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The iPhone is the king of the smartphone world. The iPhone mobile apps are its subjects. Without mobile apps, the iPhone is like that "naked king" without his entourage. Apps4Life magazine tells us about the iOS apps that make the most out of life - the handy and best iPhone apps. Very often mobile apps are free or with a subscription - a small amount, but there are also quite expensive apps. They are all downloaded from the official App Store. We download apps, use and best mobile apps for iPhone recommend you.

Convenient and useful apps for iOS are the key to using your iPhone effectively. Apps in it are very often helpful in life, such as apps for runningTo set and control tasks, monitor your finances, edit videos or photos, and more. For each application, we publish a link to download, our evaluation and review - how to use the best application on your phone in everyday life.

Free music apps - an up-to-date review for 2021

Free music apps - an up-to-date review for 2020

With the advent of streaming services, free music apps have become less popular. In principle, this is convenient - for a small amount of money you get access to an unlimited amount of music, and some programs offer their daily selections, so there will be no shortage of content. Therefore,.

Download BC Leon

How to download the app

Leon bookmaker's app has the same functionality as the official site of the company. In it you can make sports bets, learn about upcoming events and analyze the results of past events. From this article you will learn how to download BC Leon on your smartphone or tablet,...

Ulysses is the best (but expensive) markdown editor

What is Markdown Before we can talk about Markdown, we need to talk about markdown. This is a simplified markup language. In simple words: it allows you to write without overloading the text with formatting. Emphasis, underlining and other stylistic features are coded. For example, with asterisks or underlines....

CashSync - the best minimalist app for finance

CashSync - the best minimalist app for finance

CashSync is the best app for managing your own budget on a mobile device (finances), which for me personally continues to be the top one, and there is no particular desire to switch to other options. And it's not just my personal conservatism - the app is really cool, and...