Diablo Immortal - Angelic Armor Set

As all fans of Diablo and Diablo Immortal - its mobile version, the last closed beta is now in full swing before the game appears in mobile eppstores.

Hackers and gamers have found angel armor sets in the Diablo Immortal closed beta files! These are cosmetic kits for each of the characters that can be worn, and which will give a tangible boost to the character when worn together. With all that said, they also look stunning.

It is still unclear whether these sets will fall out of the bosses or they can be bought in the in-game store. So for now let's enjoy the 3D models of these sets. By the way, for boys and for girls the sets will be different. Here we go)

Which set of these do you like best?

Angel Armor Sets in Diablo Immortal

Female Barbarian

Female Barbarian angel armor

Male Barbarian

man barbarian angel armor

Women's Crusader Set

crusader woman and angel armor

Men's Crusader Set

the crusader man and angel armor

Woman Demon Huntress

demon hunter and angel armor

Demon Hunter Men's Angel Set

male demon hunter complete with angel armor

Woman - Nun.

nun complete with angel armor

Men's Monk Angel Set

Monk in angel armor set

Woman Necromancer

Woman Necromancer in angel armor

Male Necromancer

male necromancer in angel armor

The Magician

the magician in angel armor

The Magician

The mage from Diablo Immortal and angel armor

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