Documents 5 - an advanced file manager for iOS from Readdly

Documents 5 - an advanced file manager for iPhone by Readdly

Documents 5 file manager for iOS (the name in our AppStore sounds like: File manager from Readdle) is probably one of the best and most necessary applications on the iPhone. It's still strange to me that Apple didn't think of making it or at least come close to it with Files. That's why Documents 5 by Readdly has been a leader in the AppStore for several years now. With this application, you can view different video files, listen to music, synchronize downloaded files and work with documents. The main advantages of Documents 5 for iPhone and iPad are functionality, minimalistic design, speed and free.

Documents 5 for iOS features

The main functions of Documents 5

Users download Documents 5 for iOS when they can't cope with standard applications. Let's analyze in order what functionality the application has, and why it is so loved.

  • File manager,
  • Editing files,
  • Downloading files from the Internet,
  • Synchronize devices and transfer files,
  • Warehouse,
  • Storing PDF type files,
  • Setting a password.

Let's go into more detail on each point.

File manager

The Documents app for iOS is sometimes called the file manager for iPhone and iPad because of its Windows-like ability to handle files. The app allows you to view and work with these file formats and file types:

  •         music;
  •         video;
  •         Word, Excel documents;
  •         PDF;
  •         ePUB (format for iOS readers);
  •         html pages.

Documents 5 - an advanced file manager for iOS from Readdly

With this variety, there is no need to download additional applications to view or edit files. There is a feature to create folders and groups using colored labels, which helps build a clear and logical structure.

Editing files

Working with files is not limited to viewing and saving, they can also be edited. The function is available for Word documents or PDF files (allowed for editing).

Downloading files from the Internet

If you open a link on the Internet and it leads to an archive or other file that cannot be viewed online, Documents 5 will offer to download it.

Or you can copy a specific url to a file and paste it into the search bar in Documents 5, the application will download the file and you can open or edit it.

Device synchronization and file transfer

If you have multiple iOS devices, such as an iPhone and iPad, as well as a regular computer or Mac, you can transfer important documents using the Documents 5 app. To do so, follow the simple instructions:

  •         activate wi-fi;
  •         activate the network icon;
  •         Select the desired device from the devices found, connect to the router;
  •         check the categories or files and confirm sending.


The best feature of Documents 5 is cloud storage and synchronization with Dropbox, Google Drive. At the same time, you can save any amount of information and download it only when you need it, when you work without the Internet. Restrictions are only imposed by third-party services like Dropbox, Google Drive.

Storing PDF links

The Documents 5 app has its own browser inside to help you save pages in an archive, in PDF or HTML. But the layout and content remain unchanged. What is not a replacement for Evernote? Of course, there are many limitations. It is not possible to prescribe tags, categorize, but perhaps all this in the future. In any case, useful.

Setting a password

If you don't want your downloaded Documents 5 app to be used by strangers or children, you can set a password on it or select individual files to protect it from prying eyes.

Many have noted that the Documents 5 app for iOS is the most popular because of its diverse functionality, practicality, and the ability to download it for free.

Tips for using the Documents 5 file manager

How to copy downloaded music from Documents 5 to the iPhone Music Library

  1. Use Documents to download music, for example, in mp3 format.
  2. These files will be located in the Downloads or Downloads folder. Go to this folder and drag and drop the necessary files or file into the common folder Documents (see video)
  3.  Afterwards, in the same way - drag and drop to the iTunes Files folder.
  4. On your computer, open iTunes and connect it to dfibv iPhone.
  5. Via iTunes, go to the Apps folder on your phone and find our Documents or File Manager application.
  6. In the documents of this application will be the desired music or files.
  7. After that, save this yule or all the music to your PC
  8. After that, we add the music directly through iTunes to the music list.
  9. Now you can listen to these songs through the standard music player in your iPhone.

How to download videos from Youtube using Documents 5

  1. Find the right video on YouTube.
  2. Save his url - a link to this video.
  3.  Next, go to savefrom.net
  4. Insert the link in the window, the Download button appears, press it.
  5. Video is downloaded to the iPhone file system by default
  6. To find this video, you need to use the standard iPhone app - Files. You can also use it to watch the downloaded video.
  7. If you want the video to appear in Documents, simply add the file to the File Manager app. Watch the video.



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