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It's not always easy to find interesting Telegram Channels: some have a lot of "water", others are popular, but have a lot of extra information that you already know about, others are just boring to watch. And try among all this variety of channels to find the only ones that you personally like! Hasten to please: we have already done this work for you. Although there are many channels on different topics and it's hard to find normal channels in such a flow, we have carefully selected and created our selections, which are regularly updated and add only the best channels.

For example, we considered the most popular categories: news, blogs, technology, games and apps, humor and entertainment, music, movies and TV shows, literature, politics, science, sports, health and medicine, psychology, career, travel, art and photos, fashion and beauty, food and drink, crafts, quotes, for adults and much more.

Want to stay up-to-date? Check out the "News" selection. Are you interested in new technologies? The "Technology" section has simple and complex innovations from the world of technology.

Who doesn't love to play games on their mobile device? iPhone and Android owners will be curious to see the "Games", "Apps", and "Entertainment" columns. If you're a fan of humor, you'll want to check out the channels that have been selected on this topic.

An avid TV series buff? You'll definitely check out the list of movie and TV series channels. Can't live without music? In the Music section, you can find a huge variety of quality music, interesting facts about your favorite artists, and find new favorites.

Do you like to read? There is not only fiction, but also fiction, fantasy, historical prose, science fiction, detectives, motivational books and many other genres.

All people try to take care of their health to a greater or lesser extent. The selection of channels on this topic includes useful tips, necessary books about health and medicine.

Do you want to start your own business, but don't know how? Are you building your career, working hard, but the income is not as much as you would like? Check out the selection, only trusted channels with the best tips and suggestions for business and work.

Good at politics and economics? You might like the list of channels in the Politics section.

If you like to travel, look at beautiful photos and want to know about the latest news in the arts, then our selection may be of interest to you.

Is your house stuffed to the brim with your crafts? For chic ideas for new artwork, check out our selection of crafting channels.

There is a lot to list, but it is not without reason that a popular wisdom says it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Check out our selection of Telegram Channels, which includes only the best of the best, and choose what you like. 


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A selection of young Telegram channels #4

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