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Create your own iPhone wallpaper in 3 steps

Apps4Life launched a service for creating wallpapers for all iPhone models. To create an iPhone wallpaper you need to do the following:

  1. Choose an iPhone model. And there are the latest iPhones - iPhone 11 Pro and others supported by Apple, the phones of younger generations like iPhone SE
  2. Upload a picture, a part of which you want to use as a wallpaper image. A prerequisite is that the image, picture or photo must be of high quality. The higher the quality, the better quality the wallpaper for your phone will be.
  3. Edit picture - change the size, place a fragment of the image as you want. Preview allows you to see how the wallpaper will look on your phone.
    How to create a wallpaper on your phone - iPhone wallpaper editor
  4. Then press the Download a cropped image,
  5. The image can be saved on your phone (or computer) and set as wallpaper on any of the screens: lock or home.

As you can see, everything is very simple.

Example. Wallpaper on the phone from the image of the game

This is the result, when we make the wallpaper on the phone from a high-resolution picture

The result - the wallpaper on the phone from the photo

How to make your own wallpaper on any phone

This service can also be used to create any wallpaper on your phone. It can be an iPhone or an Android phone. Of course, I did not add all varieties of Android, for choice, when creating, I recommend using the iPhone 11 - then you get the best quality wallpaper, the size will be suitable for any phone.

Feedback and service and new requests write in the comments.
Let's review and improve the work of creating wallpapers for the phone 🙂

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