Brawl Stars - a new hit from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale?

Brawl Stars - a new hit from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale?

Brawl Stars - seriously? A new hit? That sucks. Check it out.

Yesterday saw the world release of Brawl Stars by Supercell. If you narrow it down, it's a simplified MOBA where there are no mobs, where there are 3 enemies and allies (in a certain mode) and the battlefield is smaller, but there are more interesting modes. Anyway, I've already played it and I'd like to tell you about Brawl Stars, make a review and give some good advice.

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Brawl Stars - a new hit from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale?


How do I play Brawl Stars?

To begin with, Brawl Stars is a brand new product from Supercell, with no units from previous games (or gameplay from previous games), all characters and entourage created from scratch. There are 22 characters of varying degrees of uniqueness (from simple to legendary) with a set of one regular attack and one super-attack (in common parlance, "ult"). As the level of these characters increases their base damage, damage from the "super" and the initial number of lives, the other parameters can not be affected. Also the developers made several modes in the game, that change every 24 hours, and depending on which mode you are playing, one or another hero will be useful, there is no universal soldier.

Brawl Stars - a new hit from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale?

To describe what is happening on the screen is very simple - the characters are running around the locations and killing each other. In order the game does not turn into an endless firefight, a character can shoot or hit 3 times, after which the base attack begins to roll back, the readiness of the next shot shows the corresponding scale. You can shoot in volleys, as well as rare bursts - in the game you'll understand. The locations have a landscape that can be used as a shelter - hide in the bushes and put the entire clip into the enemy, or wait out his attacks behind the wall, and then return fire. After death the hero will some time come to life at the bottom of the map, surrounded by a damage blocking shield for a few seconds - this is done to prevent the opponent from squeezing you on the respawn and shooting you with impunity (especially if we are talking about the 3x3 format).

The aim of the game depends on which map the player plays: to collect and hold diamonds, survive, survive in a pair, and so on.

And the most important thing around which the passions do not cease to rage is the auto-aimer. The game guide teaches us how to properly aim at enemies, like a slingshot, only in reverse. And then all these skills are unnecessary, because the game has an auto-aimer. That is, it automatically shoots at the nearest enemy when you click the shot or superpower.

How to get a star token in Brawl Stars and why you need it

For the victory you will get cups, but in much smaller quantity than in Clash Royale - 5-7 per victory, and the top players have about 15 thousand, imagine how much time you need to spend in the game to achieve such result. There is also an opportunity to earn tokens - ordinary tokens in the amount of 100 pieces are earned for games, and then you need time to restore them (it's like energy, only without tokens you can also play). Regular tokens are needed to earn chests - from there you can get money, tokens for character upgrades, and, in fact, the characters themselves.

How to get a star token in Brawl Stars and why you need it

There are also star tokens in the game - they are unlocked once a day with the release of a new mode. To earn them, you need to win in the new mode (or rank as high as possible). They are needed for the big chest - it opens only when you get 10 star tokens, it has significantly more all sorts of nice loot, as well as a better chance of getting a rare character.

Gameplay and graphics in Brawl Stars

Even at the soft-launch stage, the game was compared to Overwatch, only with the top view - supposedly the cartoonish drawing, and the characters resemble each other. In fact, it's nothing like that - Brawl Stars has a completely different, simpler mechanics, low game dynamics and almost no competitive component. Also, the first few hours of the game will be devoid of any tactics - you are likely to just run and shoot enemies, although it would be convenient to have some signals like "gather in one place" or "do not run 1x3".

Two sticks are used to control your characters - the left one is responsible for moving, the right one for shooting. You can not bother with it - double tap on the right side of the screen gives you the opportunity to shoot at the nearest enemy, it is convenient for mass edged 3x3 on open terrain. You need to aim if you are shooting through the bushes, or directing your "super", also the sight is needed for some characters to get more efficiency from them.

Brawl Stars - a new hit from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale?

Graphically the game looks nice - everything is drawn in cartoon style, but it is very cool, and the picture is pleasing to the eye. However, the portraits of the characters look very similar, and you can't make them out from the first time, considering their number. The interface in the game is friendly - everything is at your fingertips, and there are no buttons getting in the way. On the main screen, however, it was necessary to hold a lot of different information, so it was decided to make small buttons. Not all of them are intuitive, which can be attributed rather to the disadvantages of the game.

Battle Tips for Brawl Stars

Soft-loan games have been around for quite a while - a couple of years, and those who have had time to play - have played. And for sure can teach me how to play, but still some tips I will give 🙂

  1. Play the character you like to play 🙂
  2. Use auto-aim - fast so on the shot - shoots at the nearest enemy.
  3. Try to approach the medley with a fully loaded "magazine", so you can take out one enemy at a time.
  4. Health starts recovering as soon as you are safe - you are not attacked. And the recovery time increases with time.
  5. If you have accumulated enough crystals, the team is winning and the victory countdown has already begun - do not go to the trouble, go to the back and ensure victory to the team.
  6. Likewise, if the team wins, try to defend the player who collected the dominant number of crystals. Overall victory is more important than individual victory. There are no rewards for personal victories. That's a shame.

Why is Brawl Stars lagging for some people?

In general, the game is still raw, but there are no problems with the search for players - you do not have to wait more than a few seconds for the next match. Problems begin in the game itself - it is very "laggy" because of your supposedly "weak" Internet. But this happens because of other reasons. First - the developers have remade (and continue to remake) the game (many textures moved from 2D to 3D), because of which the phone resources may not be enough for fast image processing. This is a problem in the optimization, and it should be solved only at the software level. Second - for Brawl Stars allocated not a lot of servers, which do not have time to handle the load, because most of the resources of Supercell is still given to Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Let's hope that the problems will be fixed in the next patch.

We'll be publishing more articles on Brawl Stars, and next time we'll tell you which characters are better to play and in which modes, what tactics to choose for different modes, and so on. Stay tuned and stay tuned!

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