Category Food and Drink

If you are watching your diet carefully, and you want to save time when choosing food or establishments where you can have a nice mealIf you want to use the app, our list of apps will help you do that.

Apps for restaurants and cafes. Many have the ability to view menus, order or pre-order dishes, view order history and other functions. Very conveniently table reservations In advance, and this feature is available in all self-respecting restaurant apps. And some programs also have a bonus system, where you get discounts and gifts when you accumulate points.

Restaurant finder apps. They will help you easily find the nearest establishment. If necessary, you can order a cab to the nearest café or restaurant.

Selecting dishes and products. In this category you will find apps that help you not to ask yourself every day: "What should I cook today? For example, "Afisha Food", which contains thousands of recipes; "Wine and Food", from which you can find out which wine product goes with which dish, and many other applications. This also includes social networks, where you can share your recipes and reviews about establishments, such as Foodspotting or Instafood.

Useful apps about food: Tipulator (it helps calculate tips: you enter the amount and percentage of your order and the program gives you the result); Toothpict (if there is no mirror at hand and you are worried about your snow-white smile, this app will help - it will tell you if any pieces of food are stuck in your teeth); Escoffier cook`s companiom (a unique app - it also has a timer and converts foreign weight and volume values like ounces and pounds into our familiar kilograms, grams, liters etc.etc.; there is a dictionary of ingredients, how to use kitchen equipment and many other useful things). In the same category. lists You can find dictionaries, restaurant phrasebooks, apps for grocery shopping (instead of paper lists that you might forget at home); apps that help you keep track of calories, the amount of liquid you drink per day, and tell you about E additives (which ones are bad and which are not). Interesting programs are Fooducate (you scan a bar code, learn all about the product, and if necessary, choose a healthier equivalent product) and Nutrition Quiz (made as a game: a statement about a food or drink is given, and you have to choose if it is true or a myth).

Now there are many useful and necessary applications. We have tried to choose the most best free apps. Now it's up to you: choose, read overview and tips on how to use it, follow the link to download, install and use food and drink apps for iPhone and Android.