Crash Them All - Detailed Game Guide

Feel like a hero: crush all enemies in Crush Them All and save the beautiful Princess

Hello everyone! I'm writing this tutorial to explain how to best get through the main part of Crush Them All: The Quest to Save the Princess! This guide will explain how to move up a level, introduce the characters, tell you what you need to improve and when to make the Climb. Here we go.

crush them all

First, look at the screen. Top left:

  • Ascent: You will see a dark blue circle with an emblem inside that looks like a three-dimensional force and with the word "Ascent" on it. This is the main part of the game, which will be the mechanics of guiding you through the more difficult levels. You'll read more about it below.
  • Enable / Disable Speed Mode: When you use the Speed Mode function, an enable / disable button appears that you can activate at any time.
  • Level Number: As you pass any level, a number of guards will be waiting for you, and you must neutralize them with your heroes in order to move on to the next level. There are a total of 8000 levels in the game (!!!) Good luck!
  • Menu: Click on the brown rectangle with the three black horizontal lines. This action will give you access to a lot of ideas you can use in the game.
  • Friends: This is a list of friends you have invited to participate in your adventures. For each new friend you bring into the game, you can get up to 65 bonuses. The first 5 will give you a 2% prism bonus, the next 10 will provide 10% of store income, and eventually, each of the last 50 will provide you with 25 flozes.
  • Notifications: Here you can receive messages from the developers, most often information about tournament awards and the latest notifications. You will also be able to collect gifts from various Events.
  • News: A list of all upcoming Events, usually occurring once in the next 3-4 days.
  • Lucky Spin: You will receive one token per day to spin the slot machine, allowing you to earn flozes as well as Monkey Robots chests. And on Sundays, you'll get three tokens each.
  • Challenges: This is a list of your unique challenges that you receive each day. Complete one challenge and receive 5 flozes. Complete all 5 to earn a prize (the same for all players that day).
  • Library: This is a list of passive energy upgrades you can become the owner of by using the orbs obtained after completing a level. More details can be found below.
  • Entry Reward: There are rewards for each day of play here. Entry rewards include: prisms, chests, attack tickets, 2-speed boosters (modes), special hero medals, and floz. Entry rewards are not regenerated if you miss a game day.
  • Guide: A simple guide in case you forget something or want to know more. You can see everything here, at least if you don't have to quit the game.
  • Statistics: These are the stats that appear on the screen and notify you of the current state of the game, career achievements and hierarchy.
  • Settings: Various settings to help control and support your companions, as well as sound effects.
  • ACTION PLACE: This is where all the action takes place. Click on the bottom left or right of this pad to move to the boundaries of the location where the action takes place.
  • Gems: Each level contains two gems. One is yours and one belongs to your enemies. Destroying an enemy's Gem allows you to pass the level and move to the next level. If your Gem is destroyed, you return to the level below. This is also where your heroes and increasing numbers of guards are found. Usually a certain number of guards appear, but if you spend too much time destroying the Stone, more guards will appear. At the Boss level, the Boss will replace the Stone.
  • Heroes and Guardians : These tiny guys fight each other. Make sure your heroes are stronger than the Guardians, and use them to destroy the enemy Gemstone.
  • Chests: Chests can be brown or gold, these chests give you gold or floz. Brown chests give you gold equal to the amount of your gold earned per second, or 1, 3 or 5 floz. Gold chests give you 2, 4, 6 or 10 floz after an advertisement is shown. The amount of floz you get is entirely dependent on the GSC.
  • Grave Stones: The stones show the maximum level reached by your Friends. Clicking on it will give you gold or floz, the amount of which is equivalent to the number of brown chests.
  • Tips Bar: Constantly scrolls through helpful tips and shows you in your Guild Room the latest chat messages.
  • Counting Floz: You can use the pink gems to upgrade as well as buy a number of items in the game. They can be earned as rewards, collected from chests, or bought with $$ Cash $$.
  • Counting Prisms: This is the number of unused prisms you have. They can be used to give more permanent power to heroes that you have in your group. They can be gained through Ascension or through your login authorization card for each 5 days you play.
  • Counting Gulden Count: Coins that can be used to buy medals, to develop heroes or to buy energy to fight Attack Bosses. These can be earned by defeating bosses in events or received as gifts and rewards.
  • Gold Count: Used to level up your heroes and improve your Village. The total amount of gold can be obtained by collecting gold in your Village, killing guards or opening chests.
  • Objectives: Shows the next stage where you can get a reward.
  • Offline Max Level: The highest step you can reach while staying offline. Tap and hold to see how fast you're progressing through the steps, how long it will take you to reach the highest step, and tips on how to go higher. All offline bonuses are optional.
  • Daily Tasks: Shows your progress in completing daily tasks.
  • Skills: Also called Ultimate Skills in the game, these are activated skills that may be "dormant" but have powerful potential. Click on the wrench to select the skills you would like to set. You can use a maximum of 5 types of skills.

The row of buttons at the bottom of the screen will be briefly described a little later.

  • Heroes: A list of your active heroes. You may have a maximum of 10 hero slots.
  • Village: Your village and your main area of gold production.
  • Artifacts: Various items that help your hero become stronger or increase your gold supply, which are among other special effects. At this stage you can use a maximum of 22 Artifact slots.
  • Combat: This table includes Daily Dungeons, Sudden Attack, Expeditions, and Arena. They contain a large number of resources, which you will have to upgrade and buy various items in the game.
  • Store: Here you can buy boosts, activate other boosts that you earned during the game, buy more flozes, use your coins - guilders to buy medals for heroes and buy event artifacts or open available event chests.
  • Goulden: The red button gives you access to your Guild, the communication room, Events and the Guild Store.

Start of Crush Them All

When you start playing for the first time, your character will be Luke, the hero of the Water Elemental, the Rascal. From that moment on, more players will appear in the game to advance through the game, but what kind of players they will be is unpredictable. You should make the Climb as quickly as possible, as this is a sure way to unlock the rest of the closed part of the game, including the Artifacts, Dungeons, and Guild Store.

crush them all

  • Climb as fast as you can: The Artifact and Dungeon Sector won't open until you make the first Ascent. I'll tell you what Climbing gives you below.
  • Each time you make an Ascent above, your Village receives a +25% gold mining bonus, up to a maximum of +4000%. You also receive a store level bonus, which increases by +5 per climb to a maximum of +600.

Concentrate on leveling up only one hero at a time: As you progress through the stages, you'll come across bosses that are sensitive to only one element.

Here's the list:

  • * Level 100: water sensitivity
  • * Level 600: water sensitivity
  • * Level 700: Earth-sensitive
  • * Level 800: Sensitive to fire
  • * Level 900: light sensitivity
  • * Level 1000: Sensitivity to darkness

The image of the Kader

  • This sequence will be repeated like this. The first few stages you'll only need to focus on one hero, but as you level up you'll be forced to diversify. Charge a hero with an element that will help you defeat the next boss; one hero will suffice from each element. You can get strong heroes by buying Rare Hero Chests. Here are some tips.
  • Buy Rare Hero Chests. Using the flozes you will collect from both Chests and Gold Chests, buy Rare Hero Chests to make sure you get a strong hero. You should buy these as well as hero slots to place new heroes. * Once you have a good hero from each element, you must stop buying chests for a while.
  • Don't forget to buy artifacts and pass dungeons: These artifacts will give you the advantage you need to pass more levels and deal more damage to bosses. The different types of Artifacts will be explained later.
  • Use Skills: You can use skills to quickly destroy the Jewel, allowing you to advance faster. This is a useful strategy for tournaments.
  • Daily Gift: Every day you receive a gift that contains a Chest of Ordinary Heroes, a Lucky Token (or 3 on Sundays), 10 Raid Tickets, and a Princess Dream.

The Gold and Prism levels are the same: The Gold level of Luke 101 will be the same as the Prism level of Luke 100.

Your Maximum Level will be pretty close to the level of your strongest hero. Thus, if you need to pass a certain level, you must have a hero whose combined gold and prism level is equal to that level.

Here I will go over each element of the main game to explain everything you need to know. First, the Village.

The village of

The Village is your money-making machine. This is the main way to get gold, with which you can level up your heroes and improve the various stores in the Village.

Using the gold from the Village, you can improve stores that you have already bought, as well as acquire new ones. You cannot buy the next store by jumping over the store before it. The amount of money your Village earns per second depends directly on the gold drops of enemy guards and the Gemstone. When you complete a level pass, you receive gold equal to the Village's income per second. Each guardian drops one-fifth of that amount. Slaying the Boss brings you a reward equal to 15 times your income per second. (Not sure if this is how it works with the recently introduced update, but destroying jewels and slaying Bosses will definitely get you a lot of money. Staying online will always reward you with more gold than offline.)

As soon as you improve the stores, they will immediately bring you more money. Every 25 levels will be supported by multiplying the profit by 2, 5 or 10.The first 9 stores will get the auto-collection at level 50, stores from Shipbuilder will get the auto-collection at level 100, and stores from Falcon Hunter at level 150.Normally you will need to touch the stores to get money from them, but this action will automatically collect money even if you are offline. Usually at this point, it's best to pause work on improving the stores.

Each time you Ascend a level higher the Village receives +25% bonus from gold mining up to a maximum of 4000%, and a +5 bonus per store level, which increases your store levels to a maximum of 600. This does not include any artifact bonuses. Your bonuses gained from the Village can be seen on the stats screen.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to upgrade your Village once and for all, eventually upgrading your Village and promoting your heroes to a higher level will become too hard a task because you will be earning too little money. It is now up to you to make the Climb.

Let's Move Up.

Climbing in Crush Them All

At a certain stage you will have to move Up. You won't be able to pass a certain level because your heroes aren't strong enough yet. Climbing will help with that.

crash them all

Taken from the game description of Ascent means:

Climbing is the best way to become consistently stronger. You will earn prisms, which is another way to advance your heroes to a higher level. You will have to go from the beginning, but once your heroes begin to improve during your absence, you can reach that very, high level very quickly.

If you choose Climbing, you will have the opportunity to make your heroes more powerful. As you advance to higher levels, you'll get more Prisms to give more power to your heroes. But not only that. You will increase the amount of gold that your Village can produce as well as the level of your Village stores from which they will start. However, there is a limit to both. You will also increase your Game Level, so your progression will look like this:

Start the adventure -> Get to the highest possible level -> Climb up and strengthen the heroes -> Repeat the action

When is the best time to ascend? Usually when you can't advance any higher. If you're struggling to get through a level where you're using all your skills and it takes you years to level up your heroes with gold, that's when it's time for Ascension.

So that's one part of the game. Use the gold you get from your Village and defeating the guards to level up your hero to pass as many levels as possible, and, once you can't advance any further, do the Climb.

As you advance toward the Player Levels, you will receive one ball; blue, green, yellow, purple, red, and gray. You will receive them in this order. You will be able to use them to make yourself stronger. See the explanation below...


The library is a place where you can make yourself stronger by using your balls. Here is a list of bonuses you can earn:

  • Prism Award: Increase the Prism Award for climbing 10% per level.
  • Skip Level: Chance of accidentally skipping a step by 1.5% per level.
  • Game Speed: Increase game speed by 5% per level
  • Offline Speed: Increase off-line speed by 15% per level (-10 levels per hour).
  • Princess Sleep Duration: Increase Princess Sleep Duration by 5% per level (-12 minutes).
  • Dungeon Tickets. Increase the number of Dungeon tickets by 1 per level (maximum of 10 tickets or up to level 7).
  • Dungeon Rewards. Increase dungeon rewards by 10% per level.
  • Max Guild Energy: Maximum increase in Energy by 10% per level (50 Energy units per level).
  • Goulden Energy Charge Speed: Increase energy charge speed by 2% per level (4 minutes faster per level).
  • Expedition Rewards: Increase Expedition Rewards by 10% per level.
  • Number of expedition slots: Increase the number of hero slots available for expeditions by 3 per level.

What should you be improving? If you are very active and don't sleep, improve Dungeon Rewards and Guild Energy Rate. Otherwise, Dungeon Tickets and Maximum Guild Energy will not improve. If you want to have more time in Raid Battles, improve your Game Speed, otherwise skip a Level. I would also recommend improving the Speed in Autonomous Mode instead of the Princess Sleep Duration. The number of Expedition Slots for the first 5 or so balls, followed by Expedition Rewards, for all 10 improvements, and then back to Miscellaneous Slots.

Daily quests in Crush Them All

Daily assignments are a type of assignment that you can try to complete each day. You get five assignments each. Below is a list of possible tasks:

  • Kill X enemies with a Higher Skill.
  • Open X chests in the game.
  • Improve the stores X times.
  • Improve X stores to auto-collection.
  • Beat X-level (between -10 and +10 of your maximum level).
  • Destroy X Guild Bosses.
  • Move upward X times.
  • Complete the battle against the Guild Bosses with 3 Stars.
  • Collect the magazines X times.
  • Beat the result of X daily dungeons.
  • Collect X Energy of the Guild Bosses' Attackers.
  • Strike down Level X Bosses.
  • Complete the X battles of the Arena.
  • Complete the X Blitz battles.
  • Reach X% in your Arena league.

You can get a Elemental Chest (30 medals from any one elemental hero), 30 Floz, 5 Lucky Tokens or 2 Fleece Chests from completing Daily Quests. Quests are updated at the beginning of the new day (at 0:00 UTC)


A store (with a capital letter) is a place where you can buy a set of sundries by paying with floz, ads, or $$ Cash $$. The store is divided into different sections: Event, Guild, Items, and Floz.

  • Event: Shows a list of available Event Artifacts. Each Attack Boss has its own label, which subsequently shows the Event of the special Artifact. Here you can also open the Event Chests.
  • Guild: This is where you can use your Guild's coins. This is where you can buy hero medals, Speed Boosters and Energy.
  • Every day in the store there are Ordinary, Rarity (Rare) and Epic heroes in stock. Ordinary heroes cost 50, Rarity heroes cost 200, and Epic heroes cost 1,000. The price increases by 50, 200 and 1000 respectively each time you buy a medal. Heroes and the cost of medals are updated every day.
  • Items: Here you can buy all sorts of items for advertising and floz.
  • Speed Increase x2: Watch the ads to multiply your speed by two.
  • Speed Increase x3: Pay 20 Floz to multiply your speed by three.
  • Free Gold: Watch the advertisement (chill for 15 minutes) to earn Free Gold, which is on the scale of your Village.
  • Dream Princess: Add 500% to your speed in 4 hours offline and collect Prisms when you get to your max level.
  • Big Bale of Gold: Spend 20 Floz to get gold for one hour (Absolutely useless, don't do it).
  • Energy 300: Spend 40 Floz to get Energy 300 with a limit of two purchases per day.
  • Energy 600: Spend 80 Floz to get Energy 600 with a limit of one purchase per day.
  • Floz: In the Floz Shop you are allowed to spend $$ Cash $$ to buy floz, a premium currency. You are also allowed to buy starter packs once, as well as daily packs, which give a small amount of floz for a few days, as well as a permanent speed booster x2.

VIP System

The VIP system is designed to reward all players with quality of life improvement. The longer you play, watch ads or buy packages, the more VIP points you get.

  • 1 VIP point per ad viewed. This includes gold chest ads, 2-speed ads, and instant gold ads.
  • 10 VIP points for the day you play
  • 100 VIP points per unit of currency spent. You can see how many VIP points you get in the package descriptions.

The first VIP level is extremely useful for anyone playing the game because it provides a 20% prism bonus, which is the primary method of increasing your overall power in the game and will help you progress faster. Other bonuses are also provided, but the Prism bonus is considered the best. Below you will find the profits for each level. You can see this information in-game by visiting shop> flooz> VIP Profits. Note. The 30-day login rewards below show the total amount you will receive, just don't add it all together with the previous VIP rewards.


* VIP status.

* 20% Bonus Prisms.

* 55 min. Artifact Update Delay.

* 100 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 22 minutes on Speed 2x.

* One-time reward of 1 Reward Chest.


* 50 min. Artifact update delay.

* 200 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 24 minutes at 2x speed.

* One-time reward of 1 Reward Chest and 1 Epic Chest with Runes.


*45 min. Artifact update delay.

* 300 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 26 minutes on Speed 2x.

+1 more Chests and Boosts in 30 days Reward for Logging Into the System.

+30 Hero's Medals for 30 days Reward for Logging Into the System.

* One-time reward of 2 Premium Chests and 1 Epic Runes Chest.


* Super VIP Status.

* All stores update button.

* 40 min. Artifact update delay.

* 400 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 30 minutes at 2x speed.

* One-time reward of 2 Premium Chests and 1 Epic Runes Chest.


* 35 min. Artifact update delay.

* 500 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 35 minutes at 2x speed.

* One-time reward of 1 Epic Chest and 1 Epic Chest of Runes.


* 30 min. Artifact update delay.

* 600 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 40 minutes at 2x speed.

* Two more Chests and boosts for 30 days of Login to the System.

* Sixty more Hero Medals and awards for 30 days of Entry into the System.

* One-time reward of 1 Epic Chest and 2 Epic Runes Chests.


* 700 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 45 minutes at 2x speed.

* 50% more Flooz for 30 days of Login to the System.

* One more Hero's Prize Chest for 30 days of Login to the System.

* One-time reward of 2 Epic Chests and 2 Epic Runes Chests.


* 800 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 50 minutes at 2x speed.

* Two more Premium Hero Chests for 30 days of Login to the System.

* One-time reward of 2 Epic Chests and 2 Epic Rune Chests.


*900 Lv Shop Bonus on Ascent.

* 60 minutes at 2x speed.

* Three more Chests and Boosts for 30 days of Login to the System.

* 90 more Hero Medals for 30 days of Entry into the System.

* 3 Premium Hero Chests for 30 days of Entry into the System.

* One-time reward of 3 Epic Chests and 3 Epic Rune Chests.


The Guild menu opens as soon as you Climb, allowing you to either find and join a Guild or create your own for 90 Floz. I recommend searching for the Guild: if you find one, you can "shake" the rewards without delay. You can use the search function to find a special Guild.

On the main screen, you'll either see a blank red screen or details of the Attack (see below for more information). Tap the "Guild" button on the bottom left to access your Guild's detailed characteristics.

  • Floz, Guild Coin and Energy Count: Shows the current status of Floz, Guild Coins and Energy.
  • Guild Details: Shows the Guild emblem, label, name, description, leader, number of members, total strength of all members, and settings by which you can change the details of the Guild.
  • Settings: Allows the Leader (R5) and Captain(s) to change the label, name, description, primary language, privacy (open or by invitation), minimum strength requirement, and emblem. Confidentiality by invitation gives non-members more of an opportunity to declare their intent to participate than to join the game immediately, and the Leader and Captain(s) can choose whether or not to accept them. Members may also leave the Guild through this screen.
  • Members - Members: This shows a list of members. You can see their names, level, current online status (green if in play, yellow if inactive) and strength.

"Chat" lets you talk to all the members, "Events" leads you to events, and "Shop" takes you to Shop.

The level of members is as follows, from stronger to less strong: Leader (P5), Captain (P4), First Mate (P3), Bosun (P2) and Sailor (P1). The Leader can change Guild details, promote, demote, eliminate all Guild members, and activate Star Fever. Captains can do the same as Leaders except promote, demote or eliminate other Captains. First Assistants may promote or demote members to the level of Botsman. Leaders who have been inactive for 7 days will automatically be replaced by Captains or other, stronger participating members.


Tournaments at the Maximum Level

The rules are simple: Advance as many levels per day as you can. The best thing that can be said about this tournament is that you can reach the highest level no matter how strong you are. This tournament is a test of how long you stay in the game.

The best way to score big points is to make a Climb when you feel like you're losing speed. Climb up to get back to the lower levels and gain the ability to move up the levels faster. It doesn't matter which levels you traverse high or low. There are certain hints and tricks to get high levels on the Leadership Chart.

  • Start Early: You must make the Climb to start the competition. Check the News for the best time to start and be ready to Climb as soon as the countdown starts.
  • Use Skills: Use your skills to quickly destroy the Jewel. This will advance you faster through the levels.

Use Heroes with High Mobility: Samurai, Arrows, Archery, and especially Flying Heroes are good choices. When your skills weaken, your heroes will have to progress through the levels on their own. For a list of recommended heroes, see the Heroes section.

  • Use the Speed Accelerator: Watch the announcements and get a x2 Speed Accelerator to help yourself fly through levels. If you want to use Guild Coins or Floz, you get x3 Speed Boost.
  • Climb quickly: There is no point in wading through higher levels and wasting time. Climb up and back down to lower levels.

This is the fastest way to advance through the Levels:

  • Use x3 Speed Booster
  • Do not close the game (as long as your Princess' Sleep does not end faster than your online game time).
  • Have 5-skill slots available to quickly destroy Gems (Punch, Spear, Arrow, or Rain Skills can be useful in this case).
  • Possess High Game Speed or the ability to Advance through Levels.
  • Climb to level 60 (the first few levels do not increase the number of Pilots and they have a small number of enemies).

Using these methods, you can advance about 1,800 levels per hour. This depends on the skills you use and also on how many skill slots you have. If your skills are weakening, it's time wasted.

X2 Prisms for each Ascent

Pretty obvious as it is, you'll get twice as many Prisms for each Ascent! To take full advantage, hover over the maximum level before the action begins.

X2 Flozes in Chests


All Dungeons and Dual Resources

For two days, all Dungeons are open without regard to the day of the week, and defeated Dungeon Bosses give you not only double the materials, but also 4 Hero Medals! Take advantage of the opportunity to get even more materials and medals.

And the most important Event of all...

A Guide to Assaults

What is an attack?

An attack is a guild event that takes place about once a week and lasts for 3 days. The goal is to defeat as many bosses as possible, earning rewards and trophies along the way. You must work together with your guild mates to defeat tough enemies. You can use the rewards to get exclusive Artifacts with special characteristics! This condition is copied from the guild rules, which can be found in the upper right corner of the Events page.

Guild Boss Rules

➔ Attack bosses with your guild mates, earn loot and create powerful Artifacts.

➔ As you progress, bosses will become more resistant, so you'll need more help from their guild mates to defeat them.

➔ Each boss gives you points (trophies) depending on its level. At the end of the week, the players and guilds with the most points will earn amazing rewards.

➔ Gold of Heroes and Prism Lv are not taken into account during the battle, only stars and artifacts count.

➔ Each boss has his own strengths and weaknesses, make sure you have the best team to beat them.

➔ Each subsequent battle against the same boss gives an additional DMG power.

The goal is to get as many points as possible for yourself and your guild, as well as to get materials to obtain Artifacts. You can also get rewards for your guild by killing a boss who sends a letter to all your guild mates, which may contain guild coins or material chests.

Overview Page

Let's now go through the page and find out the meanings of the words. From the very beginning we have:

  • Floz and Guild Coin Count: The number of Floz and Guild Coins you have at the moment of the game.
  • Energy: This is what you need to fight Bosses. The maximum amount of energy you can have is 500.You can restore about 2 energies per minute or 4 per hour to regain 500.You can also buy energy using Guild coins or flozes, although this option is limited to two attempts per day. You can increase your maximum amount of energy, as well as the time it takes to charge it in the Library.
  • Time Limit: An obvious value indicating the amount of time you have at your disposal until the end of the battle.
  • Classification: It shows your own rank. By touching the rank icon you can check the data of the 50 at the top of the rank table of members and Guilds. It also gives you the opportunity to check the trophy count of your Guild members, and in addition the Leader Rewards according to the table.
  • Rows: You may earn prizes depending on how many trophies you earn. Earning equal to the required number of trophies for each row immediately removes the lock on the rewards described in that row.

○ Row 5: 6 Flozes, 5000-7000 Ps, 2 Attack Chests

○ Row 4: 8 Floz, 5000-7000 Ps, 4 Attack Chests

○ Row 3: 10 Floz, 5000-7000 Ps, 6 Attack Chests

○ Row 2: 12 Flozes, 5000-7000 Ps, 8 Attack Chests

○ Row 1: 14 Floz, 5000-7000 Ps, 10 Attack Chests

  • Event Shop: You can use the rewards you've earned to buy Artifacts with special effects, as well as visit the rest of the store.
  • Event Pack: You can spend $$YT$$$ cash to buy materials, chests and flozas.
  • Boss Attacker Advancement Bar: This advancement bar shows how many Bosses you and your Guildmates need to defeat for the Boss Attacker to appear. Once you have defeated 3 Bosses of any level, the Offensive Boss will appear. The advancement bar will be replaced by the Offensive Boss, and the usual statistics will also appear.

Boss Cards: Cards contain detailed information about the Boss. In them you will see the following information:

❖ Assault Boss difficulty: Change the projected level of the Assault Boss. You may choose between the current level status, 70% level and 40% level. At the same time, it may reduce the level of the Boss difficulty, as well as the number of trophies you can get.

❖ Boss Level and Name: Boss level is equal to the number of points you get when you stop attacking him.

❖ Timer: This is the amount of time the Boss will be around

❖ Information Page picture: This is a picture of the Boss that he uses on his Facebook info page. Touching it will give you information that can help you measure Boss's power.

❖ Information about the Boss: This information about the Boss, from his weaknesses to his classification.

❖ Difficulty: Information about how difficult the Boss is. The Boss level index refers to the number of levels you can defeat, relying only on Artifacts.

❖ Health: The maximum health level of the Boss, as well as a measure of the level of health remaining, reflected in the percentage content.

❖ Increase Destruction: Means an increase in the amount of destruction you receive when you intend to attack the Boss. The figure can increase up to 140% for each Energy 100 you use to attack the Boss. You also get a 40% increase in your destruction ability each time someone from your Guild attacks the Boss. Using Energy 300 does not increase your destruction ability.

❖ Allied Attack: Appears when a Guildmate attacks a Boss. You may lurk and wait until they are finished, having won the battle, to start attacking another Boss.

❖ Combat: Spend Energy 100 to attack the Boss.

❖ 5x Destruction: Spend an Energy of 300 to increase your attack, health and defense ability fivefold. You gain points equal to those earned when fighting Bosses three times, you also receive rewards equal to the energy you use.

❖ Boss Search: You may expend energy 100 to search for another Boss to fight. The level of the Boss is completely random, but the possibility of an Attack Boss appearing in the game, is ruled out

❖ Star Fever: An increase of 2000% Destruction awaits anyone who attacks a Boss within 30 minutes of his active state. The Guild Leader and Captains have the ability to activate this ability after accumulating the necessary points. But to do so you must fight Bosses: 4 points for a Boss with three stars, 3 points for a Boss with two stars, 2 points for a Boss with one star and 1 point for a normal Boss without stars. In total you will need to accumulate 1000 points to activate this feature, it can be activated many times during a battle. To get the best result using Star Fever, coordinate with Guild members so that as many of them as possible take part in the attack.

Read below what happens when you attack the Boss.

Attack on the Boss

So, you attack the Boss. Read about what you have to remember when you do this.

❖ Time Limit: You only have 45 seconds to cause as much destruction as possible. This period is much shorter than the 2 minutes you have for battling Dungeon Bosses. Everything happens very quickly, so you must have the right tools for the job ahead, namely...

❖ Ultimates: You must decide which ones to use in combat. Although Wave Ultimatums are certainly powerful, you may only use them once. Will a less powerful Ultimat deal more damage to the Boss if you use it twice? Some Ultimates can also be used to hit the Boss and obstruct attacks.

❖ Your Hero's Levels: As previously mentioned, Gold and Prism levels are irrelevant when attacking attacking Bosses. Your Hero's Evolution (Stars) level, Artifacts and Runes are the only ones that work. If you have Artifacts or Runes, your Heroes improve, especially those that are more effective against Bosses of a certain element. This leads to a tremendous increase in your destructive power.

❖ Hero Class: Bosses are vulnerable not only to certain elements, but also to specific Hero classes.

So you attacked the Boss. What do you get for that?

★ Time Spent on Boss: How much of your available time you used to attack the Boss. If all your Heroes die, the battle is over. The result is then converted to Stars, which determines the number of points you earned for the Boss battle.

crash them all

○ If you use Energy 300, you get three times as many trophies as if you attacked Bosses three times.

★ Overview of Destruction inflicted: Here you will see how much damage you inflicted on the Boss as a percentage. Here you will also see how much damage you will receive next time you attack the Boss.

★ Rewards: Means what rewards you got for attacking the Boss.

★ Hero Damage Overview: Similar to the Bosses of the Caves, here you will see how much damage your Heroes have inflicted on the Boss.


There are now 5 Attack Bosses and 10 lower-level Bosses in the game in various Attacks. Each Attack will be carried out by only one individual Attack Boss (Ice Wing, Astrolabe, Samurai Ghost, Mad King, Lord of Weapons), while lower order Bosses will appear automatically or by Search (Sand Claw, Kraken, Odin, Valkan Bot, Beetle, Light Sword, Fire Gorge, Deep Sea King, Haunted Head, Voodoo Tank).

The section below details the bonuses and percentages for each Boss. This information will also be listed in the sidebar as a picture of the Boss.

crush them all


Images of Kader


Knight 200%

Samurai 100%

Scandalist 100%

Barbarian 100%


Ranger 400%

Shooter 200%

Pilot 100%

Sandy Claw

Lancer 400%

Samurai 200%

Knight 100%

Valkan Bot

Shooter 400%

Mag 200%

Pilot 200%


Mag 400%

Ranger 200%

Scammer 100%

The Deep Sea King

Lancer 400%

Ranger 200%

Scandalist 100%

Light Sword

Mag 400%

Scandalist 200%

Pilot 100%

Voodoo Tank

Soldier 400%

Fraud 200%

Barbarian 100%

Fire Gorge

Samurai 400%

Fraud 200%

Pilot 100%

Haunted Head

Ranger 400%

Barbarian 200%

Shooter 100%

Ice Wing

Mag 400%

Shooter 100%

Ranger 100%

Pilot 100%


Shooter 400%

Ranger 100%

Pilot 100%

The Ghost of the Samurai

Knight 400%

Barbarian 200%

Samurai 100%

The Mad King

Lancer 400%

Barbarian 200%

Samurai 100%

Lord of Arms

Scammer 400%

Samurai 200%

Mag 100%

Artifacts in Crush Them All

Artifacts after Prisms are one of the most important things that make your heroes stronger and make it easier for you to advance through the game. You can have a maximum of 22 Artifact slots at one time.

Artifacts are important because they give you an advantage in certain areas. Some strengthen your heroes during: Attack, Defense and give you health. Others reduce the production time in your Village or increase the amount of Gold you earn. Some are special, they increase your earned prisms or your offline advancement speed. They are also the only two factors that determine damage when fighting Attack Bosses.

Artifact Table (WIP)

Here's a table (work in progress) listing the various Artifacts in the game.

* Name: Name of Artifact, also if it is from Attack.

* Stars: The number of stars. The more stars, the more powerful it is, but it will cost more to buy and upgrade. Stars have the following maximum levels:

* 1 = 15

* 2 = 20

* 3 = 25

* 4 = 30

* 5 = 35

* 6 = 40

*Description: Description of the Artifact's effect on your heroes, village, etc.

* Materials needed: The materials you will need to buy an Artifact.

* Increase Effect: How much stronger the Artifact becomes at each level above.

* Upgrade cost: The upgrade cost increases each time an Artifact reaches a higher level.

* 1 = 5, 10, 15, 20...

* 2 = 150, 300, 450, 600...

* 3 = 15K, 30K, 45K, 60K...

* 4 = 200K, 400K, 600K, 800K...

* 5 = 40M, 80M, 120M, 160M...

* Total cost: The total amount of materials needed for an Artifact to reach its maximum level.

* 1 = 535

* 2 = 28.8K

* 3 = 4.53M

* 4 = 87.4M

* 5 = 23.88B

And the "?" indicates an unknown value. If you know, send me (DeKirby) a message or comment in the Artifact Manual section.

* Maximum Stats: If you want to find the full stats of an individual Artifact, multiply the number of effect increases by the maximum level minus one, and then add to the base stats.

For example, Assassin Knife Max = 240% + (13% x 19) = 487%. For a rough estimate, just double the base figure.


Daily Dungeons

You can buy Artifacts using resources gained by defeating Dungeon Bosses. These Bosses can be fought if you have a Dungeon Ticket, which is given every 20 minutes for a maximum of 3 (three) (and can be a maximum of 10 with the Library). You can choose the level of Dungeon Boss you face when you enter the Dungeon, but you can back out of the fight at any time if it's too difficult and it won't cost you anything. For each higher level you reach, the base reward is doubled; if you face a level 1 Boss, you get 20 resources, at level 2 you get 40, and so on.

Click on the Boss portraits to see the recommended Prism level and the minimum number of Heroes at a certain Prism level needed to fight a Boss. The types of Bosses you may encounter change every day; each Boss comes three times a week.

  •       Monday: Black Rock (Fire), Dark Knight (Darkness).
  •       Tuesday: Gorilla King (Earth), Knight of Shine (Light).
  •       Wednesday: Knocking Claw (Water), Black Rock.
  •       Thursday: Gorilla King, Knight of the Shining.
  •       Friday: The Knocking Claw, the Dark Knight.
  •       Saturday: Black Rock, Shining Knight.
  •       Sunday: The Knocking Claw, the Gorilla King, the Dark Knight.


Expeditions are places where you get resources to increase the power of your heroes. These resources will go towards hero development / awakening and weapons / runes. You can get a total of 17 different resources from completing an expedition. These are elemental gems, class relics, hero medals, flozes, rune chisels, rune dust, regular weapon catalysts, rune chests and magic medals. There are regular expeditions that always reward 1 resource of gems of elements or relic classes, with the option to receive a secondary reward for flus, hero medals, rune dust, rune chisels, or regular weapon catalysts. Rare expeditions will appear after completing 5 regular expeditions. You will be rewarded upon its completion with either rune dust or regular weapon catalysts or rune chests. Every day you will receive a rare expedition that will reward you with a magic medal as well as rune dust. You will need a special hero to complete this rare magical expedition for the medals. Whenever you collect the desired amount of a certain gem or relic, don't forget that there is a refresh button in the center of the bottom of the screen that you can use to spin and see what gems and relics you can get. But before you do this, make sure that you have expeditions you want to continue. If you upgrade any expeditions that are not involved in the game, they will be replaced by regular expeditions or removed if they are rare. More information will be added here a little later.


Battles and Leagues

Arena is a PVP mode where you fight against other players. Who you fight in this league is chosen at random. You get 100-300 trophies depending on who you fight. You can fight 6 people per day for free. Updating takes place daily during set times. There are a total of 16 leagues in the game, counting down from Beginner 1 to Diamond 3. The higher the league, the harder the players you meet. There are 6 rounds in total, with 1 (one) Monday off each week. There will be no movement between leagues on the last day of the arena, but you'll still want to compete for your daily Star Shards and Arena Coins. Each week provides a class bonus, where a certain class of heroes will receive a 300% bonus to their stats. Using this bonus will be very useful for your victory in arena battles.

Shards of the Star

The main motive for using the Arena is to receive Star Shards, which are used as a source of awakening for your heroes. You receive Star Shards at the end of the Arena period, as well as on each day of your battle in the Arena. The number of Star Shards you receive depends directly on which league you're in. At the end of the week you receive many more Star Shards than you can be awarded daily. You always get Star Shards no matter what league you are in, as you actively fight in the Arena.

Arena and Coin Shop

The Arena Shop is a place where you can buy six different items. In order to get the arena coins needed to buy anything in this store, you will have to perform in the arena. Each victory in an arena battle will earn you a few arena coins. There are 6 types of items available for purchase: 5 medals for Monkey King, 5 medals for Dark Hunter, 5 medals for Luka, 2 prism bonuses, Art Stone T5, Art Stone T4. Buying medals for Monkey King through the Arena store is the only way to get him. Once you buy the first 5 medals, you can start getting medals for him by completing a pass through the fire dungeons. You won't see Art Stone T4 and Art Stone T5 until you unlock them.

Description of Heroes Crush Them All

This tutorial contains descriptions of all of the game's characters. These characters are collected from everywhere, many from previous Goji Lab games.

Heroes Review Label

Here you will find an overview of the "Heroes" label

  • Heroes Label: Displays all heroes in your team. Here you can check their information or raise their level
  • Level up: Spend gold to level up your heroes. The amount of gold you need to level up your heroes increases each time you do so.
  • Team Management: You can see your team, your currently accumulated heroes, as well as Prism and Star Level. You can accumulate heroes using this screen, as well as check their information.
  • Heroes Shop: Leads first to the Heroes Shop. Here you can collect a free Heroes Chest every 24 hours, open an elemental chest you may have, or buy chests. Chests you can purchase: Fortune Chests, Premium Chests, Rune Chests, or Epic Rune Chests. You can also buy a Legendary Chest here, but it's an end game chest, you'll probably have to spend months to get one. Clicking on the Chests will show you approximately which heroes you can get.
  • Collection: In the Heroes' Store you can see your Collection. The Collection is a demonstration of the heroes you have at your disposal, as well as those heroes you have not yet earned.

Heroes Information page

Now check the heroes information page, you can do this by tapping the heroes profile.

❖ Name: Spirit

❖ Element: One of five different elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark

❖ EVO: The evolution or level of your Hero's Star. Heroes with a higher Star level are often stronger than those with a lower Star level, they also have access to more abilities.

❖ Picture: A picture of your hero.

❖ Hero Classification: This is the special class to which your hero belongs. This is what they are: lined up here in a chaotic order.

➢ Lancer: Lancers have a chance in every attack to take down the enemy with a hit . These heroes will be positioned slightly farther forward of the front line of combat. Often they have a high degree of defense, but if their speed is low, they lose this property.

➢ Cheater: Cheaters are very fast runners and can dodge attacks. Each enemy they kill will bring 2x the gold. They fight on the front line. They are usually very fast and can be used to clear the battlefield very quickly.

➢ Barbarians: Barbarians are very resilient and can rise when knocked down. They fight at the front line and have high stats, but are often slow and have to fight to get to the front line.

➢ Ranger: Archery arrows are good at hitting a flying target from a distance as well. They easily disarm all flying enemies. They can operate from long range, and their multi-strike ability has a potentially limitless range.

➢ Pilot: This hero flies above the ground and may only be vulnerable to Ranger or flying enemies. He flies over enemies and can strike from quite a distance.

➢ Rifleman: Riflemen can "pierce" anything and remain indifferent to the enemy's DEF. They are slightly ahead of the Rangers, but behind all other front line heroes. Riflemen are able to deal damage to the Square, and Riflemen with a certain type of Weapon are able to shoot with an unlimited range.

Support Heroes: Support heroes are good at defending and healing your team. Keep them disabled at all times. They are usually found near Riflemen. Their protective shields are now highly valued due to their work during Attacks.

➢ Knight: Knights have strong shields that will repel attacks until destroyed. They are holders of 20% Health of all heroes taken together.

➢ Combatant: The constant combat hero right at the front line.

➢ Mage: Mages act together with Riflemen and Support Heroes, constantly firing mantras (spells).

➢ Samurai: Samurai have high (Critical) movement speed compared to the average and can cause great damage if their critical strike is penetrating. They fight right at the front line of the battle. Their critical attacks have the potential to cause great damage, and they also often move very fast.

❖ Movement: The way the character moves.

➢ Ground: This hero walks.

➢ Surface: The terrain, the surface, the ground on which the hero moves.

➢ Pilot: This flying hero, he can only be vulnerable to remote or flying enemies.

❖ Rarity: How rare the Hero is. The Heroes available in the game are categorized according to their rarity level: Common, Rarity (Rare), Legendary.

❖ Weapon Ur: The level of weapons available to the Hero

❖ Runes: This name tells you how many Runes you have at your disposal.

❖ Attack, Health and Defense: Outputs statistics for each of these qualities.

❖ Infinity: Shows the level of damage converters caused to different elements or their representatives.

❖ Ur. Prism: The current level of the Hero's Prism.

❖ Ur. Prisms Us.: Using Prisms, you can upgrade your Hero

The flip side

❖ Turn: Turn over the Hero's Information Page to see the back side.

❖ Detailed stats: Display the Hero's stats: Attack, Health, Defense, Critical level, Critical damage, Attack reload speed and Movement speed. The orange numbers reflect the basic stats, and the green ones reflect the effects of Artifacts, Command Strikes and Runes.

❖ Skills: In order not to get confused with Skills, remember that these are any actions your Hero can take on the field of events.

❖ Basic Attack: This is the primary method of attack your Hero uses

❖ Special Attack: This is a sequence of attacks that brings more damage and is not carried out as often as the Main Attack. The Hero performing this attack must be a Hero with 2 Stars.

❖ Ultimate Goal: This is an active ability granted to the hero. It can be either offensive or defensive, but it is always very powerful. It may weaken. The hero must have 3 Stars.

❖ Passive Skill: This can be a hit to the hero himself, a hit to heroes of the same element, a hit to all heroes or a counter hit to enemies. Hero must have 4 stars.

❖ Send to Geocache: This function sends the Hero to Geocache, mostly in your collection. You do not get the 70% Prisms you put into your Hero until you use Sleep Potion or spend 25% Floz.

❖ Weapons: This takes you to the Weapons Menu, where you can upgrade your weapons, runes, and Hero's Blind/Sighted runes. In the next section you can read more detailed information.

❖ Awakening: This feature allows you to awaken a Hero for a certain amount of materials, which increases each time you awaken a Hero. Each awakening improves your Hero's base stats by 1.5 X. The materials for this can be obtained in the Arena and in the Expedition.

❖ Evolution: Advance your Hero to the next level of a Star. To get a Hero you need 10 medals, 20 medals to get 2 Stars, 50 medals to get 3 Stars, 200 for 4, 600 for 5, 1500 for 6 and 2500 for 7.

What are Medals in Crush Them All ?

Medals are basically shards of heroes that you collect to improve your hero.

  • All Hero Chests have medals for individual heroes. The Regular Heroes Chest has 10 medals for regular heroes. The Premium Chests have 80 medals for one rarity hero and 10 medals for another rarity hero. Prediction Chests have 50 medals for one regular hero, 50 medals for one rarity hero, 30 medals for a second rarity hero and 30 medals for an epic hero, for a total of 160 medals. This chest contains 4 heroes: 1 regular hero, 2 rarity heroes, and 1 epic hero. You are guaranteed to get medals for only 2 heroes chosen at random, however, if you are lucky, you can get medals for all "chosen" heroes. Destroyer Chests and Blitz Heroes Chests will be discussed in their respective sections.

You can request medals for regular heroes only through guild chat every 8 hours. You have the choice of which regular hero you want to get 10 medals for. Every Sunday you can request medals for any hero except the "chosen ones", which include Crushers, Blitz Heroes, Thor, Monkey King and Legendary Heroes.

Dungeon bosses drop one medal every time you defeat him until you reach level 16 of the dungeon, then you start getting 2 medals. Which medal you get is a random event, but it will always be from the same element as the boss. When you get to level 16 of the dungeons, you will definitely get one regular medal and one random selection medal. You can only get medals if you already have a hero (with the exception of Normal Heroes and Luca) and you cannot get medals for maximally improved heroes.

You can buy medals in the guild store for an Ordinary, Rare or Epic hero you already have, which change every day. Each of them costs 50, 200 and 1000 guild coins respectively. At the same time, their price increases with the purchase of a medal; upgrades also occur daily.

Here's a hint: Acquiring more heroes is reflected in the number of medals for other heroes, which slows down the evolution process.

Hints for Heroes

  • The higher your Hero's Star Level, the better he is. A constant goal is to get at least one 3-star Hero, but remember that if you are lucky with the Rare Hero Chest, it will take you longer to get a 4-star Hero or higher.
  • The goal is to get at least one good hero from each Element
  • If you want to advance quickly through levels, use heroes with high advancement speed or the passive speed skill
  • Have a mix of classes. This will prevent your team from being attacked by guards as well as being able to fend off flying enemies.

Gradation of Heroes

crush them all

Explanation of all terms

  • Heroes: The names of the heroes in this game.
  • Element: Water, Fire, Earth, Light and Darkness
  • Classification: The class of the hero depends on the elements described above
  • Rarity: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Basic Attack, Basic Health and Basic Defense: the basic statistics of heroes. These stats are doubled for each advancement.
  • Critical Score: How often the hero takes a critical hit
  • Critical Damage: How much more damage the hero deals a critical hit.
  • Attack Reset: How much time passes before each hero's attack.
  • Speed of movement: How fast the hero moves.
  • Basic Skill: The basic attack of heroes.
  • Special Skill: Special attack of heroes that sometimes activates. Most special attacks can only target one enemy, and heroes cannot switch targets even after the first target is eliminated.
  • Ultimate Skill: Activated hero skill that must be granted for use. Often very powerful and can turn the tide of battle.
  • Team Skill: Inherent in Rare and Epic heroes, which can affect the team or the enemy.

*Notes: Any additional notes may be helpful.

List of Heroes

Heroes Clearing the Place of Action

These heroes, while not the strongest, quickly become comprehensible. These heroes have fast movements, quick attacks or special skills that help them go through levels very quickly. Some heroes may be better than others, which depends on their star levels.

Heroes of the Water: Luke

Heroes of the Earth: Voodoo Dega = Musashi Seven Stars > Sprout

Heroes of Fire: Monkey King > Scud > Jasmine > Xak 4 Stars > Tiny Dragon

Heroes of the Light: Hikari 4 stars > One-Eyed > Light Knight

Heroes of the Dark: Kasumi > Bat


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