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We have collected the top top apps for entrepreneurs and people who have not yet opened their own business, but are planning to do so. The apps on this list will help you organize your workflow correctly and efficiently. Some programs for business on the phone specific ones, such as sales, inventory, debts, merchandise, and order picking. Other applications are suitable even for people who do not have their own business, who find it difficult to plan their day or who want to conveniently store documents, manage money, communicate, find out business news, etc.

All apps are simple and easy to use. Because they are always at your fingertips, in your phone iPhone or AndroidYou can use them at any time. If you need to make an urgent call at work, use free communication programs such as Skype, Telegram, Messenger from Facebook or any other messenger. If you want the convenience of storing documents, use cloud storage: Google Disk, Yandex.Disk, Dropbox or any other place where you can upload the necessary information with a special program. And in order to properly manage your money, it is better to install a money manager. Choose the one you like, install it Business app on your iPhone or Android and keep your accounts under control.

There are many useful applications here for startupsThere are calendars, so that you can manage everything and plan things in advance, not on your way to work in the morning; notebooks, so that all notes are in one place and conveniently sorted (by the way, you cannot write down your thoughts in a paper notebook with your voice, but in an electronic one you can easily do it). The list includes task managers that will remind you of important things to do, and apps that will report business news (not all social networks show relevant information, and often do not do it in time, whereas news aggregators will not let you down for sure). For entrepreneurs who travel a lot, travel guides will help, and for business people who often stand in traffic, it will be relevant to download a player for audio books. Of course, such an application will also be useful for those who fly on planes, just drive a car or use public transport, as well as while walking.

Download The best free business apps You can follow the link in the overview for each application. From there you can also learn how to use it