What you need to write music on your PC or smartphone: headphones, software and other nuances

Is the music that plays in your headphones every day getting pretty boring? Are modern artists not in a hurry to make you happy with good tracks? If you have enough knowledge and practical skills, you can create your own music at home. Your own compositions, written with your own hands, are sure to meet your musical tastes and even the strictest requirements.

What exactly do I need to write music on my computer or mobile device?

Good headphones

Without functional and comfortable headphones, you can't even begin your creative journey. You need to listen to your music as you're writing so that you can spot any mistakes and errors in time. Without headphones, it's virtually impossible to "catch" imperfections in a track from the edge of your ear.

For home studios, you should choose accessories with active noise cancellation. They help you abstract away external noise and concentrate on the soundtrack.

Good JBL noise cancelling headphones are available for ordering here https://shonada.com/naushniki/brend-is-jbl/.

Quality external sound card

As a rule, the functionality of the audio interface, which is equipped with a computer or smartphone, is not enough for proper professional sound recording. That's why you should connect a productive external sound card with an amplifier and a system of protection against interference to the gadget.

Operating and permanent memory (for PCs)

Running resource-intensive applications requires a large amount of RAM. Various virtual tools, plug-ins, and sound effects put a lot of strain on the PC's components and reduce its performance. Additional RAM and fast permanent memory (such as a high-bandwidth SSD) can help improve performance and speed.

Music writing apps

To create tracks, you can use free and paid specialized software. The following programs are suitable for working with audio:

  • Music Studio Lite (free version with a limited set of features) or Music Studio (paid version with advanced features);
  • Groove Mixer is a godsend for users who create musical rhythms;
  • Walk Band is a simple and straightforward program for working with musical instruments.

A wide selection of headphones, a variety of software, and the availability of online video tutorials and guides are factors that make the process of writing music accessible to every creative computer and Smartphone user.

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