Deck Heroes: Gems, where to get and where to spend it?

Deck Heroes: Gems, where to get and where to spend it?

Every gamer and toy lover Deck Heroes knows that the main currency there is gems, points, coins, and ore. Of course, there are also coupons and tournament points, but they do not carry much weight, because you can use them rarely. As for coins, they are needed only at the beginning of the game, when you need to improve the creatures, buy additions in the bazaar and on the altar in order to upgrade the deck. From here on, there will be no problems with cash. Speaking of ore, it's good for buying and pumping weighty 5* heroes and even some creatures. Treat selectively, because some of them are not worth attention and the money will go nowhere, we'll talk about this in other articles. But all the points of honor are spent on improving the runes and skills of the heroes, and it takes a huge amount, which you should be prepared for immediately. Let's move on to the blue gems, where to get them and where to spend them, how to use them and at the same time not to drain the entire stock.Deck Heroes: Gems, where to get and where to spend it?

Deck Heroes: Gems

Gems can be quite a basic currency for the game and it is often considered a donator, although they are very difficult to buy, because they cost a lot. So you have to shell out $100 for 8200 gems. There are smaller piles, such as 70 pieces for a dollar or 1550 for $20 (or the equivalent in hryvnia or the ruble). If you decide to donate, we recommend a package that lasts 30 days and gives you 100 gems a day, which gives a total of 3,000 for only $6. If it seems that this will be enough to increase the skill, then no. As you play, you will realize that this is really not enough. As for the application, the gems can be used to pump, buy skills, buy boosters and promo cards, improve the skin, to reward spending, on the altar and the mine. The main thing that you spend more, but wisely and only on necessary things. Since earning gems is difficult and time-consuming.Deck Heroes daily tasks

Where do I get my gems?

Gems can be obtained for free, it is necessary:

  • perform the achievement at least once;
  • perform tasks, including daily tasks;
  • find them in the travel gate chests;
  • daily login to the game for a long time;
  • purchase for tournament points, then you can count on 300 gems per month;

If we talk about paid ways to get, you can make a purchase for rubles, hryvnia or dollars and get the status of a Star. And this brings almost 3,000 gems a month and other bonuses.

IMPORTANT: You can also greatly increase your fortune. Be sure to use Alchemy. The more Gems you have, the more you can make with Alchemy. Don't worry, it won't get any smaller.

Deck Heroes Where do I get my gems?

How many gems can I get for free?

On average, you can get about 5,000 gems a month if you use all of the above methods. If you started playing quite recently, you can even get bonuses, which will allow you to accumulate even more. If you are playing for a long time, you will have to be patient, because this is the only way to win.The main thing to do with the gems is to save up and try to multiply the wealth. Let them have to spend more time, but at the end they can be used for the needs and come out ahead. So alchemy will increase your wealth by about 20%, but only if you already have 50, 575, 1500, 5000, 20,000, 100,000, and 500,000. So sometimes you can expect to get already 20,000 gems from 100,000.With the bank everything is a little more complicated, because the action is only once every three months, and even then we can get income from what we have invested before. The maximum we can achieve is 150 % from the deposit. That said, there are five types of deposits: 4000, 8000, 16000, 30000,60000. But the rate is the same everywhere, although more income can be achieved, depending on the amount. So count on an income of 6000, 12000, 24000, 45000, 90000 respectively.It is important to understand that the first income from the deposit you will receive almost immediately and together with the reward for using the services of the bank. There is also the advantage that you get good cards, top creatures and the opportunity to collect all the "cream" with a small deposit. Here you need to calculate your future well and make the right deposit, and after a while you'll realize that you did the right thing:

  • relic chest;
  • Aquarius Booster;
  • royal chest booster;
  • 5* cards;

Keep in mind that all this is possible without a single investment of real money. Exclusively with the help of the methods described above. The main thing is the right way of thinking, a systematic approach and patience.

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