Valentine's Day Apps

Valentine's Day Apps

Last year we celebrated the upcoming Valentine's Day with a helpful article in which we helped you pick out a gift for Him. Who did not take advantage of the advice - you can catch up. This year we will not ignore the better half - the girls! Let's choose a gift for Her, the Beloved.

Last year we celebrated the upcoming Valentine's Day with a helpful The article in which they helped to pick up a gift for Him. Who didn't take advantage of the advice - you can catch up. This year we won't ignore the better half - the girls! Let's pick up a gift for her - Valentine's Day Applications, for her beloved.So, what are they dreaming about?

Gifts for Her

1. Women Home Fitness

Valentine's Day AppsEven if your girlfriend at the moment does not do sports - believe me, she will start, spring is coming 🙂 And this app will be very useful for her. There are very, very many necessary and important daily exercises for the body. There's no way to list them all. Here are some of them:

  • The main women's exercises for weight loss
  • Lowering exercises for the buttocks and leg muscles
  • Exercising after pregnancy for weight loss after childbirth
  • Our weight loss workouts will reduce unwanted fat and tone your muscles, giving you amazing results
  • With these weight loss workouts, you can train your body whenever and wherever you want.

Just be careful that she doesn't get offended and think it's some kind of hint. Girls are girls 🙂 App Store price $1.99

2. Stylebook

An app that helps her organize her closet without having to rummage through her closet. A convenient division by types of clothes, seasons and events. You can create your own look, plan what to wear, create a style journal and more . Ideal closet examples and a wish list are also available . Stylebook has over 90 features to help a girl curate her closet! Let her play stylist 🙂 App Store price $3.99

3. 20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver

The app has 60 brand new step-by-step recipes with gorgeous photos. The "Shopping List" function will help you a lot when it comes to grocery shopping. Also you'll find 21 exclusive videos with helpful tips, tricks, and kitchen tricks from Jamie. Even if she already knows how to cook - believe me, no one will refuse the program of cute Jamie Oliver 🙂 Especially since with its help anyone can learn to save time in the kitchen while cooking a fancy meal. Everybody wins! Give now 🙂 App Store price $6.99Well, okay, okay, we haven't forgotten about the guys either. But! Putting the emphasis on Valentine's Day, the gift will be special - an app for the two of you. It's called that - "Couple."

4. Couple

Couple is an unusual social network with only two users - you and your significant other. You can write status updates, comment on posts, post photos, videos and interesting links and much, much more. The app stores all your special moments and connects you to the most important person in your life, no matter where you are. Ideal for both long-distance relationships and couples who are close to each other. We think that Couple is perfect as a Valentine's Day gift app. Your girlfriend will definitely be happy 🙂 And yes, the app is totally free.Go for the gifts! The holiday is near 🙂 How to make gifts in the AppStore.

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