BioShock for iOS: a game for connoisseurs

It doesn't matter if you're getting into the town of Delight for the first time, or returning here seven years later, the history and setting BioShock all are just as good. Although the textures are not as detailed and the movements are not as smooth as when playing on the computer, the underwater dystopia is worth paying attention to.When you engage the enemy, using the on-screen controls is not very convenient. Surprisingly, movement and shooting are much better done using the virtual analog buttons. As you probably know, touchscreens iOS do not know how to replicate the accuracy of the mouse and keyboard or game controller when it comes to combat. Shooting a pistol or plasma rifle here is less intuitive than in previous versions BioShock. So, it will take some getting used to at first.Even after removing the jump button, it is quite easy for the player to find his way through Delight. However, it would be nice to be able to set waypoints for those periods when the directional arrow does not show the path to the next goal, because the constant calling of the map via the tiny menu button in the upper left corner is very annoying.Probably the most significant change in control for iOS - is the use of first aid items. You have to take your finger off the virtual joystick completely or stop aiming with your right hand and press the health icon in the upper left corner. Considering that this is mostly required when you're in the middle of a battle, stopping moving even for those seconds during which you're healing is simply unacceptable.Changing weapons is not an easy task either. Instead of selecting weapons in the segment menu at the touch of a button, you'll be scrolling endlessly through the entire weapon list. Honestly, we really miss the auto-heal function when the player is almost killed, as well as the automatic weapon switch in cases where the player is almost out of ammo.In BioShock for iOS there are a few little bonuses. Normal stats have appeared that show how you use weapons, and if you have an impressive list of friends, you can keep track of the leaders.If you want to go back to the East, BioShock for iOS is just right for you. If you ignore the difficulty and accept the fact that you can't get any weapons or empty any area, you will approach the world of BioShock closer than ever. However, if you've never played the game before, you're better off looking for a cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing console and PC version that won't be as difficult to control.

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