Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks and Cheats (Part 8)

Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks and Cheats (Part 8)

Here we get to the 8th and final part of the hints for the beloved game Clash of Clans.

Sharpen your army in Clan Wars.

You will have plenty of time to prepare for war. Use the scouts to sneak into the enemy camp, find out the terrain in his area and the location of his troops and weapons, and then line up your troops around that area.If the base walls are low, go in by ground. If the enemy has no air defense, go airborne.clash_of_clans_clan_wars_1Constantly chat with your clan members about which troops you are going to send into battle. Identifying the weaknesses and strengths of whoever you are going to attack will help you build the best army to take the target.Part 1: Clash of Clans: Don't Spread Your ResourcesPart 2: Clash of Clans: offense is the best defensePart 3: Clash of Clans: Shields up!Part 4: Clash of Clans: Study the terrain carefullyPart 5: Clash of Clans: Choose your targetPart 6: Clash of Clans: Make raid buddiesPart 7: Clash of Clans: Try to jump over your headPart 8: Clash of Clans: Sharpen your army in Clan WarsHere we have completed the series of hints and cheats for the beautiful strategy Clash of Clans. Agree, as for a casual game, Clash of Clans has amazing depth. All the same, it can be called one of the the best strategies in history. After all, millions of users play it every day for a reason.We wish you enjoy the game and win!

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