9 ways to extend the battery life of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Immortality is already a reality when it comes to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max battery

The longevity of gadgets is directly related to their workload. Multitasking, which modern devices have to cope with, can lead to a rapid discharge of the battery. But any owner wants to sit on two chairs at once: to get the most out of the smartphone, and to stay connected for a long time.

The new iPhone Xs Max and Xr have 3,174 mAh and 2,942 mAh batteries, respectively. Despite the fact that the iPhone Xs has a lower capacity battery, its operating time is not critically reduced.

In addition, there are several uncomplicated ways to extend the battery life.

9 ways to extend the battery life of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

  1. Turn on dark mode in the application you are using. This interface is necessary not only at night in low light conditions, but also to save the charge. OLED displays on the new models "turn off" when the dark mode is activated. Thus, the amount of energy consumed is reduced. This is relevant for new models, except for the iPhone Xr, which has an LCD display. Many apps have this feature built in. You should only distinguish between Dark Mode and normal Night Mode.
  2. Use color inversion in iOS. Until Apple has its own dark mode feature, users can turn on the "color flip". The background automatically goes black and the text on it is white. Thus, less energy is spent on lighting the screen. The user needs to go to Settings, select Basic, then - Universal Access - Display Adaptation - Color Inversion - enable Smart Inversion.
  3. Disable Face Detection. This may seem crazy, because all owners of the latest models are happy to use it, but still, such a decisive step will help to relieve the battery. The camera will stop responding to the appearance of a face in front of it, and, accordingly, will consume energy. To do this, go to Settings - Face ID and password code - Reset Face ID.
  4. Giving up True Tone. Since this function adjusts the brightness of the screen to the light while the processor is running, the battery power is slowly running out. To disable it, call up the drop-down menu at the top, press Brightness, and disable the blue True Tone button that appears in the lower right corner.
  5. Disable Smart HDR. Thanks to this function, the camera takes beforehand as many as 9 pictures instead of 3, and then combines them and produces a balanced photo. It consumes a lot of iPhone energy, so without it the battery will last longer. In Settings, find the Camera app and turn off Smart HDR.
  6. Not taking pictures in Portrait ModeEven if you want to get photos that are close to those taken with a DSLR camera. The objects will be unaccented without a blurred background, but no less qualitative.
  7. Capture video at a lower resolution. In short, you have to give up 4K, because recording video of such parameters requires a lot of energy. In the Camera Settings, select Record Video, and then reduce the video resolution.
  8. Disable QR-scanner.  Every time the camera is turned on, the scanner is activated and is constantly searching for the code. In Settings, select Camera and there disable the Scanner.
  9. The operation of the phone directly depends on the operating system that is installed on it. В Fresh versions of iOS always takes into account the mistakes of the previous ones, so the system comes out as optimized as possible.

Following these simple guidelines makes it easy to be an active user all day long without worrying about emergency recharging.


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