Card Monsters - Game Review

Card Monsters - new card game, review and video

Games of the genre CCG (Collecting Card Game) a lot, but not all of them are worth the attention of users. This one is. The developers have made the game Card Monsters The game is fairly simple, the play session is small, and the battle itself takes literally a matter of minutes. Players are given three minutes to fight with a deck of eight monsters (cards) and eight weapons, which is a one-game deck. A total of 450 cards from five different classes are provided. To upgrade your deck, all you have to do is complete quests and fight in the arena. In addition, the user can improve the qualities of the monsters.

Download the game Card Monsters free for iPhone from the AppStore.

Card Monsters - Game Review

How to play Card Monsters

The game Card Monsters allows you to fight against different players around the world with a personal set of cards. But to win you need to quickly choose a card with the right skills and use special spells. Starts the battle with the arena, which shows all the players with their decks. The more you win, the more skills, points and new items you will get. The main task of the user is to defeat all the opponent's cards and not to lose, since no life force is provided.

Features  Card Monsters

The developers have taken care of the users, adding a few features to the game:

  • availability of three-minute fights;
  • availability of daily quests, tours, quests and draws, where you can get new cards and skills;
  • a strategic approach to battles and map selection;
  • the presence of unique and unusual abilities for each card, which can be improved;
  • the ability to assemble your deck.

Remember that the main task is to accumulate a "powerful" deck of cards and not to forget about their development. Then you'll be able to withstand any opponent. And defeating them will bring a lot of gold and  useful items.

Video review of the game Card Monsters


You can download the game on your phone by following this link:


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