekicks die, the boss can resurrect them again. 

The boss itself deals 8-10k damage, as well as giving bleeding corresponding to the amount of  destruction crests on the target. The main problem is the second skill of the boss, in which he turns on taunt (provoke), heal, as well as turn on the buff on the return damage 200%, for a certain period of time.

Best Squad - Jerome, Ignis - 2, Brisilde

Mostly used are Jerome, Ignis, HeasCilis, Brisilde

Rarely used are Beltos, Cobella, Legadris, Lilith.

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