Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks and Cheats (Part 6)

Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks and Cheats (Part 6)

Our post today about the game Clash of Clans dedicated to clan wars. So.

Get yourself some raid buddies

Once you've reached the limit of your village, passed all single-player levels of the game and rebuilt your castle, it means you've shown your firm intentions and are ready to start organized clan wars. Not because it's a great way to socialize in the game, but because coordinated attacks can help you own some great trophies.clashofclans-clansAlways remember: even though you can use clans to cover your rear, you may need to bring your own troops along as well - this is, after all, a team game. Constantly communicate about your game, ask for advice from older and more experienced players on what to do next, and of course, have fun and enjoy yourself! Your clan may want to participate in competitive league games, which can be very intense.Part 1: Clash of Clans: Don't Spread Your ResourcesPart 2: Clash of Clans: offense is the best defensePart 3: Clash of Clans: Shields up!Part 4: Clash of Clans: Study the terrain carefullyPart 5: Clash of Clans: Choose your targetPart 6: Clash of Clans: Make raid buddiesPart 7: Clash of Clans: Try to jump over your headPart 8: Clash of Clans: Sharpen your army in Clan Wars

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