What you need to know about Slotor card entertainment

Slotor has long enjoyed enormous popularity among gamblers from many countries, but not only because of the slot machines in Ukraine: the entertainment site provides an extensive collection of card games. So, all the same blackjack, for which intellectuals gathered in special clubs, you can now play at home on your computer.

Card game categories

In casinos for money slotor meaning of card entertainment is based on the rules:

  • Blackjack (when beating an opponent is to collect 21 points or more);
  • poker (when the player has to collect a certain combination of cards, which was previously announced);
  • Bacarri (when the player must guess as accurately as possible who will collect the winning combination of cards).

Knowing the rules of the above card entertainment, the gambler will have a much better chance to win when playing for real money.

What is the most popular game?

Among the many slots and card games, the most popular on Slotore is poker, which has a large number of variations. So, the game can be played on one hand or on several hands, up to a hundred.

Interesting in poker there is also a system of bonuses: it can be given as a wild deuce, and in the form of a joker.

Speaking of the types of poker, it is worth highlighting:

  • game, where a combination of several jacks (at least two) must be assembled to win;
  • game, where the gambler needs to collect a minimum of two pairs of tens.

Some of the types of poker on Slotor are characterized by simplified gameplay, where players are given only three cards.

Poker on a smartphone: what is it?

Slotor has a mobile casino, where every gambling enthusiast can spend time with their favorite entertainment in a smartphone: online casinos for money involves using the android system.

Such a casino for money is identical to the official version of Slotor, and the quality of graphics is not inferior to the main resource.

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