A detailed guide to Genshin Impact: tips, tricks, and secrets for the best game in 2021

Genshin Impact has only recently been released, but has already managed to become quite popular. The success of the popularity of the game in a huge detailed world, interesting plot and charismatic heroes. If you can find similar games on the PC, on the phones it is certainly one of the first good RPG without Autobattle. Where you are not forced to chase the rating, donate huge sums of money and zadrot 24/7. Genshin Impact has a lot of secrets and features that are easy to miss. In this article I've compiled some of the best tips for beginners who are just getting started in the world of Genshin. And of course, veteran players can also learn something new and useful.

How to play Genshin Impact to get high

First of all, don't forget that there are promo codes in the game and you can get quite a few rewards for them. The developers release them from time to time, and on this page I try to keep current list of promo codes. Use it 🙂 .

Don't forget the plot

One of the big perks of Genshin Impact is the huge open world full of secrets, puzzles, mini-games, and bosses. Every 10 meters you can stumble upon an interesting pastime It's obvious that the developers drew inspiration from Brif he ze wild. You can climb mountains, jump and glide over chasms, view the incredible world, which is really beautiful, collect, destroy monsters, do side quests and much more. Genshin Impact has its own full-fledged story campaign, which is worth going through first. While going through the main campaign, the game will unlock new features for you. For example, this unlocks the "glider" and even the cooperative mode, after increasing the rank of the adventurers. So if you're tempted to constantly explore everything, try to do so through quests and story missions.

Quickly navigate the map

I do not recommend, at first, to use the system of fast movement on the map, if you are not sure that you have found all the secrets in the area. Hidden chests, materials for improvement, secret quests, they are everywhere and easy to miss. Let me remind you that you have no one to compete with. So you can calmly and leisurely go through the quests and explore the map.

20 ranks of adventures

Development in Genshin Impact is quite slow, so it takes some time before you manage to unlock all the main features. But don't worry, everything goes according to plan. The point is that the experience of adventure's rank grows from every action in the game, so run around the world and kill monsters, open the chests and have fun, with time you will unlock all the features of the game.

What opens on the ranks of adventure

  • Rank 8 - the arteries of the earth;
  • Rank 12 more arteries of land and daily missions,
  • Rank 14 Expeditions, which allows you to send unused characters for resources;
  • 16 rank cooperative multiplayer game;
  • 20 ranks of adventure - a twisted abyss, a large multi-story dungeon, and a combat pass for additional loot;
  • rank 22 and 27 - more dungeons.

Don't be afraid to open lootboxes. Genshin Impact uses a gach system (a.k.a. roulette - randomly dropping characters with a fixed probability of dropping them) to gain new characters and powerful weapons. This means that the game is heavily influenced by randomness. Even if you buy the set you want and unlock them, the right character or equipment may not fall out.

However, do not get too upset about this, because the game has a special mechanic. So after opening 10 lootboxes you are guaranteed to get a 4-star weapon or character. The chance of getting 4-star rewards is only 5%, so use this mechanic to the maximum. And by unlocking 90 pieces, you're guaranteed to get a 5-star weapon or character. The probability of dropping 5-star rewards is 0.6%.

Donation currency without donation

You can buy lootboxes in Genshin Impact for both real money and in-game currency. There are several types of the latter, including source stones, which are earned for almost any action in the game, and stardust, which is obtained by opening lootboxes. The in-game store will tempt you to spend your donation currency on various items, but don't be tempted. Save your source stones and stardust to buy more lootboxes with bigger rewards. Origin stones can be converted to lootboxes. But stardust can be converted in stores.

It's worth knowing, you can only buy 5 lootboxes a month using stardust.

Change your character in battle

Genshin Impact uses 4 characters that the player chooses to fight. However, only one hero can be on the battlefield at all times, with the others as replacements. You can switch to them at any time.

To fight effectively need to assemble a squad given their abilities and membership of the elements. In the game Seven types of elements, as well as mixed elements. If you direct a wind element skill through fire, it will turn into a fire vortex, a frost strike on an enemy previously doused in water will turn him into an ice flake, and so on. For this reason, competent selection of characters in the squad and constant switching of them in battle allows to reveal the maximum combat potential of the team. To create a destructive combo, you can use the combat skill, which is similar to ultimatum, he has each hero and when the time comes to use, next to the name of the hero lights up a special icon, to activate a combat skill, instantly need to use a bunch of keys, alt + number of the hero or tap on the phone screen.

Talk to all the NPCs

Most role-playing games are filled with in-game NPCs wandering aimlessly around the world. This is not the case in Genshin Impact. Many characters can give you a hidden quest or a rare item after you talk, so it's worth talking to all the characters when you meet them, especially if you're out in the middle of nowhere and there's not a soul around. Remember that this is a classic RPG packed with interesting quests.

The original resin

Бhe free mobile games have had a profound impact on the Genshin Impact and brought in more than just lootboxes. There's a system here that limits the purity of getting rewards for certain actions. It's called primordial resin and is used to unlock the flowers that appear after defeating certain bosses.

Primordial resin, regenerates gradually and in the initial stages, it is worth using it completely every day. Otherwise, the maximum amount will accumulate, it will stop collecting, and that means it will be lost. At higher levels it will be needed more, so there is a sense to save it, and at the initial stages - there is no need to save it.

Make a mark. on the map

The World taivata is full of secrets, but sometimes you can come across a mystery that doesn't have a solution yet, maybe you need a certain elemental ability or better equipment, or maybe you just need to think. Whatever the reason for putting off solving it, you can mark the secret on the map and return to it later, when the time comes or you want to solve the secret.

You can use tags for rare resources to continue collecting them after the respawn. You can set up to 99 tags in total.

Collect animocules

Always stop to collect all the animocules that are nearby. They can be exchanged at the statue families The family statues are located all over the world and are easy to find. The family statues are located all over the world, and it is not difficult to find them.

Change elements in the main character at any time

When the second part of the world opens to you, you need the earth element to activate different secrets and collect crystals. And even if you don't have a hero with the earth element and will still be able to collect them, since your main character can use any element.

To change an item, you must go to the statue for the protagonist and select from the menu analyze the anemic. Now your hero has gained new earth abilities and even his armor glows yellow. And if you need the wind element again, just go back to the initial part of the world and change the element to wind through the statue in the same way.

Play with friends

Do not forget about the co-op, despite the fact that it is more of a solo RPG, it is also present the ability to pass many activities in a group of up to four people. Together you can explore the world, pass bosses and dungeons, it's not always necessary, but just fun. Cooperative mode opens from the sixteenth rank of adventure, add any person as a friend, you can throw him an invitation to join the group, and then you will be in the same world together.

Interactive World Map

The game is packed with all kinds of secrets and useful resources, but how not to miss anything? The interactive world map will help you do just that: https://genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/?ref=dtf.ru#/

Interactive World Map

Log in to it via Google Account.

In it, using the filter, you can display all the chests, animokulas or minerals you want, very handy if you want to open everything at all.

Don't forget to do all the mini-quests in the adventure book, this will give you a lot of resources and help to make sure that you haven't forgotten about some important goal. If you're stuck and don't know what to do it's worth opening it, a character using a two-handed sword breaks rocks faster, if you're going to do mining it's better to use such a hero. Develop the whole group evenly, dungeons have a level limit based on the average level of your group.

These tips will be enough for you to understand the game and enjoy it, if you have something to add, then write your tips in the comments below the article.

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