Augmented reality

The new version of ARKit 1.5 will allow developers to place digital objects not only on a horizontal surface, but also on a vertical one. This means that you will be able to interact with posters and drawings using your smartphone. More advanced technology will make augmented reality even more interesting.

Battery (beta)

The new version of the operating system features a system settings section where you can check the battery capacity and see if it needs to be replaced. In addition, you can now disable the option to force a decrease in performance due to battery wear and tear.

iPad charging control

The operating system reduces the wear and tear on your tablet's battery during long charging times. For example, when the device is plugged into an outlet at the point of sale.


A real treat for iPhone X users - new animeji: dragon, skull, bear and lion.


Now you don't have to guess what Apple needs your data for. Every time Apple asks you for access to your personal information, you can see what it's for by clicking on a special link.

Apple Music

The music player now has a section with video clips. In addition, you can now find friends with similar musical tastes by using recommendations.

App Store

The app store now allows you to choose which reviews to show first: positive, negative, helpful, or the most recent. The Updates tab has also changed: now you can see the version of the application and the file size.


People who use the built-in browser will be pleasantly surprised. Some changes have been made to the way Safari works:

  1. To automatically fill out the login and password, you must first tap the web form.
  2. Autocomplete forms are now also available in the web view embedded in third-party applications.
  3. Improved reading mode.
  4. The browser warns against autofilling credit card forms and passwords on unsecured sites.


Fixed problems with Smart Keyboard on iPad Pro after connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Other changes

  1. The Podcasts app has been improved.
  2. Fixed a problem that caused the screen not to turn on when there was an incoming call.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused links to not open in posts.
  4. Fixed an issue that was causing Mail notifications to appear after you swiped them.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused the date and time to disappear on the lock screen.
  6. An issue that prevented parents from confirming a purchase request using Face ID has been resolved.
  7. Fixed an issue that caused the Weather to not update.