CashSync - the best minimalist app for finance

CashSync - the best minimalist app for finance

CashSync is the best app for managing your own budget on a mobile device (finances), which for me personally continues to be the top one, and I have no particular desire to switch to other options. And it's not just my personal conservatism - the app is really cool, and here's why:

CashSync - this is Money Flow on maxima

I'm exaggerating a bit here, of course. The fact is that I originally started using Money Flow back in 2014 - the app met all the requirements: it was intuitive, beautiful, and uncomplicated. Here we need to make a small discount on the quality of programs in the App Store in principle - services were not developing by leaps and bounds, many applications looked extremely "ugly", and among all the other variety of "budget controller" Money Flow looked stylish.

Distinctive features

You can have several accounts - for work, for home, for some additional project. All of these are saved on your device and do not overlap with each other, so you can calculate your personal budget, spending at work or on some hobby.

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The application is very simple - you pull down and start filling in the data: how much you spent, when, on what, in what account to write, you can add a comment. No more is needed, the main thing is to choose the right category. Oh yes, there is another function - if you enter numbers in rubles, you can immediately translate them into dollars or euros. Not to say that useful - and causes, rather, tears than positive emotions, but someone can really come in handy.

Spending is displayed on a graph - you can see at a glance what you spent the most money on, and where you can "save" money. Personally, it helped me - spending on "unnecessary" products has decreased a little, I go to restaurants less often, and I am able to save more or less tangible amounts. It's just that the app really shows your expenses "from the outside" - you can indulge yourself and turn a blind eye to small expenses, but the program will "callously" calculate your expenses.

Then why CashSync?

The key trick is syncing between your devices. Very handy, especially when you're managing a family budget but have different cards (or, as in my case, one card with Apple Pay tethered to all of your devices). Without this sync, you have to use the same device all the time, which doesn't always work out because you can spend separately. Moreover, there is a risk of losing the device, and with it all the information that you have accumulated over the years, and for some reason did not make a backup of the device.

The best app for finance

Another important feature of budgeting in this way is that you need to literally enter the data into the app immediately, because typing here is manual, which means that in 5-10 minutes you could simply forget that you spent any money at all. So synchronization helps here as well - there are rare moments when you enter the same check at the same time (for example, after a restaurant), but such things are edited very quickly.

Does CashSync have any disadvantages?

Yes, there aren't very many, but the app has room to grow. For example, some foreign (and even Russian) programs have already learned to read your expenses based on SMS data (or even the bank app) and automatically enter your expenses. Unfortunately, there are no such services in Kazakhstan yet, so using CashSync is even, to some extent, a forced measure. Some people miss more settings - indeed, customization is not so good here, there is a standard set of functions like security, theme settings and currency.

Another interesting case is that some apps analyze your spending and signal that you have reached the category limit, spend too much on extraneous things, and sometimes even give advice on how to improve your financial literacy. CashSync doesn't have this - the program will only show you a spending chart and you'll have to make your own decisions.

But I strongly recommend CashSync - it is a great app with synchronization, as simple and stylish as possible, which can bring your expenses in order. Personally, I have had enough of this functionality for a year now, and I am not planning to switch to something more modern in the near future.

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