Deck Heroes: Overview of Heroes

Deck Heroes: Overview of Heroes

Consider the heroes from the game Deck Heroes, which for some reason remained underestimated by many, and for good reason. We will talk about a couple of 2*, 3* and 4*, and it is necessary to collect all, and pump Marauder Zur и Apostateas they will show themselves in the Grimmuary. There's no shortage of things to say about Poison ivy, Gladiator, Balrogue и Masters of the bowBut you won't really need the rest.

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The hardest part is the heroes 4*, as they are all of us, we pump them up and long choose who to put. A lot of people like the hero Hunter DemonBut after level 80 his need is questioned, and even from the ulta we can not get a lot of nice bonuses. The same happens with GuardianAfter the 5th level of Ulta, you can't do without a replacement. Yes, in the future with runes, another strategy, you can get with it some points in tournament battles and even for some moments on the type of deck of heroquilla in the 13th card, but no more.

There are a couple of other heroes who could do more good, these are Master Shao и The Creaturewhich at first level seems quite sad, but after moving to the 4th level, pumping up to the 8th, it turns out that we get good heroes. It is not visible in the descriptions, but the creature gives 50 extra health, which after two turns turns turns into 800 hep, and it can not but rejoice. Further you can pump them up to level 10, but then you'll have to spend at least 500 thousand honor. And this is a rip-off, as many believe. Master Shao allows you to gain a full set of hex for your creature, and if the life is on the limit, it will increase the hit and even mate your opponent. But let's deal with the heroes next.

Heroes Summoners

With summoners - a separate story, because they appear only at level five, and their cards open only at level ten. They have no equal opponents among the heroes, because they are their opponents. So if your opponent has Armageddon or Oceanus win for Predator, Rider or Berserker the chances will be higher than for a creature. Generally speaking, every summoner is an imbo, but only after you collect all the pieces.deck heroes armageddon


As for Desmortes and comments about him being completely useless, I would say that he is very useful, because he can kill almost all summoners and pass grimoire 5*. His peculiarity is that he can't be killed by an archangel even with five strikes from the envoy. The puppet will increase its damage each time it is hit, the last skill in this case is +40% attack for each creature in the graveyard. To understand how much this is: if an opponent summons 3 boars and strikes, all three will retire. Predator, on the other hand, takes away as in one hit, and Dragon can only inflict one magical hit. But all this is relevant only in case of an accurate hit and accumulation of all pieces for Desmortes.


Next let's talk about Bers, which is particularly underrated. Because every boar adds attack, adds rage to summon another summon. And most importantly, he is not affected by skills and deterrence at level 10, so he will be able to pass all the moves. You can also use Predator or Bear to pass 10 grimmur, because when you hit him the opponent's hero loses his rage and his hit power is reduced by 50%. Elven's 300 hp debuff allows you to use him to ram and pierce anything.

Deck Heroes: Berserker


Another favorite character I think is Drakosha, who is the right summoner from the first level. And after that, you're gaining skills and increasing damage by 300 every turn. So every turn you have to be afraid not to get a terrible payoff, even when it comes to attacking the hero or the dragon. The main difficulty, which concerns them all, is that it's very difficult to accumulate and raise the hero to level 10. That's why you need to start doing it almost immediately for all summoners, because they won't let you down in the end.

A few tips for the future

deck heroes overlord

Remember that everyone is the best hero in the game, so there is no 5* hero who is the sole leader or imba. It's hard to imagine what he has to be able to counter Morgen or The Mistress. Collect them all you can, some will show good results from the first level, and some from the third or fifth.

Remember that the average level of a 5* character without avalantis bank will only be second, so it is better to choose the main hero at once. You can take advice and take Okeanus or Morgen, which show a good ulta level, as they are imba, but only until new characters and summoners appear.

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