Bullet Echo - battle royale with a touch of arcade

Bullet Echo - battle royale with a touch of arcade

Finally Zeptolab after a long silence deigned to please its users with a new mystery title Bullet Echo. And to be honest, the game turned out to be quite unexpected - the developers specialized more on arcade than on shooter games, though we can hardly call Bullet Echo a shooter as well. Well, we've been trying the game for a little more than a week and we have a lot to tell.

Bullet Echo is a top-down shooter, and we are familiar with a similar format, such as Space Marshalls. Although the comparison is not quite a good one - Space Marshalls has pseudo-3D graphics, but here we have a clear view from above. This simplifies the implementation of gameplay, although the understanding of the game will have to get used to, because we are used to seeing shooters from the other side. However, the stage of "acceptance" happens fairly quickly, and we begin to navigate in space almost from the first (very rarely - from the second) game. The gameplay is complicated by the fact that we don't see the whole map, but only some part of it in front of us, limited by a cone. And the character has two cones - the field of view (large) and the range (smaller, and also colored red).

bullet echo characters

So, in Bullet Echo there is no shot button - as soon as the enemy hits the red cone, shooting starts automatically, but, as you understand, bullets fly randomly and do not always hit the exact target. It turns out that if you stop moving, the cone of attack narrows almost to a thick straight line, and then you start shooting more clearly. That's the first tactical component of the game - you have to shoot in static.

Hence the simplicity of the interface - the left side of the screen is responsible for moving around the location (there is a special stick for this). Important: if you lead the stick to the very edge of its zone, the character moves quickly. If you move the stick slightly away from the zero point, the character will walk slower and make less noise with his steps. Your steps are displayed on the map (red traces appear in the dark), so you have to move carefully on the map.

bullet echo heroes

The location not only contains your allies and opponents, but also useful loot that you have to look for and use. Most importantly, ammo, armor, and first-aid kits, which will help you in battle. And if you can't find the ammo, you are not shooting with the main weapon, but with the secondary one, that is not effective at all. So from the respawn first run to look for ammo, then everything else. Also scattered all over the map are the power-ups that improve your weapon or armor - for example, it increases the range or accuracy, reduces recoil, armor absorbs more damage, and bullets become bursting. It's unclear how they spawn, and here, of course, it all depends on luck.

An interesting point is that there are many different characters in the game, which differ in gameplay. There is, for example, the default "soldier" - he has an average number of HP and a machine gun in his hands. You just will start the game with him, but then you will meet other units. For example, the machine gunner - slow, but with a lot of health and a machine gun that holds a lot of ammo. Or a sniper - he has a large cone, so he can see further and shoot accurately. But he has 5 rounds in the magazine, and if he misses, it will take a long time to reload, and in this time you can try to squeeze and kill him. In general, each has its pros and cons, from which you need to build your working strategy. The units fall out of the loot boxes, and they can also be pumped.

Ah yes, that's another important thing - the playing area is constantly narrowing, so you still have to kill each other to survive. But because of the small number of players the sessions are short, which is nice, and in 5 minutes you can easily play 2-3 games. For mobile gaming such timings are only a plus, and Bullet Echo is quite possible to play on public transport or in line, and maybe even on break.

Bullet Echo is an unusual mystery game from a well-known developer who is trying his hand at a new genre. The game has a number of bugs, which Zeptolab is struggling with by constantly releasing patches, so it should dramatically become popular in the coming months. No, it won't become a cyber sports discipline - it's too random and arcade-like, but as fan tournaments it could well be used. In short, we recommend to try it!

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