DOTA Underlords is out on the phone!

DOTA Underlords is out on the phone!

This is what happens when you screw up with Artifact, but are willing to admit your mistake

Valve has released DOTA Underlords for iOS (download) and Android! The information became known just last night, and today the game has already risen to 14th place on the list of the best strategies on the App Store. We do not know what will happen in the market of games in the style of Auto Chess MobileBut it's going to be hot - we're pretty sure about that!

How do I play DOTA Underlords on my phone?

The essence of auto chess games is that we recruit a team of characters and put them on the chessboard.

  • The maximum number of characters - 10 pieces, but you can not put all at once, because there is a limit.
  • The party involves 8 players, each round they fight each other, before the rounds are given 5 different characters to choose from.
  • You can buy exactly as many units as you have enough money for, and these units can also be upgraded - three first level characters are upgraded to second, three second level characters are upgraded to third.
  • The battle is automatic, you do not control the pieces, but between rounds you can line them up in the right order.
  • Figures are divided by race and class - collecting certain combinations (3 warriors, 2 archers, 4 knights, and so on), you get boosts.

dota underlords on your phone ios android

DOTA Underlords is a development by Valve, which supports Auto Chess: Origin, but is doing its own project. So, originally it was a PC game, which was then ported to mobile devices. And according to the developers themselves, we got a full-fledged cross-platform game, in which players from different platforms can meet, and no one will have a visible advantage. This is very cool, but strange - apparently, the Chinese didn't want to work on Valve's terms, and Valve didn't want to lose the fast-growing mobile market with a huge gaming potential. We ended up with two similar games (this one and Auto Chess: Origin) from serious developers (and a few more from B-studios), and now it is not clear - what to play?

Let's be honest - Valve was in a hurry with the release of its own chess version, but this risk is justified. However, the developers rolled out so raw project that some users have problems with launching, installation, constant crashes. And also it is poorly optimized - even on top devices it slows down, lags and very much heats the phone. However, we strongly expect that in the next patches this will all be fixed.

Tactics and combinations in DOTA Underlords

If you do manage to run the game, we have prepared some observations and strategies for you (thanks to Michael for the material) Drenotur Moon). Here are the key points:

Goblins - with their help it's easy to get an advantage in the beginning and not to waste HP in order to reach incam. Next, play situationally, trying to find the strongest combination (from strong to weak):

Combination of goblins + trolls

  1. BH + Tinker + Clock + Timber => 4 goblins
  2. VD + Shaman + Batruha + Troll => 4 trolls
  3. SF => 1 demon => total 9
  4. Helicopter + Alchemist => Total 11 (extra one who never came or the lowest level, just kidding)

P.S. Alchemist take to get vampirism. Superfluous remains BH, he gives the least of all so it is not sorry to get rid of - merge.
Instead of SF you can try to take TB, instead of Chopper - some warlock, if the figure does not go.

Combination of goblins + elves

  1. BH + Tinker + Clock + Timber => 4 goblins
  2. Phantom + Templa => 6 total (it turns out 3 assassins, before the nerve elf was cooler, because they get the buff on misses)
    Further situationally (in contrast to the previous strategy do not throw all the money in the pumping level) 3 or 4
  3. Alchem + SF + Necr + Abadon => 10 (get vampirism from warlocks and -5 armor on enemies)
  4. Alchem + Helicopter + Techis + TB / elf => get a cool buff of 6 goblins, which are hard to tank, and get a TB for damage or any elf to boost the elf passive.

Combination of TB + tanks + trolls

Starting with troll warriors

Three Warriors: ★★★★ Lycan, ★★★★ Kunka, ★★★★ Troll
The four trolls: ★★★★Sh, ★★★★WD, ★★★Dazzle, and ★★★Troll
One demon: ★★★★TB
Two beasts: ★★★Likan, ★★★LD
After adding 5. The three blacks: ★★★★VD, ★★★★Necker, ★★★Enigma

Starting with the troll knights

Three Knights: ★★★★★Bat, ★★★★★★Abbadon, ★★★★Omnick (★★★DK)
The Four Trolls: ★★★★★★Bat, ★★★★WD, ★★★Dazzle, and ★★★Troll
One demon: ★★★★TB
After adding ★★★Likan and ★★Kunk, you get three warriors and 4 men

Starting with the troll warriors

Four Orcs: ★★★★★★Ax, ★★★Jagger, (★★★Beast and ★★★Disruptor later)
The four trolls: ★★★★Sh, ★★★★WD, ★★★★Dazzle, and ★★★Troll
One demon: ★★★★TB

TB with black magic wizards

Goblins: ★★★★★Klock, ★★★★★Timber, ★★★★Alchemist
Magicians: ★★★★★Wyvern, ★★★★★CM, ★★★★Razor
Demon: ★★★★TB
Blackseekers: ★★Venom (★★★WD), ★★★Alchemist, ★★★Necker
Adding at the end of the Beasts: ★★★★Venom, ★★★LD

TB with furs

The Three Goblins: ★★★★Klock, ★★★Tinker, ★★★Timber
One demon: ★★★★TB

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