Battle of the banking apps! Monobank vs Privat24

Battle of the banking apps! Monobank vs Privat24

Ever since Monobank appeared, I've had a desire to write an article comparing Monobank and Privat24 applications. Why them? Firstly, Privatbank was the first to set the bar high for the quality and service of a mobile banking application. Secondly, after the "alienation" of the bank to the state, the same experts who created Privat24 mobile application created Monobank, and with it the application for the bank. The best on the market, in my opinion. Let's try to understand and compare Privat24 and Monobank apps.

You can draw your own conclusions after the comparison. To do this, you need to download and install both applications: Privat24 and Monobank. The difference in quality will surprise you. And I recommend you to start with Privat24 :) to fully feel the "gap" between them.

Download Privat24 app for free from AppStore

Download Monobank app for free from AppStore

Comparison of Monobank and Privat24 applications

DISCLAIMER. There is a lot of text ahead, this is the personal view of the author of the article. You can agree or disagree with the opinion, and leave a comment after the article. If you are really choosing between Monobank cards and Privat24 - the answer is obvious, and it is not necessary to read the whole article. Cats win in it 🙂

And one more thing. At the very end of the article you can get 50 UAH to your Monobank card for free - the charms of the Monobank referral program. 

Overall impression


Download Privat24 app for free from AppStore

It is clear that Privat became a hostage of the design, which appeared long before Mono, as well as the lack of competition in the Ukrainian market for a long time. Indeed, it is a big mystery to me why, having enough financial power, none of the Ukrainian banks could create an alternative to Privat24. This was the case before Mono appeared.

Main screen.

  • I can see the balance of the cards (only 1 card is available in Mono so far)
  • Dollar rate (sale)
  • Alarm buttons of communication with the personal manager and other ways. We do not check them, there is no such task.
  • Buttons of interaction with the card: replenish, transfers, transport, my payments, shopping center and archive.
  • When you swipe to the right - nothing
  • When you swipe to the left - some kind of Company menu. Intuitively it is not clear what it is.
  • Separate button to enter Services
  • The button that turns on the QR code scanner


Download Monobank app for free from AppStore

The design, usability, and quality of the app are not just top-notch, but hyper-high. It's not often you see an app that

  1. work,
  2. are clear and accessible even to a child,
  3. pleasing to the eye.

The main screen (first screen).

  • Account balance (Monobank has only one account at the time of writing), but you can immediately see how much of your own and credit money is left
  • You can see the last 2 transactions on the account, and you can also scroll to see the rest of the transactions. To do this in Privat24 you need to click on the account - then different balances and all transactions will be available
  • Button to recharge your own card
  • Button to transfer to the card
  • Other payments
  • When you swipe to the left to open additional opportunities to manage the map (in fact, just released the main screen, not to clutter it, moving the other settings to the second screen - elegantly).

Okay, with the main screen finished.

Subjective, Monobank did better - It's just clearer and more obvious to me. Even if it's an icon, it's clear to me what happens when I click it. And if there may be questions - it is written (for example: card replenishment).

Apple Pay

There are in both apps - it's the best thing that's happened to us in 2018 🙂

Transferring money between clients of the same bank


I remember well where the popularity of Privat24 came from. It happened precisely because it became mega-easy to transfer money between accounts within the bank. I went in and sent it. Space. Freelancers and small entrepreneurs especially rejoiced.

How is the exchange of money inside the bank now?

  1. Running the application,
  2. Authorization (password or finger),
  3. Press the "Transfer" button,
  4. Type in a bill or take a photo of the card (add),
  5. Write the amount,
  6. Confirm once,
  7. And again.

On the whole, it's pretty standard. The bank's fee is divided equally between the participants in the transaction, which is fair enough.


I am sure that Mono will catch up with Privat in terms of intra-bank transaction volumes very soon. Simply because an innovative service always beats a stale one.

So, money exchange in the Monobank app.

  1. Running the application,
  2. Authorization (pin or finger),
  3. Click on "Transfer to Card",
  4. Next, the choice:
  5. Select from contacts (you need to give access to contacts)
  6. Photo of the map
  7. Or card entry
  8. Or shake the phone ***
  9. Entering an amount,
  10. Affirmation.

In general, it is very similar to how it is done in Privat24. It's just more logical and convenient.

*** There's another thing I've grown to love. If you need to transfer money to the person next to you, you need to launch the app and both parties to the transaction shake the phone when Bluetooth is active. That way the app will detect that you're near you and prompt you to select a counterparty. It is convenient in a cafe or restaurant.


Account replenishment


Most likely, the winner here will be Privat24 with its self-service cash registers. It's really convenient. Especially where there are them. Other options? Especially through a mobile app.

From the first screen it is difficult to understand how to recharge the card, because when you press the "Recharge" button the phone is recharged. Suddenly, right?

We click on the card itself. On the second screen press the gear in the upper right corner, find "Replenish via QR-code" - this is when this QR-code someone else through Privat24 can replenish your card.

There you can also find the requisites. You can get the details of the transfer to the card from another Ukrainian bank or SWIFT details for cards in foreign currency. You can send it to the recipient at once, copy it to the buffer or save it in the notes.


Of course, Mono does not have any self-service cash registers.

How can I recharge cards in Monobank?

You can tell right away that it bothers the creators of the card. The "Refill your card" button is in the most prominent place on the first screen.

And there are five options.

  1. From another card. Here you can enter someone else's Monobank card and transfer money from it to yourself. You need the card number, expiration date and CVC2.
  2. Cash. When you click it, it will show the nearest branches where it can be done.
  3. By requisites in Ukraine. Also all options: sending (and to the post office is highlighted separately), copying to the clipboard or just saving to your phone.
  4. Separate SWIFT details.
  5. By link. This means that a link will be generated for a certain amount (just like a QR code in Privat24), which can be sent to the person who will "pay" it and thereby replenish the card.

As I said, in terms of replenishment options Privat24 is slightly more diverse due to self-service cash desks. But when it comes to the convenience of the application - Monobank, no options. Simple, clear, understandable. That's why it's a draw.

Top up your mobile account


As I mentioned above, almost the most important button on the main screen in Privat24 is "Replenish". And go figure out what it's about by the three bars.

  1. Our current phone number is already entered - it's convenient. Choose from the contacts. Or cross out your own number and enter the desired one.
  2. Refill.
  3. Affirmation.

Naturally, there is a commission. For example, for replenishment for 100 UAH - commission 2 UAH. Compare with Mono.


Remembering that in Monobank everything should be simple and intuitive, then most likely, we click on "Other payments" and exactly - "Replenish mobile". But I would put it on the first screen. It is less per click. However, I want to note that this is probably done deliberately. The first screen contains all the buttons intended for recharging your card or working with Monobank, while the other operations are placed on the second screen.

So, Other payments - Mobile top up

  1. When accessing contacts, you can find the desired one, either enter the number manually or select your own number in one click.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Press the "Continue" button (why not "Replenish"?)

The mobile account is recharged. Without commission, I note.


Utility bills

I wanted to grab this part, but I myself do not use Mono or Privat24 to pay utility bills. I prefer to use the GioC site. Or here is a new site -

Payments to another bank card


Privatbank knows how to send just by the card account.

Exactly the same as on your own card. The minimum payment is 1 UAH.


You can. Exactly the same way, by entering the card of another bank. The minimum payment is 2 UAH.

Manage account settings

It's cool when all the settings and options on the map are a) available b) conveniently located c) in sufficient quantity.

Changing the PIN code

In Privat, there is such a function, although previously there was not. But they messed up with sms.

In Monobank - a separate function that is available on the second screen after swiping to the left on the first. Mega-comfortable. I use it all the time.

Issuance of a name card

In Privat I have "Gold", but not a named card. And there is no way to initiate the issuance of a named card, except to apply to the branch. Regular - please, you can do it through the application.

In Monobank - a separate item. You can order a named one. They will bring it home, the price is 150 UAH.

Card blocking

Important Functionality.

In Privat - in three clicks, for a specific account. With confirmation. To unblock it, I suspect, you have to go to the branch. Probably wrong, correct me.

In Mono - in 1 click - lock on screen 2, in 1 click unlock on the same screen. All this is done without the slightest delay. Locked. Immediately unlocked. Everything. Fire.

Setting up a PIN request

This is for requesting a PIN code when making a purchase, for example, in a store. To avoid having to enter it every time, you can set the limit at which you need to ask for a PIN code. Privat does not have this function. In Monobank there is - by default the limit is set at 500 UAH.

Card statement

By statement I mean the set of transactions that happened to the card at a given time. Both applications, of course, provide statements. And it would seem that we could only complain about Privat's outdated design. But no, let's look at the details of the transaction. The conclusion suggests itself.

Card statement in Mono
Card statement in Mono
Card statement in Privat24
Card statement in Privat24


Looking through the statement in Monobank and going into details, you can repeat the transaction (in Privat, too, but in the Archive of payments), remind about the payment (put a reminder), get a receipt by e-mail or address a question to support. Isn't it nice?

Battle of the banking apps! Monobank vs Privat24

Internet payment limit

Important thing. Works in both mobile applications. Monobank wins solely due to its smart UI and design. In general, the functionality works the same way.

The rest of the functionality is not particularly important and fundamental. If it is for you, write in the comments - I will correct myself 🙂


It's when you buy a certain item or in a certain store, a portion of its cost is returned to your card. Marketers say that the cashback incentivizes turnover. OK)

Privat24 - No. 🙁

Monobank - There is 🙂 I'll point out that you will be charged 19.5% - tax - for withdrawing money from the cashback. Unpleasant, but at least that's how it is. Some banks don't have that either.

Wrapping up. For me, the clear favorite in this battle is the Monobank app. The only place where Privat is slightly ahead of Monobank is the card reloading and self-service cash desks scattered all over the country. That's really cool. But it has nothing to do with the battle, because it doesn't concern the app, but only the bank's infrastructure.

Yeah, there's more.

У Monobank has a special referral programwhich allows you to get 50 UAH for each of us: me as the one who invited you and you as the one who accepted the request. I propose to participate. Here is my referral link -, register. Both will receive 50 UAH cashback (this is 40 real hryvniasIt's a small thing, but it's nice 🙂 ).

Battle of the banking apps! Monobank vs Privat24

If you don't want to get involved, but just want to download the Privat24 and Mono apps to draw your own conclusions about using each app, here are the links:

Download Privat24 app for free from AppStore

Download Monobank app for free from AppStore

I'm curious, what do you think? Which app is cooler? Install both and write your impressions in the comments.

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