What's better for traveling - a smartphone or a camera

Almost everyone wants to bring back from vacation not only souvenirs, but also vivid memories. Modern electronics allow you to store them not just in memory, but also in photographs. Many people now have smartphones, but are they able to fully replace a camera?

To answer this question, we should learn about the important disadvantages of smartphones. That is why those for whom the quality of captured images is extremely important, tend to buy a camera. To find decent models at an affordable price will help service OLX.

What's better for traveling - a smartphone or a camera

Disadvantages of smartphones

Despite the fact that every cell phone has a camera, it cannot compare in quality to professional equipment. There are many explanations for this:

  • a strong deterioration of quality when enlarging (zooming in);
  • The low dynamic range (10 bits in the most modern models) leads to a deterioration of contrast (over-illuminated photos);
  • Noise in the frames when shooting at night due to the small size of the sensor;
  • artificial background blur often looks unnatural;
  • relatively low battery capacity.

All of these disadvantages are completely absent in cameras. The body of such electronics is larger, a larger matrix is used, good optics.

Criteria for choosing a travel camera

If the quality of each frame is important, it is worth worrying about having a camera. Among the main criteria:

  • compact size and low weight for maximum travel convenience;
  • the number of frames per charge;
  • sensor sensitivity in megapixels;
  • The ability to shoot video in high quality (4K);
  • Availability of a built-in viewfinder (except for the screen) for sunny days;
  • built-in flash;
  • optical zoom;
  • image stabilization;
  • the ability to take selfies.

A camera is not always a bulky piece of electronics that weighs several kilograms. There are compact devices with good stabilization and a large matrix. Even moving objects can be photographed with their help, and the pictures are very clear.

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