Part 5: Clash of Clans: Choose your target

Clash of Clans: Tips, Tricks and Cheats (Part 5)

Today we will tell you how to conduct an offensive correctly and effectively.

Choose your target

When you find your opponents, there are a few things to consider before throwing your army into battle. First, look at their town hall level-if it is much lower than yours, you will get nothing. You need to determine exactly how many resources you can appropriate. After all, you need to recoup the cost of your army. If you're coming solely for resources, it's often more profitable to send a handful of goblins rather than a trained squad.clashofclans-targetingBefore you deploy your first army, think about what resources you are going after. If you want to get trophies in order to move up in the rankings, you need to invest in a large army that will bring you 2-3 stars per raid. You may also want to pump out elixir supplies if you need to replenish (or return) resources for your army. The most important thing is to attack the most powerful structures that protect the resources you need. Use giants to draw first fire from the towers, then breach the walls, then re-engage the giants to mop up the defense. Barbarians, sorcerers and archers can occupy structures once the area is cleared of artillery and cannon fire, and send goblins for resources. Always remember how many troops you have dropped. You should try to win with as few losses as possible.Remember that you do not control your troops directly - figure out your favorite unit targets and deploy them accordingly. Barbarians will be the first to run to the nearest building, which is not good because there might be a protected mortar there. Send wall destroyers and giants first. Smart players create all sorts of traps for your army at their bases that can weaken your onslaught very quickly: Clash of Clans: Don't Spread Your ResourcesPart 2: Clash of Clans: offense is the best defensePart 3: Clash of Clans: Shields up!Part 4: Clash of Clans: Study the terrain carefullyPart 5: Clash of Clans: Choose your targetPart 6: Clash of Clans: Make raid buddiesPart 7: Clash of Clans: Try to jump over your headPart 8: Clash of Clans: Sharpen your army in Clan Wars

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