City of Love: Paris - See Paris and Die

City of Love: Paris is a game that will allow you to visit Paris for free, feel yourself in the shoes of a heroine in love, solve a couple of mysteries and plunge into romance with the head.City of Love: Paris in Russian. In the game you will often need to make decisions, build relationships, dress up, explore the hidden corners of Paris. This game is living life on behalf of the heroine, a lot of quests and interesting puzzles.

Download City of Love: Paris for free on iPhone and Android.

What's so special about City of Love: Paris?

By downloading City of Love: Paris, you will become the main character and make your own decisions concerning the development of the game: make friends, visit cafes and museums, work, dress up in expensive stores and perform daily tasks to pass the mission. The peculiarity is that in such turmoil you can easily fall in love and forget about the missions.

It all starts with an invitation from Raphaël Laurent to come to Paris to meet and interview you, which is totally appropriate since you work as a journalist for a fashion magazine about culture. The handsome entrepreneur wins you over, but what is the real reason for his invitation? That's for you to figure out!

City of Love: Paris - See Paris and Die

So let's highlight a few key points:

  • choices in making decisions will affect the development of history and relationships with others, so you need to think about the consequences in advance;
  • Every day discover new places and features of Paris, visit restaurants and stores;
  • See such cultural monuments as the Champs-Elysées, the Louvre, the bridge over the Seine;
  • Enjoy the graphics because they are realistic and colorful;
  • uncover the city's main mystery, which is connected to the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Park;
  • move from one episode to the next, where in each there is a new clue and acquaintances;
  • build relationships, but be careful, because you don't know which character is friend, foe, competitor, or lover;
  • Take pictures, receive gifts, and collect meaningful mementos that can be unlocked in each episode;
  • Find true love and decide how and where to build a relationship;
  • repeat a story or a single episode to try out a new scenario;

City of Love: Paris to Kiss Tristan

Finally, about the game City of Love: Paris

City of Love: Paris aims for you to make your own decisions and build your own destiny, so only on you depends the final game, a bright crush. The game is also free to download, but some episodes can be unlocked for additional purchases in the store. There are ads, but they disappear after the purchases. Of the disadvantages - a small number of episodes and the ability to play only after connecting to the Internet.

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