Bombastic Brothers is a 2D platformer in 2019

Bombastic Brothers is a 2D platformer in 2019

As it turns out, two-dimensional games in 2019 are okay

Bombastic Brothers is a classic 2D platformer that (the same one that is part of the holding company) together with Fast Forward Studio presented last week. Not to say that this is a highly anticipated 2019 title, but releases from major companies are not to be missed, because such games are usually simple and high quality. Bombastic Brothers (Download from the App Store) is another proof of that.

Without going into the details of the storyline (and it is here, albeit mediocre), we can only say that there is some explanation for what is happening on the screen. The protagonist is an ordinary soldier named Jeff, who was on vacation when the aliens appeared. Now he is wearing only a bathing suit, running along the beach and elegantly killing enemies, which have landed more than enough, while receiving tasks from Headquarters.

How to play Bombastic Brothers

The gameplay is as simple as possible - it's really a two-dimensional platformer in which the character can only move left and right. On the left bottom of the screen there is a stick responsible for movement, on the right bottom there are active buttons for shot, jump, missile launch, grenade and super-strike. From time to time the protagonist has to change the level of movement - climb slides, jump on rocks and ledges. Aiming is automatic, you only need to constantly press the shot button (or just press it for continuous shooting). You run out of ammo, but reloading is also automatic, you only need to hold your fire for a couple of seconds, but the rest of the abilities have a kuldown. Opponents do not stand there like dummies and occasionally snap back, but the shells fly very slowly and you have a chance to dodge to avoid getting damage. The algorithm of bosses' shooting is more interesting - they can fire three salvos simultaneously, periodically grenades and rockets, and also have good health reserve.

But Bombastic Brothers is not limited to dynamic gameplay, and during training (and these are the first missions) you will be shown that you need to watch your level and ammunition, because each game round has requirements for a fighter. Your character's level along with weapons and armor make up the overall rating - if it's higher than the recommended rating, you'll be able to complete a round with 3 stars. If lower, you are more likely to be killed before the boss. And, as you understand, on some rounds you can get stuck for a long time, because the game is sold as a freemium, and you can only get weapons from the crates (or by completing daily tasks). So you have to long and tedious "grind", good gameplay is not boring, largely due to the dynamism.

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As we have already said, the game has several modes - in addition to the daily missions and the campaign, you can try to fight PvP. It is clear that in this case, the winner is the one who has a better pumped character, and very much decide abilities.

Heroes in Bombastic Brothers

Right now there aren't many characters in the game, but apparently their number will increase with each new update. It is most correct to divide characters by class rather than by name, although each character has his or her own individual abilities:


A character with average health and not much of an attack. These include:

  • Jeff - The main character and the very first character in the game. He can throw grenades and shoot missiles, and is equipped with machine guns and shotguns.
  • Vance - pure Rambo, both in appearance and characteristics. He can launch a large missile that explodes and damages the area, as well as increasing the damage of normal attacks, while becoming invulnerable for a while.
  • Jack - Should be associated with Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, as it looks like an anthropomorphic raccoon. Drops a bomb on a priority target, can use a flamethrower if necessary.


Characterized by low health and good damage, the characters use low-charge powerful rifles, which often kill with one shot.

  • Ginger - The first sniper to drop in a campaign. It shoots through with weighted bullets or energy pulses.
  • Makeup - Resembles the Reaper from Overwatch, but with a sniper rifle. He can become invulnerable for a short time, after which he can fire 4 side piercing shots. He also pulls out a revolver and attacks 3 targets, dealing a lot of damage.


Specialize in high damage in a short period of time.

  • Jade Young - Does not evoke any analogies. Can throw shurikens and quickly attack targets in close combat.
  • J3-V3 - The only robot on the team. Beats everyone with an electric projectile and can launch his own fist.


Clean tanks with heavy weapons.

  • TNT - A masculine girl who can summon a drone to aid in combat and throws grenades that can stun the enemy.
  • Dr. Zane - Deals damage around the area and creates a shield that absorbs damage.

Bombastic Brothers heroes

How to unlock characters in Bombastic Brothers

You can't unlock a character completely, because you only get elements of heroes. These are in boosters (you can unlock one for free every day) and crates. You can get the latter for completing the campaign and daily missions. At first you need 15 "pieces" of a hero to make him playable, then you can improve them - up to a maximum of 5 stars.

One comment

  1. The game is beautiful, but what's the use if you can normally pass 4-5 locations out of 12 without donation. And each subsequent location to pass longer and longer, because swinging becomes more and more difficult. Judging by the observed progression of difficulty, to pass the game without donation will need from 6 to 12 months. Played in the game called ... So even donate is not cheap. The price tag on everything is insane.

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