iPhone 6c concept

Designer showed his iPhone 6c concept [video]

The next model of Apple smartphone will not be introduced soon, but the designer from SET Solution I decided to render my vision of the machine. iPhone 6c. Concept The device combines features of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5c.The designer offered a three-dimensional rendering of the new communicator, which will replace the current iPhone 5c. The design shows the main features of the "six": the rounded back cover, the characteristic chamfer on the edges, inserts for antennas, a speaker and a microphone on the bottom edge on both sides of the Lightning port. From the iPhone 5c smartphone got a bright color and plastic body. On the front panel you can see the fingerprint scanner, combined with the main smartphone button.According to the expectations of experts who take into account the past launches of new mobile devices AppleThe company will unveil the smartphone in August or September. There is no exact information about the release yet, but for sure the device will get a more powerful processor, an updated camera and other improvements.

iPhone 6c concept


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