Take cool photos with Avatan

Take cool photos with Avatan

Photo editor for teenagers with social networking simulation

Avatan is a photo editor that allows you to process photos quickly and efficiently. It is very easy to use. But what exactly is it good for? In our review of the Avatan app, we will tell you what to look for when working with this application, and what its pros and cons are. By the way, download Avatan is available in the App Store completely free of charge.

Avatan can be installed for free, but there are paid purchases in the app itself, such as effects that allow you to change the color of your eyes, their brightness, etc. You can buy access to all paid effects at once, and the price will depend on whether you buy a subscription for a certain amount of time (a month) or forever. But you can safely use the application even without using paid effects - it won't get worse from this.

It should be noted right away that this photo editor can be used both as an online version and by downloading the app. In order to edit photos online, registration is not required, while when downloading the application it is a requirement. The online version can be used either from your phone or through your computer. But if you are planning to use Avatan a lot, it is better to install it on your mobile device, because you will be able to use it quickly and easily without wasting time looking for it on the Internet. How is the app convenient?

avatan - social photo editor

Practicality in use

The app is available in two languages - Russian and English. This makes it very convenient to use, because not everyone knows English perfectly, and in Russian the captions under the effects are much clearer.

The app is very simple and straightforward. As soon as you enter it, you will be prompted to register, because it is a kind of social network. Registration is done both by username and password, and with the help of your VKontakte account. We recommend registering, because then it will be easy to find friends and share photos with them in the feed. You can put edited photos in the application itself or in other popular social networks like Instagram or VKontakte. Or save them to your mobile device.

The app has a lot of filters for every taste, and some of them are the same as (or similar to) Instagram. But Instagram filters are only a small part of the photo processing possibilities the app offers, and there are more than enough other filters and processing methods.

Stability and design

The application can only be used if the Internet is on - this is a huge disadvantage, because it is not always possible to connect to Wi-Fi or use mobile Internet. Therefore it is impossible to say that the program is completely stable. But the design is nice - tabs and tools are located very convenient and intuitive. There is a panel with different tabs: main, open, edit and save. Let's talk about editing.


There are several tabs in the editing panel: basics, filters, effects, retouching and others. Let's take a look at the main ones.

Basics. This tab allows you to crop a photo, rotate it, change color, sharpen it, lighten it, etc. It is not particularly different from all other photo editors, even without special programs on your phone you can crop a photo. Nevertheless, many users are satisfied with these features and do not require anything more from the application.

Simple filters. There is a 3d effect, a black and white photo, a whirlpool. You can use blur, highlights and shadows. There are techniques such as pastels (soft, dim colors), embossing (extruding patterns), engraving (applying a convex or recessed pattern), and many other filters - the choice is wide.

Effects. What's unusual is that you can create and save your own effects and feel like a creator of something new and unusual. Save the effects you like to your favorites so that you can use them later.

Text. This is a very interesting tab. You can choose a font, play with the positioning of the inscription on the photo, rotate it if necessary and edit the text you have already created. The caption helps to explain what you want to say with your photo or add a twist, or vice versa, add a mystery.

Stickers. There are both suggested (geometric shapes, clouds with speech, animals, hearts, world flags, etc.) and your personal stickers. Try putting on some fun sticker - you'll have great fun for yourself and your friends. Or, if you're serious about editing and don't feel like joking around, then choose your sticker as a photo background. There are lots of options for using the sticker: you can use it to overlap, brighten or, conversely, darken it; change its color, etc. You can also reduce and increase the size of the sticker, rotate it and move it on the edited photo.

how to use effects in avatan
Retouch. This tab is very appealing to girls, because here you can touch up your makeup: there's mascara, hair color, and lip color. There is even weight loss and tanning, as well as blush, teeth whitening, and more. Another interesting feature is cloning. You choose your brush size and stiffness to create a "doppelganger" as best as possible. And by selecting a transition, you can set how clear or transparent your clone will be.

How to edit photos in avatan
In this tab you can easily and efficiently remove any flaws, because you have everything you need to retouch your face and to correct your body shape.

Textures. There are lots of them: from snow, film, and falling petals to magic lights, broken glass, and all sorts of other unusual textures. Don't just make standard choices, but match the texture to your photo as much as possible. For example, its color, whether to do it on the whole photo or only in some part, again there is a transition and blend mode. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Frames. Choose the frame that best complements the photo. You can have an austere one, or you can choose one that is fun and funny. You can choose a frame that will blend in with the background and complement it, or you can choose one that will be a contrast and stand out clearly. In general, there is a lot of choice here, too.

Settings. There are few of them: close, cancel all, merge all, repeat. Use the first button if you are done with the settings; if you don't like the way you edited the photo and want to start over, then choose the appropriate one. If you like everything you have done, press merge. It is better to use this button after working with each tab: add a sticker - merge, write text - save again, etc. Separately in the panel there is also a button to cancel, if you wanted to cancel the effect or something just made - press this button.

Other tabs

As you noticed, there are other tabs on the panel besides editing.

On the main page is your page, it was mentioned earlier. Just want to add that there are followers and you can subscribe to other users, just like in other social networks. Comment on your friends' photos and take note of how others use this application.

Open. This tab allows you to select the photo you want to edit. By the way, you can publish a photo to the application without editing.

Save. Here you choose where to save the photo: on your phone, in an application, or to share on another social networking site. In general, the choice is yours.

download avatan for free

Pros and cons of the app

There are good and not so good sides to any application. What are the downsides of this photo editor?

The need for a permanent connection to the Internet. In the 21st century this is not a significant problem, but still, suddenly you have nothing to do on the way home, you decided to process photos, and in the subway, the train Internet does not work. This is not very convenient.

Paid effects. Not all effects are available for free, and you are constantly reminded of this by offers to set up access to all paid effects. But you can ignore these suggestions if you don't need access to them. If you're a professional photo editor, you might consider installing a premium mode.

Advertising. You can't do without them nowadays, unfortunately, so they are in this app, too. Just close the ads so they don't interfere with your photos.

However, the application has many more positive features, here are just a few of them:

The app is very handy. Everything is clearly arranged and understandable. You can choose Russian, which makes it much easier to understand the captions under the effects.

A huge number of features. There are many tabs, each allowing you to improve your photos, make them more interesting and emphasize your features. Use captions, stickers, retouch photos, etc.

Share photos with your subscribers, discuss and comment on other users' photos. It's very convenient that Avatan is a kind of social network, and you can not only fix photos, but also communicate with friends, learn from them and share your experience.

You can save photos both in the app itself and on your device. Or share them on any other social network.

Avatan is a great app. Not only can you edit your photos, but you can also communicate with your friends and share valuable experiences in this app. There are a lot of possibilities here to improve your photos. I hope you will enjoy it. Use this photo editor with pleasure!

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