Big Bang Racing or crazy alien racing

Big Bang Racing or crazy alien racing

One of the most popular arcade games for smartphones is now considered Big Bang Racing by Traplight Ltd., where players will have to participate in races on behalf of an alien. It looks like the familiar to us all green man with a big head, only his "wheels" will not be a flying saucer, but a fancy SUV. Although as the game progresses, you'll even have to ride a motorcycle and other types of machines. Next, you together with him and his friends, will go to the tracks to overcome the moto-trials, search for pieces of puzzles and maps.

Download Big Bang Racing for free for iPhone, for Android.

Big Bang Racing or crazy alien racing

How to play Big Bang Racing?

By downloading Big Bang Racing by Traplight Ltd. for free on Android or iPhone, users will be able to note such advantages of the game as graphics, music, controls, gameplay and appearance. But first things first:

  • graphics are bright and varied, because everything is made in the form of the best cartoons with animated characters and realistic cars. And for the background used pictures of the city or nature;
  • Many will not appreciate the basic music for the game, but during the races and rallies you can hear the real roar of motors and destroying obstacles, which adds realism to the game;
  • Only four buttons are required to control: throttle, reverse, sideways turns and accelerating the motorcycle into the air when overcoming an abyss;
  • gameplay is represented by several modes: jeep rally, moto-trial, where you need to save coins and collect pieces of lost map for further passing. You can also participate in real races with four opponents, during which it is easy to get stars and advance in the ranking;

Of the features should be highlighted and bonus mode, where you can get not only coins, but also crystals, and when you build a track with your own hands, you give other participants the opportunity to evaluate it and put the likes. To make your car and the character itself unique and inimitable, given the opportunity to carry out upgrades, improve the performance of the jeep or motorcycle for future victories.

Big Bang Racing or crazy alien racing

A few final tips

To upgrade and improve your machines, you need money in the form of coins or crystals. You can get them in the lottery, in daily bonus tasks, in the form of prizes for races. Enjoys the fact that the levels for the jeep and motorcycle offers a lot of competitions and tasks, the passage of which requires more than one day. And to make it easier:

  • sync your account with Facebook to invite your friends;
  • If necessary, replay the levels and tasks;
  • It is not necessary to spend bonuses to open chests, because later it will be available for free;
  • never take off your hat because it protects you from being hit;
  • Apply nitro acceleration only when needed;
  • To add speed, you have to do flips in jumps;

Despite the fact that the game is free, it has access to a store where crystals are sold for real money. The only disadvantages are the ads and the long penalties for opening chests without purchases.

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