Vine Kids - kids learn about movies

Vine Video Hosting has introduced the Vine Kids video app for the iPhone, designed specifically for kids. The Vine Kids app, developed by two engineers, eliminates many elements of the original Vine app: it only shows videos that are appropriate for children.0cb995a1175db5cf1c281ce05283054a3a9f23b3b51327c0eef6e17b545b4f2a 81a50588ad64756b7d5b590ed6386b446964bb990f4237db3a56adbb5bdbda1cThe Vine Kids app does not allow users to record videos. Instead, they can choose from carefully selected and recorded clips presented by different colorful characters. And if they click on the screen while watching the video, the program will produce various funny sounds.

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La Fee

Cool !;)