What drains the iPhone: settings that affect the charge

Many owners of the latest version of the iPhone encounter the problem that the phone runs out of power even in standby mode. Sometimes this happens because of a weak battery. But sometimes it's all about apps that are better not to load, or, if you do, to use the power-saving mode all the time. What drains the iPhone? Let's take a look at these settings.

What doesn't affect the iPhone's charge

There are functions that are recommended to turn off to save battery power very tightly when everything else is already off. This will help save the charge for another half hour. But there are a number of features that do not affect the charge of your iPhone:

  •         Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the iPhone have long been made power-saving: to disable it is enough to click on the desired icon in the bottom curtain on the screen. In iOS 11, the functions are disabled only temporarily, but it does not give much benefit to the economy;
  •         widgets do not reduce the energy level, except when using geolocation and the network. Therefore, it is sufficient not to open widgets every 20 minutes, and then the energy will not be wasted;
  •         The automatic download of updates also does not drain the iPhone, so you should only turn it off if you have more than 30 apps installed;
  •         Turning off animation will bring savings of no more than two percent for the entire day.

What drains an iPhone?

Of that, What drains the iPhone, distinguish:

  •         animation on the splash screen, especially if you often go to the home screen;
  •         automatic brightness setting: it is better not to use it - switch it to the lower limit yourself. This option is not suitable for everyone, because the screen becomes noticeably darker;
  •         app notifications can: only take a lot of power if you have more than 30 apps installed. It is better to turn off notifications only from some apps that you use occasionally;
  •         data networking and gaming: however. if you use Wi-Fi, these features will not have much effect on your iPhone's charge.

What greatly affects the charging level?

The apps that eat up the iPhone's battery the most are those that do:

  •         geolocation - it works all the time as it transmits data for different applications every minute. In social networks and browsers it is not necessary to display your location, so it is better to turn off this function. After all, more than 15% of charge is spent on this in a day;
  •         content update - works 24 hours a day. It is better to set permissions only for some applications. More often leave the content update only for social networks and banking apps - then you can save up to 15% of charge;
  •         Push notifications from mail: but you can keep them on if you set an update limit every half hour. A large number of mail notifications eat up more energy.

By disabling or adjusting a few apps and functions, you can save up to 35% on battery power. And then it will not consume more than 4% overnight.


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