ColorNote for Android

ColorNote - color storage for notes, information and data

The ColorNote app for Android allows you to create, store and make a huge number of notes, abstracts, information and personal data with a virtual diary. To avoid confusion and to remember everything, the developers suggested that users create brightly colored cards or highlight some information with a marker.

ColorNote has synchronization with social networks (VK), a Windows desktop computer and backup storage on an SD card on Android. You can also put your personal notes under a password and not worry about information leakage, because even if your phone is stolen, everything can be recovered by knowing your email password.

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ColorNote for Android

ColorNote functionality for Android

You can download ColorNote not only for Android, but also for Windows 7 or Windows 10, and then all records or notes will be always on hand, and in case of urgent termination, the entered information is saved automatically. In addition, users are offered such features of the application:

  • sorting by color, which allows you to place entries according to category, so you don't need to make additional captions;
  • Ability to place notes and stickers on the desktop by importance, relevance, and time;
  • the ability to add the time and date to the note in the calendar, and then it will appear at the right time. So you don't have to worry about forgetting important events;
  • you can lock and password-protect some entries, which are also copied to the backup storage;
  • you can copy information to a memory card or to cloud storage that moves information when you change media devices or when your phone is lost or damaged;
  • To constantly remember important events or dates, set a reminder in the status bar that sends notifications in advance;
  • Use not only a stopwatch for reminders, but also a lunar calendar and a different time zone;
  • The search engine installed in the notes will help to separate the necessary information from the mass of outdated information with the touch of a finger;
  • You can form notes on the desktop using lists, blocks, and tiles;
  • you can synchronize your notes with social networks, which not only allows you to communicate with friends, but also to share notes, make new notes and respond to comments;

ColorNote for Android

If you use multiple devices, you can transfer or restore ColorNote notes to Android using cloud storage or a memory card during the signup process. This is done in one click, but requires you to enter personal information and passwords for synchronization.

Then you can count on a simple interface, data integrity, plenty of space for information, ease of management, and a variety of design for storing notes.

Hacks for ColorNote

How do I arrange my notes on my desktop?
Select "ColorNote" from the list of widgets in your launcher. Note in the widget settings there is a choice of colors for the note

Why don't the widget and notification functions work?
If the app is installed on the SD card, widgets, reminders, etc. will not work properly. You must move the application to the device memory and restart the phone

Where are notes and data saved after backing up to an SD card?
Look for notes on your SD card: /Data/colornote

After reinstalling the application and restoring the data, the program requires a password, although I have not set any password
Try the default password: 0000

I forgot my password, how can I change it?
Menu -> Settings -> Master Password -> Menu Button -> Clear Password

Video. How to restore notes and data in ColourNote

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