Colorfy and Pigment: Coloring for Adults

Today we're going to look at two anti-stress coloring apps, Colorfy and Pigment.

Yes, yes, you heard right - coloring books are not only for children, but also for adults. Today let's get acquainted with two anti-stress adult coloring books Colorfy and Pigment.Let's take a look at these two applications.1. ColorfyDesktop4Color therapy for adults is now on your mobile as a free app. As of this writing, the Colorfy app has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on the iTunes store.Coloring a picture is done by the "fill with color" method. You simply select the color you want on the palette and click on the area to color. This is a little inconvenient for iPhone owners because the pictures have a lot of small details, and just perfect for iPad owners with a large screen.Not a bad way to spend a few minutes creating attractive images that are easy to share online.When you paint - time flies and problems disappear. If you start coloring ornaments in Colorfy, you'll have a hard time stopping! https://youtu.be/Wleo759kz3IРазработчики earn extra in-app purchases such as extra color palettes and coloring images, but you can use the app without spending money.Download from the App Store2. PigmentDesktop3This is probably the more sophisticated version of Colorfy. The app has a huge collection of quality drawings of various themes - patterns, mandalas, ornaments, and more.There is a wide range of tools for drawing - there are brushes, pencils, airbrush, marker, filler, and gradients. Pencil strokes on the screen look just like on paper. You can adjust the transparency and thickness of each tool for different shades and textures.If you make a mistake, you can press the undo button, but you can't get rid of an unnecessary mark on the page with an eraser - it's just not there.For the best results, we recommend using a handy stylus. The app supports any stylus and, of course, the Apple Pensil.The app is free to download, there is an additional premium subscription that gives you access to all projects, removes watermarks and allows you to save large resolution versions of your work.If you like to relax with a pencil or brush in hand, then this app is for you!Download from the App Store

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