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Blade & Soul: Revolution - all about the game, guides, tips, progression and development

Blade & Soul: Revolution is another Korean MMORPG in the footsteps of the main Blade & Soul franchise. I haven't played the PC version, but they say that mobile Revolution is quite similar to it. I've been getting a little caught up in the game over the last week, so I wanted to share my observations, tips, and maybe this could very well turn into a big full-fledged Blade & Soul: Revolution guide. If anyone wants to help, check it out in the comments.

Races and classes

The game has no typical classes like warrior, archer or mage, although some prototypes do exist. About this I will tell you below. On one account (1 account = 1 server) you can create only 2 characters for free.

Blade & Soul: Revolution - all about the game, guides, tips, progression and development

There are four races in the game: Sheng, Wang, Lin, Feng.

At the time of the game's release, there are 5 classes in the game:

  • The Master of the Axe - can be assembled into a tank or fighter,
  • Master of the Blade - fighter, it is possible to assemble into a tank,
  • Kung Fu Master - fist fight, fighter (I started for him),
  • Master of Elements - mage, beats at a distance, but you have to understand that the whole fight takes place at close range,
  • Master Recruiter - Petman with a cat, here it is important to note that the pet does not collect aggro on itself, as in the desktop version.

Korea already has additional classes: Warlock and Assassin.

  • Sheng - These are something like humans, there are males and females. Can be a Blade Master and an Elemental Master.
  • Van - men only. The only Master of the Axe is only for this race, and the Kung Fu Master.
  • Lin - a race of cats. They can be Masters of the Blade or the only Masters of the Call.
  • Feng - Girls On-Line. They can be elemental masters or kung fu masters.

There is no difference in the choice of race. You can choose any race you like.

There is no difference in choosing a class. You choose the one whose fight is pleasant to watch - that's the advice they usually give. And it's not a joke. All classes in the game are balanced. Is that those who attack from afar (the master of the call and elements) seem a little weaker to me, but look at the rating tables and everything falls into place. Cats aren't there either, so think about it. The rest are the same. I publish the current ranking from the first global server, as you can see, all classes are represented + - the same.

Attack Class Ranking

Blade & Soul: Revolution - all about the game, guides, tips, progression and development

Ranking of classes in the Arena

I didn't see much difference in the 2x2 Arena.

Blade & Soul: Revolution - all about the game, guides, tips, progression and development

Stamina Guide

The game introduced the concept of Stamina. Now there is a very big het about it. In short: if stamina is more than 0, you get experience, silver and loot from mobs. If stamina drops to 0, then you get nothing, but still get experience from the quests.

Why so? Very simple - so that the game is a little longer. So that you are not in the game 24 hours a day. So that those who zadrotit and in the game 24 hours a day did not have a strong advantage over the casual players. Ie made so for the players themselves, but we are so used to the lack of restrictions that at the slightest, even for the good - raise the hype.

I like the Stamina system. In five days I got to level 120+ without any problems. And yes, there's only 200 levels in the game at the moment and it won't be anytime soon, all the more interesting.

Now theses:

  • Energy is needed when farming mobs. Without it you will not get loot, experience and silver.
  • Energy consumption depends on the difference between the level of the character and the mob he hits. The higher the difference, the less stamina is consumed.
  • Pets reduce energy expenditure. The higher the color (grit) of the pet, the slower the energy drops.
  • Every day at 7:00 stamina is updated to 120 points, during the day you can still get 100 by resting in the city. With a censor, this happens almost instantly.
  • Use energy best for Conquest and for knocking specific items out of monsters.

Strength (Stamina) bonuses

  1. 120%
  2. 100% - +50% to silver, +100% to experience, +25% to loot.
  3. 70% -
  4. 0% -

Strength (Stamina) bonuses

How to rock faster

Despite the fact that there are restrictions on stamina you can swing faster. I'll tell you how.

  1. Buy up experience jars in the store for silver. If you have real money - buy up for crystals, damn bourgeois)
  2. Get a legendary pet. Each pet gives a certain amount of % reduction, which is a measure of the reduction of stamina. This means that stamina will drop slower than usual.
  3. Pass additional tasks (side quests) - marked in blue. For their passage give experience + experience jars.
  4. In PVP zones in the mobs fall more experience. Often do so: when Stamina 120%, then go to the PVP zone: Rocky Gorge, which is in the Great Desert, and there merge to 0%. After that, restore in the city to 100% and go on quests to 0%. You can go on quests and with 0% stamina, even recommend it.
  5. Do the tasks of events. There's a hell of a lot of them now, and they're all relatively simple, but they give you a lot of experience and other goodies.

How do I spend my stamina (energy) efficiently?

  • [Combat Force] In each location you need to do a series of tasks, which are tied to the location. You go from a lower level location to a higher one, take Conquest and do it. Include energy costs only when farming specific items. Because the number of mobs / elites / bosses can be stuffed and without using energy, but the items only with stamina.
  • [Quick Experience] Perform Conquest in a PvP location. Wear anything that gives a bonus to experience: costume jewelry set for experience, Hwa Chun trigrams, pet for experience. Additionally, you can bow to an NPC and get a +15% experience bonus. The same NPC is in the 4th city (if the faction wins), for worshipping with him, you get a bonus to silver farming +15%.
  • [Experience is profitable] Farm cans on the Cliff of Ghosts, on the Emerald Coast (even more profitable than PvP location).
  • [Objects] Farm in the location where you drop the necessary items (eg, cloth drops in the Black Forest on the Emerald Coast).

Promo codes - coupons

There are coupons in the game, which the developers spoil the players. Reasons are different: the release of the game, the release of a new patch, preventive maintenance of servers and other reasons. The important thing is that you can get quite nice bonuses and perks for the coupons. I collect and publish coupons on a separate page, welcome there.



Often asked - on what server is better to start playing?

The tips are as follows:

  1. To compete for the top ranks, it is better to start on a new server, then the difference between the first and only registered the game will be small.
  2. If you play casual, it doesn't matter which one. As long as the global server. For example, I was offered a global, but French (FR) server, so I changed to English (EN). I play on the angliskom first global server. My nick is Harro.
  3. Play where your friends or streamers you follow play.

Character Skills

Each class has "a million" skins. Some of them are important, some not so important, and some are outright junk. But the main thing in all this is the series. Actually, the one who comprehends the art in the series of hits wins in PVP. It is clear that when the hero plays on autopilot, but the keys burning skils is almost automatic, on the kuldanu, although in a series of automatic also knows how. But when a real person has learned the series - it's space. I recommend practicing.

There is still a nuance, where it is exactly necessary to include and remember the hero handles.

These are field bosses (about them below), quest bosses, bosses in dungeons and PVP.

For PVE, when fighting against the boss, then on the ground, the usual way will show where and how the boss will hit. So quite often you will need to manually do evasion or other tricks on the boss. Basically these are:

  • jump behind
  • bounce
  • just step away from the red space


The game also does everything for us. I do not see, at least for now, options to get into it and deal with it. Normal as it is played. Perhaps at level 200 will be different and will need to tuning a better character.

Weapons and equipment

In Blade & Soul: Revolution they made a really "revolutionary" mechanics of equipment. Now our hero has only weapon and 7 trinkets, as if we were a lady, but not a brutal man :).

The ranks (or colors) of weapons are the same as those of pets: gray - green - blue - violet - legendary red. Each of the ranks, starting with blue has an additional rank, let's call it blue +, and in the game is not just a bracelet, but a shining bracelet. Such a weapon is better than just blue.

Each weapon or accessory needs to be strengthened, or, in other words, sharpened, with special stones:

  • Weapons are sharpened with weapon enhancement stones.
  • earrings, bracelets, and rings are sharpened with accessory stones

You have to sharpen at the roaster. There is one in every town or you can take a portable one with you.

Each weapon or accessory has a sharpening limit. In the picture above, these are indicated by "Strength Points".

weapon sharpening

For example, the earrings on the left have already used up their safety margin. That is, I can try to sharpen it again, then the thing may break. If it breaks, I cannot wear it. The thing can be repaired with another similar thing, also sharpened about the same as the broken thing. You can do it without sharpening it, but then the chance of repairing it will be small. And the higher the sharpening, the higher the chance of fixing the thing. Repairing an item does NOT restore its strength.

And on the sergers on the right, there are two more chances to sharpen them unsuccessfully. This is indicated by two orange circles.

Things can be broken. For them we will get materials for which we can then craft weapons and accessories.

To kraffit - you need a recipe and materials. Recipes need to be knocked out and are often in events. Materials are also enough + I recommend buying them from vendors: in the cities of NPCs who sell weapons/accessories and potions.


  • The first set you need to collect is the blue Hwa Jung set (given as you pass the main plot), this set gives an increase in experience (so do not throw it away, you need it to pump your character). Also for pumping this set to level 30 from the event is given purple materials to pump the trigram.
  • After the 140th opening of the Forgotten Temple dungeon, collect the trigram set from it - it increases penetration. Sets that occur before it can be skipped.
  • All the following sets of trigrams are knocked out in dungeons, except the PVP set, it is bought in the faction store. The higher the level of the dungeon, the better trigrams fall out.

Not a bad video on the subject:


The main task of the pet - to strengthen the main hero.

And with stamina, it also reduces its use. I've been going over this issue in its entirety above.

Pet - the better color he is, the higher color he is. We start from Gray - Green - Blue - Violet and Red (legend).

You can increase the level of the pet by feeding defender spirit stones in the "Reinforcements" section. The higher the level of the pet, the higher the hero's BS.

Out of 6 pets of the same color, you can get a 50% probability of 1 color higher. So when 6 pets of gray or green are gathered, and this will happen often, you can try to get a blue one this way. That's how I got Arachis the Quick - a deer like that, reducing the decrease in strength by 56%, which isn't bad.

Don't forget to feed the pets. Unfed, he stops giving bonuses.

Well and you can do merge pets - this is to get on the main peth the property you need. You can merge only pets of the same color (rank). A property is a special property of each pet, for example:

  • 7% probability to reduce the received remote damage by 20 sec or
  • 7% probability to restore health per second
  • movement speed +14.5% (this is my oleshka) and so on.

The higher the rank (color) of the pet, the steeper the bonuses from it, the better the property it has.

pets in the game of revolution

Pets can be drawn in the store twice a day: the call of the pet for 25k silver and improved call for 90k silver. For the regular one you can only draw up to the blue rank, for the improved one you can draw up to the violet rank. And let me remind you that for every 6 of one rank you get the opportunity to merge pets and pull one, a higher rank. Ah, you can also look at the third for the advertisement, this is for the usual call.

How do you kill a grandfather in level 4-42?

Often there is a problem that is difficult to kill a grandfather at level 4-42 - defeat Kon Yaheng of Wolf School. This is where you need to use trickery.

  1. help 3 NPCs to beat the mobs
  2. when the battle with the grandfather begins, you lead to those three NPCs (do not run far away, because the grandfather is tied to the point, if you run far away, he will return. so just run to the barricade, and the NPCs themselves will run and start to beat the grandfather)
  3. when the grandfather kills your character - go to restore his chi, and these NPCs will hold the grandfather and he will not restore his health, will wait for you to finish him
  4. perform this several times and level 4-42 is passed.

How to kill a grandfather in level 4-42? blade and soul revolution guide

Emulator and the game on a PC

Blade & Soul: Revolution can also be played on the computer.

What are the benefits?

Very simple. Since the game, in most content plays itself, you can run it on the background of some business and occasionally switch to the game: talk to the NPC, sell unnecessary loot, sharpen the equipment, and so on.

Usually, to play mobile games on the PC, download Bluestack and there install and run the game.

In addition, there is now a game from the same developer: A3: Still Alive - is a classic MMORPG with a splash of (big) Battle Royale. I played it, it's pretty interesting and new. I recommend try.

And while we're on the subject of interesting games, try this one: King of Avalon: Dominion, one of the best strategy games in 2020.

System requirements for the game

Game release date in the CIS, Ukraine

The game was released globally March 9, 2021 in the CIS, Ukraine, and Russia. In general, there were no complications. There were no frees, delays or errors.

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