Boom Beach: Instructions for Playing with Multiple Accounts

Boom Beach: Instructions for Playing with Multiple Accounts

It happens that the android device is tied to one Google account, which includes the Boom Beach player's account. If you want to enter from another account, you may have problems, but who says that they are not solvable? For this, there is a little tutorial on how to play with multiple accounts on a single Android device and how to work with multiple accounts in the game.

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Boom Beach: Instructions for Playing with Multiple Accounts

Boom Beach: Instructions for Playing with Multiple Accounts

First of allYou should understand that after you sign up for a new Google account, you need to log in to it and give permission for access. This is done to synchronize with the account. If the process was successful, the date of the last device synchronization will be displayed.

Second, androids since version 4 have the ability to link one device to multiple Google accounts. After adding the addresses, you should see all of your accounts on the screen.

ThirdIf you already have a game running and linked to a Google account, you can't start a new game from another account in the same application. This option appears only when you have already managed to link a new game account there. The solution is as follows: go to the android settings, then to the Applications, then find the game Boom Beach, go to the game menu and erase the data. But remember, if the account has not been linked to the account, you will lose the game forever.

Fourth, start the game after all the manipulations with your phone. Go to the game settings (if there are none, you will have to go through all the training tasks) and find the Google+ button. If the function is off, you just need to turn it on, so that a menu appears with the choice of Google account.

Last: In the menu, choose a new or necessary Google account, where the account will be created, then click "ok". Only then will start a new game with tutorials, and all because we have connected the new game to the new account. To go to the old account, it is necessary to do the same steps. Conveniently, the game itself helps when switching the account, as it shows whether there is a game account, what nickname and staff level was reached last time.

Thus, you can indefinitely play your favorite strategy, start all over again, come back or let your friends play, but from your Android device. And also, you know, you can have to create some farm bases that only you will know about. Of course, this is tricky, but are the winners judged 🙂 Warning! Before the transition, check the connection to the Google account, otherwise the success will be lost definitively and irrevocably.

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