Deck Heroes: Gems, where to get and where to spend it?

Deck Heroes: What gear to wear and what to craft

Many people wonder about the equipment in Deck Heroes, whether it's worth collecting, where to use and what bonuses it brings. Let's deal with what kind of equipment to wear in Deck Heroes, which items to craft and which do not. Let's look at six types of clothing, which represent three pairs of properties opposite in action: sword-armor, boots-helmet, gloves-belt.

What are the properties of Deck Heroes gear?

Choosing swordYou can count on the improvement of the crits and the chance of crits for each creature. As for bibIf you have a sword, then it also increases the creature's critt and critt chance of resistance. It works by blocking the sword's action when the enemy creature strikes. Boots allow you to increase dodging and evasion, and helmet Increases the power and accuracy of the attack. Gloves will allow you to resist the blows of any creature, and the belt improves skills. Don't forget that all equipment is divided into simple, rare, and legendary. The difference is in the materials used. There is a division by level (1-5), by quality from gray to gold (epic). It is on the last two criteria will depend on the strength of the property, but the maximum value is always 50%. You can collect all things from materials that come across in battles, then they can be won, melted down and improved. Material also comes in five levels, so the choice of the next crafting must be very carefully.deck heroes gear

How do you create an outfit?

When creating equipment, you should be guided by Three main rulesor, more precisely, advice that will make it possible to do something worthwhile.1. Determine what you need to do, what is the goal and what you want to achieve in the future. If you want to be in the tops, then think about what is the coolest there, in our opinion it is: a great damag, dodge and immune. Then you realize that the bib is not needed, as well as the helmet or sword. That's why it's better to choose boots, belt and gloves. The peculiarity is that during crafting things can be inserted at the same level, it is done in order to get better quality clothes. Advised to immediately make a gold clothing level three or four of the top materials and with a chance of about 80%. As a consequence, you can get up to 40% dodge on the fifth gold outfit, although it will be created from simple materials.2. The gear has skins. Namely, when you create it you will be offered to increase the chance of obtaining skills with fire. The latter can be obtained in the daily challenge, found in the chest, on sales or events like Battle of Factions. Although such events are quite expensive, you should not refuse them right away. So, if creating:

  • epic item, you can get 0.1% chance or 100% fire for each fire;
  • legendary equipment, then from 250 to 1000 fire for 100% chance;
  • rare thing, then 100 fire to get 100% chances;

In general, if we are talking about mere mortals and fire gathers too long, it is better to craft gold boots, gloves and belt of the fifth level. Although the helmet of the same level will not be the worst option. A, if you have enough money, then do not forget to craft all at once, but little by little. But in the matter of blue swag, remember one rule: try to get it as much as possible and the chances between the green and blue distributed in equal shares. Then you can count on a bonus: the return of all the lights back, which is not found in the creation of blue things.3. Materials: where to get them, how much time to create each type of equipment and what is better to use stores or sims? There are three types of materials: simple (you can create your own, improve), rare (created only for chests and chests), event (used only when winning in events). To summarize, we can say that the simple things the first level can be done in two hours, the second level in eight hours. Others can only craft, and then remember that for the third level you need at least 4 second-level stuff and almost 32 hours, and the top item will take three weeks.In the stores you will find as much material and even discounts to 20%, but better to use this method as a last resort. It is easier to use the quest Test of Fortune, where you can open one of the nine cells, where often stashed fire and material up to level five. As for the event gear, the rare ones only give you 50% to the skill, and the event set has a skill that is only given with the same armor.

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