CATS: Crash. Arena. Turbo. Stars: Infinite series in fast fights

CATS: Crash. Arena. Turbo. Stars: Infinite series in fast fights

The game CATS: Crash. Arena. Turbo. Stars. came out not so long ago and we about it wrote and very quickly gained popularity. In the game, as you remember, you have to collect killing machines equipped with guns, saws and other weapons and crush your own kind. In addition to championships, there are fast battles. In fast fights you can earn boxes and achieves. I tell you a similar scheme how I score any series of victories in quick battles.

CATS: Crash. Arena. Turbo. Stars: Infinite series in fast fights

Preparing the hull for a quick fight

  1. You put the hull with minimum HP, but with the ability to hang 2 or more missiles (opponents are matched by HP in fast fights, although this is not always the case, but you can always skip - the arrow in the lower right corner), at the beginning of the game it is a bit difficult.
  2. Put the most powerful missiles on it (the main thing is that the attack is higher than your HP. It is also desirable that the missiles were as close as possible to the nose of the hull - this will allow them to fly a moment earlier to the enemy).
  3. Take off all the wheels (if you come across an opponent with rockets, on wheels and he has no reverse - then you in 97% cases win. As you missiles fly out at the same time, but you stand still, and the opponent goes to them to meet, so they will reach him faster)
  4. Ideally, hang reverse reverse (Then no missiles of your opponent will catch up with you first)

How to pick up enemies in fast fights in CATS: Crash. Arena. Turbo. Stars.

  1. We look at the HP - the enemy must die with one shot, we should not care about his damage, we do not look at the damage.
  2. If you do not have reverse reversal and the enemy has missiles, he must not have reverse on the hull either, or he will win (see point 3 from "Preparing the Hull")
  3. Beware of the Boulder hull, which have no wheels and nitro - they sometimes fly into space through the rockets and fall directly on us
    The rest will die with 97% probability

My statistics on fast fights with these tactics

  • 70% enemies in quick fights we kill with one shot and with 100% probability of victory
  • 29% with a huge HP, which is immediately visible when choosing an opponent and we miss them
  • 1% Boulders that can jump missiles and enemies with reverse (only if you do not have reverse) they also skip
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